Check out our expanded list of classroom programs and assemblies from Pre-K through high school, tailored to your specific needs. Schedule now while you prep for the new year.

Choose an assembly that will jumpstart your recycling program, Reduce Your Use: Go Green! or Be a Food Hero, Commit to Zero (teaching food waste prevention in the cafeteria). 

Whether you teach the youngest or oldest, there is a classroom program for you. From Recycling is Doggone Easy for Pre-K and first grade, Food is a Valuable Resource for all grade levels, to a listing of eight new lessons for grades 7-12, we aligned all programs with Ohio's Science Standards. Contact Jenny Lohmann to schedule your program today.

Do you have some students still hungry after lunch while others are throwing perfectly good food into the garbage? If so, consider setting up a food share table.

Reduce wasted food at your school by learning what goes uneaten - and why. The U.S. EPA, DOA, and University of Arkansas developed a tool to make it easy.

Teachers are invited to the Cincinnati Zoo to enjoy free admission and parking, informative breakout sessions, food and beverages, special animal appearances, and to network with local environmental education organizations.

Kick off or improve your school's recycling program with some healthy competition. Register by October 13 to join the 4,400 schools that participate in Keep America Beautiful's Recycle-Bowl. 
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