Dear Middle School Families,

At Beaver we don't do summer reading lists. Why? Because research shows required reading lists discourage independent readers.

So, what do we do instead?

As Head of School Peter Hutton wrote in his blogpost, "We urge students to read widely and provide a list of suggested resources. The most important thing is to read what interests and inspires you. All reading is reading."

Along these lines, we're excited to kick off Feed Your Brain 2019. As our current MS families may remember from last year, Feed Your Brain (aka FYB) is a Middle School program that encourages students to keep their brains active and engaged in the summer months.

We want students to use their time throughout the summer to learn more about things they like to do, experiences they have had, people who have inspired them, and subjects they have always been curious about.

To help students get started, you'll find a list of suggestions from Beaver faculty and students below. The list includes options that are indoor and outdoor, as well as a variety of ways for students to engage with the world around them to feed their brains.

Over break, Ms. Marsh and members of the Beaver faculty will share what they are doing to feed their brains. We hope you will join us by sending a photo of your child doing an activity to

Have a great summer!

Director of Middle School

Director of Research and Instructional Technology