This time of year, Blue Jays, Northern Cardinals, and American Goldfinches can be found perched on snowy branches. Winter is a great time to feed these feathered friends, here’s why!

Birds need the extra seed to keep themselves warm while they are active in the winter. Bird seed that includes high energy ingredients like Black Oil Sunflower, Peanuts, Corn and Suet are a great source of protein when resources like insects, nuts and berries are scarce. 

Keep your feeder well stocked throughout the winter season with our seed geared to this season’s common backyard birds. Our products are available in-store or for curbside pickup and delivery.

Premium blend crafted specifically with Northern Cardinals, Grosbeaks & Redpolls in mind! Brilliance will attract the most colourful wild birds. Loaded with Black Oil Sunflower & Safflower, Brilliance will ensure visits from Cardinals.
Customer Favourite
Premium Blend

High quality general feeding blend – made with high energy ingredients! Blended with quality ingredients: black oil sunflower seeds, safflower seeds and peanuts halves. Premium blend will attract colourful birds year-round to a wide variety of feeder types. 
Staff Pick
Favourite Finch

For the finch lover - this high quality blend is designed with finches & small songbirds in mind! Favourite Finch is made with: White Millet, Canola Siberian Millet, Red Millet, Golden German Millet, Nyjer Sunflower Kernel Chips

Jay's Blend

Armstrong's Jays Blend will keep a variety of Jays from all regions in Canada coming back to your feeders. This blend contains only the right ingredients to attract these desired birds.

Keep your
eyes peeled!

If you’re lucky - you might spot a Common Redpoll! The Common Redpoll migrates from arctic regions to southern parts of Canada. You’ll only catch them visiting here in the winter! 
Bird Feeders
Here at Cole’s we have a variety of different bird seed and feeders to suit the needs of specific bird species. 

For example, Blue Jays prefer peanuts and feeding from tray feeders or hopper/house feeders. While Finches particularly love thistle because it’s high in oil and provides them with a great source of energy. Finch feeders are specifically designed with small, thin ports to hold thistle seed. 

When purchasing a feeder be sure to make sure it suits the seed and bird you are keen to feed. Keep your feeder clean, stocked up, and consider purchasing a feeder with a roof to prevent snow and moisture from collecting on the feed. Shop in-store or browse some of our selection online.
Mmmm, Suet!

Suet is a great resource for your feathered friends because the ingredients are high in fat to help give them energy in the cold winter months. Our Armstrong Four Season Suet includes a Beef tallow based snack for wild birds – full of high energy nutrients!
Liquid beef fat is blended with a mix of grains & seeds – that attract a wide variety of wild birds – and made into a slim cake. This suet is best used with a wire suet cage, or hopper feeder with built-in suet cages. 

Armstrong Four Season suet contains:
  • Rendered Beef Fat
  • Cut Corn
  • White Millet
  • Red Milo
  • Black Oil Sunflower

Attracts: Black-capped Chickadees, Common Redpolls, Downy Woodpeckers, Hairy Woodpeckers, Blue Jays, Steller’s Jays, and Northern Cardinals.
Tulips & Tropicals
Stop by our greenhouse and enjoy the tropical atmosphere from our new shipment of large tropicals! We are also welcoming the arrival of our 4 inch and 6 inch spring bulbs and fresh cut tulip bunches for $10.00!
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