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Dear Friends, 

Thank you for your support, we appreciate the recent new signatures to our petition and are pleased to share two important updates.

The FAA is preparing to engage with the public before Summer on their Noise Policy Review. This is critical to inform discussions for the FAA 2023 Reauthorization, but it’s also historical that changes to national policies that we were at first told were untouchable or impossible to do, are now at a stage where they are taking shape. Please see the agency’s Noise Policy Review webpage stating that the FAA is preparing to engage with the public and other stakeholders through meaningful opportunities to learn more about aviation noise, hear from the FAA, and provide input for the agency’s consideration. At the bottom of the page, there is a sign-up, to receive updates. There are still many steps to this process, but it's a good time to get involved!

Palo Alto City Council has concluded their 2023 priorities list with specific objectives - topics meant to receive significant attention during the year. The 2023 list commits to continuing the City’s ongoing effort to engage San Francisco Airport. The City has also developed a list of “Council Priority Objectives for Consideration” that will be further informed by upcoming budget discussions. Thanks to Mayor Lydia Kou, the second list includes “Establish a Council ad hoc airplane noise committee to advance policies that protect residents from airplane noise and air pollution” with estimated completion in 2024, and pending “clarification of scope and expectations of City role, to confirm feasibility.” We are advocating for a Council Ad Hoc Committee to begin as early as possible and until then, for other Council Committees like Policy & Services or new Council Community Engagement, to give this issue significant attention in 2023.

Stay tuned! It is only thanks to YOU and our collective voices that we can help shape better policies and practices to track and reduce aviation noise and emissions. 


  • Address unfair concentration of routes and "Fly at Higher Altitudes!"
  • Eliminate night time noise
  • Need new Metroplex re-design team and resources to work for communities.

Eliminating low altitude night traffic and noise should be the easiest task for FAA because there is no traffic congestion at night. Assessments of alternatives using the right tools and metrics* that reflect our experience on the ground are also long overdue.

*Request to Members of Congress to ensure that adequate information about aircraft noise and exposure is made available to the public 

***As we go forward, much of what we need is within the power of local and regional officials to help accomplish.***

August 2022 Sky Posse Letter with 3 asks to City Council

1) address the jurisdictional and legal issues that prevent progress; 2) explore a city jet noise complaints app, 3) pursue the unanimous recommendations by the Select Committee on South Bay Arrivals to make progress on Community Priorities. 


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Report intrusive jet noise!

The number of reporters matters (enlist neighbors who are bothered by intrusive jet noise to report!)

Use any of these methods: 



SFO PHONE 650.821.4736/Toll free 877.206.8290.


SFO traffic: click here for the link

SJC traffic: click her for the link

Other airports: click here for more info

Thank you!

Sky Posse Palo Alto