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THE KEY October 2010

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DP Sales Pro

With Purpose and Intention you will achieve your Goals.TM


Are you (and your business) growing or shrinking?

I don't believe there is such thing as standing still - if you're not growing, you are shrinking. And so is your business.

What did you accomplish yesterday, last week, last month - that propelled your forward momentum towards continued and sustainable success?

Specifically - what tasks did you complete that will lead to...

Future Sales?

Increased Revenue?

And, more importantly - What is your intention today?

What is your goal for the day? For the week?

How many calls will you commit to making today? This week? This month?

How many appointments? How many presentations?

How many networking events will you attend this month?

How many sales do you want to close this week?

How much revenue do you want to generate?

And, for you - the business owner - What is your exit strategy?

Who is your succession plan?

"I'm too busy to review my business plan."

"There's too much work and too little time."

"I'm so busy running on the wheel, I'm afraid everything will fall apart if I stop to take a break."

We can't afford not to plan for the future. We can't afford not to get off the wheel, turn around - see where we have been - review where we are and decide where we want to go - and then make the plans to get there.

To Your Continued Success,

Debra Pearlman
DP Sales Pro
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Define Your Purpose (why you want to achieve your goal)
Act with Intention (what specifically are you looking to achieve)
Maintain focus on the above and you will achieve your goals
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