The Law Society is working on a new approach to continuing professional development (CPD) for Alberta lawyers that is more self-directed and provides guidance around professional competencies that are relevant for legal practice in Alberta today. Two key pieces of work underway are the creation of a Professional Development Profile (Profile) and the development of a new CPD planning tool.

The Board approved an extension to suspend the annual CPD filing requirement for an additional year to May 2023 to allow more time to build a CPD approach that goes beyond setting a minimum standard for competence and offers an enhanced experience for lawyers.

We want lawyers to be more engaged with their CPD plans and believe the profession will have more guidance and tools to make that happen with the introduction of the Profile in 2022 and the new CPD planning tool coming in 2023.

The Law Society is working with an independent third-party consultant to gather feedback from the profession on the draft Profile. We want to hear from you.