April 14, 2020
Deadline Extended: Seeking Feedback on Model Code of Conduct Amendments
The Federation of Law Societies is proposing amendments to Model Code Rule 6.3 concerning discrimination and harassment. The draft amendments revise the rule to provide clearer guidance on prohibitions against discrimination, harassment and bullying.
The Law Society of Alberta has been engaging in initiatives related to the recent articling survey and the launch of the model Respectful Workplace Policy. As part of this commitment, we are seeking your feedback on proposed changes to Rule 6.3 of the Model Code, dealing with harassment and discrimination. For more details on the amendments, view the Consultation Memo and Draft Rules and Commentary .
The Federation's Standing Committee will carefully consider the feedback it receives, making further changes to the proposed amendments as appropriate.
The deadline for providing feedback has been extended until Tuesday, June 30. Please send your feedback via email to Nancy Carruthers, Senior Manager, Policy & Ethics.
Court of Queen's Bench Announcements
Notice to the Profession

The Court of Queen's Bench has posted a notice to the profession regarding the temporary modification of filing requirements under surrogate rules in respect of application for grants.

Applications for grants of probate and administration require the execution and submission of documents to the Court. Several of those documents, such as NC 1 and NC 2, require the original signature of the Applicant. Surrogate Rule 16 requires the Applicant to mark the back of the will for identification. NC 6.1, if applicable, requires a trustee to execute an acknowledgment. Depending on the circumstances, other affidavits, such as NC 8, NC 9 and NC 11, may be required to be completed and filed.

The COVID-19 pandemic creates challenges in effecting compliance with execution and filing requirements. Until further notice, the Court is prepared to modify certain execution and filing requirements.

In a letter from the Applicant’s counsel which accompanies the Application for a Grant, counsel must indicate that departures from usual execution and filing requirements are effected pursuant to this Notice to the Profession.
Changes to the Surrogate Rules and the Wills and Succession Act

The Court also announced the most recent amendments to t he  Surrogate Rules  and the  Wills and Succession Act.
Undertaking and Agreement for Non-Lawyers

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Court is conducting an increased number of hearings by videoconference or audioconference. To protect the integrity of Court proceedings, parties participating in a videoconference or audioconference hearing must sign the Undertaking and Agreement of Non-Lawyers posted to the Court’s website.
Ministerial Order from the Minister of Justice and Solicitor General
This Ministerial Order from the Minister of Justice and Solicitor General outlines guidelines to permit a court clerk or registrar to waive, in whole or in part, certain fees payable to court officials where the applicant is an individual and unable to pay fees.