Last week, the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston’s Board of Trustees reached a historic decision to join with the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center in a major campus improvement project. The Federation Board of Trustees unanimously voted in favor of working with the J on the construction of a new Federation building on the Levit Campus.
Our community and our Jewish institutions were tested in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, and we have re-emerged stronger than ever. The decision to reinvest in the greater Meyerland area and on this campus is one that the Federation’s leadership and its Building Committee has spent several months exploring. The Board’s decision last week shows a recommitment to this hub of the Jewish Community while also building for the future. 

A recommitment to the Jewish community
By joining with the J on this project, we demonstrate our continued commitment to maintaining the central hub of Jewish life in Southwest Houston. While we recognize the geographic disbursement of our community and will continue to support programs to meet as broad of a reach as possible, we are committed to the success of the neighborhoods and Jewish community located around our home.
Protecting the campus from future flooding
While the Federation building did not take on water during Hurricane Harvey, it did sustain damage from the storm. The new building will be elevated to the current level of the first-floor lobby of the J and thereby provide necessary flood mitigation in the event of another major weather event.
Enhancing security and improving accessibility
We must be ever mindful of the security risks we face as a community. We and the J also recognize the opportunity this campus redevelopment plan presents to make all parts of the campus more accessible to all in our community. By building with the issues of security and accessibility in mind, we will create a more secure and welcoming environment.
Managing monthly costs
A new building enables us to create a more modern and productive working environment while keeping our monthly costs lower than if we had to purchase or rent land offsite. The new Federation building will be equipped with more efficient systems and more flexible workspaces than the current aging facility, which is already in need of updates and renovation.
We are in the initial stage of this project and will continue to keep you informed about its progress. We are engaged with the J's architect and leadership team to address our needs as part of the J's comprehensive master redevelopment plan. Once the plan is finalized, we will share more details with you, including the time frame for new construction and our move to the new Federation building.
Should you have any questions or would like further details, please reach out to us at leadership@houstonjewish.org .