Program for Theological Education by Extension

    Providing evangelical theological education to Christians and  
    church leaders wherever they live in the Arab World
Feed  My  Sheep . . .  John 21:17
Here in the dry, desert climate of the Arab World, sheep must search for food in the most unlikely places ( see video) as green pastures of fresh, nourishing food are almost non-existent this time of year.  So it is for many Arab Christians in
Sheep in Iraq
the Arab World, His people, the sheep of His pasture. Spiritually-nourishing food does not exist in their communities. But unlike sheep, these current and emerging church leaders are not mobile.  They simply cannot afford to leave their families and jobs to pursue Biblical and ministry training.   So how can we feed His sheep?   
PTEE's Theological Education by Extension enables Christians in Arab-speaking countries to be fed academically, theologically and spiritually yet remain in their culture, ministries, and jobs. By offering PTEE courses on-site, Arabic-speaking Christians and church leaders living in the Arab East, North Africa, and the Arab Diaspora now have access to Biblical, theological, and practical ministry training in their communities and in their language.  Each year, about 35 classes of Christian leaders are educated and trained through PTEE and they, in turn, are shepherding believers, building the Church, and offering the Bread of Life to their spiritually-hungry communities.
Meet Sonya, age 48 from Syria, and a 2016 Bachelor of Theology PTEE graduate.  Despite the challenges of a civil war, no electricity, and travel risks, Sonya completed her B.A.  She and her husband started PTEE classes in three sites in Syria, and as a trained tutor, she has facilitated nine PTEE classes.  Sonya shared that while she was studying the Christian Counseling course, her neighbors were planning to divorce.  After praying with and sharing Biblical counseling with the wife, the woman accepted Christ, became close to the Lord, and did not allow the divorce to happen.  Instead, she has become a light to her family and looks for guidance in the Bible.  As a women's Bible study leader, youth teacher, and worship leader, Sonya is the vision of PTEE which is to develop leaders through theological education by extension for  the growth of the church and the positive transformation of society in the Arab world. 
Reading, Writing, and Romans . . .  
As children return to school and co-eds head back to university, PTEE invites you to send an Arab brother or sister 'Back to School' this Fall! Recent events in the
Arab World have greatly impacted local economies, thus, the people have little if any disposable income for education.  Each gift of $370 to PTEE makes it possible for a current/emerging Arab church leader to complete a 12 week, 3-credit PTEE course (students pay only for course materials and a nominal registration fee). PTEE has offered theological education on location since 1981only by The Great Shepherd's gracious provision through His people.  
As a family, a church, a Sunday school class, or an individual, we invite you to
'Feed His Sheep' this Fall by investing in the theological education and ministry training of an Arab brother or sister who desires to serve the Church
and community, often in a spiritually unwelcoming environment.   
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Prayer Partners please pray for the field test of PTEE's very first online course, to be delivered in Amman as a blended-learning course (combining online learning with face-to-face discussion), beginning September 11th, and for our first 100% fully online course field test to start in October. More details to come in a future newsletter.
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PTEE offers a Bachelor of Theology (B.A.), Diploma of Theology, Certificate of Theology, and Certificate of Ministry

PTEE is accrediated by the Asia Theological Association and the Middle East Association for Theological Education