FTA Discretionary Funding Opportunities Just Released
The FTA recently announced two discretionary opportunities to apply for capital funding assistance.  The first is a nationwide competitive 5339 program ($211 million available) for buses and bus facilities.  The second is for the Low and No Emissions (aka LoNo - $55 million available) vehicle program. Funds awarded for the 5339 program will finance capital projects to replace, rehabilitate, purchase or lease buses and related equipment and to rehabilitate, purchase, construct or lease bus-related facilities. The LoNo program provides funding to State and local governmental authorities for the purchase or lease of zero-emission and low-emission transit buses. 

CDOT is planning on submitting a statewide application for both programs.  Please refer to the email send out by David Averill on April 5, 2016 or you can reach him by email at   david.averill@state.co.us.  

Take the Mystery Out of Submitting Comments to the FTA Docket 
Courtesy of Kristen Joyner
Part of the advocacy effort at SWTA is to help YOU have a voice at the Federal level. One way to do that is for you to submit comments to the FTA about proposed rules. No one knows your business better than you and no one knows how a particular FTA Rule might impact your ability to provide public transportation service, but you.
SWTA created a quick video to show you how to find the proposed rules, what to put in your comments and how to submit those comments. 

How to Submit Comments to the FTA Docket
Thanks again to Kristen Joyner for this great material!
Deadline for Making Comment on the Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan Proposed Rule is this Friday!
Use your new knowledge from the video above to comment on FTA's Safety plan proposed rule by Friday April 8!  
Our regional and national associations have developed letters and comments that you can use as a template for your agency's response:

We've found that the FTA takes comments from individual agencies more seriously so please respond and make your voice heard!
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The CASTA Crew