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I was going to remain 'silent' during this crisis - my thinking was, who wants to hear anything about photography right now - most of us have 'bigger fish to fry' - this is really a crisis for many of us - even if we are fortunate enough that our health, business or job is ok.
However, I have to cope solitary time, stress and negativity....so instead of talking about photography right now, I want to share a few of the things that are helping me fold all this into my creative process and keep going.
Touch Nature
Our instincts and ancestors tell us that being outside in nature is healthy - so does science. In his book Forest Bathing, Dr. Qing Li explains in great detail exactly why a walk in the forest makes us feel better. No forest nearby? - no worries - work in the garden or with houseplants for now. Canadian, Diana Beresford-Kroeger , is another scientist who explains and demonstrates in all her work the benefits of that accrue to us from the natural world. My strongest inspirations come to me through the natural world.
Relax, Centre, Focus
Qi Gong - translates roughly from the Chinese as, energy work. Qi Gong's simple yet powerful exercises are gentle and easy to learn - they promote a meditative and centered state from which we can start our day in a positive way. It's easy and you simply start from where you are. I've been practicing for years - it's my go to when I want to energize and relax at rhe same time. See videos by: Lee Holden and Mimi Kuo-Deemer
Self Reflection and Journaling
Journaling can quickly take one into a creative process that's unique and individual. It opens and keeps clear the lines of communication between the conscious and unconscious parts of our psyche. Two classic books to look at for journaling ideas are: The Artist Way and Journal to the Self.
Keeping a journal reflects directly onto my photography - it helps me see things in the world, and myself, that I wouldn't see otherwise. One exercise you can try is to take one of your favourite photographs and start writing about it - not as a caption or to share, but for yourself, private and intimate. Where were you at in life when you made that image? what you you feeling at the time what's the 'backstory'?
What were you trying to say and to whom? Try it.
I plan to touch three subjects per email over the next few weeks. Each can be tied into creativity and the creative process - some will be specifically about photography. This is my offering during this unique, and for many of us, tough time. For me, being 'creative' is really about being resourceful. It's not a concept or idea, it's a powerful way of being.
Feel welcome to reach out
to contact me about what's in this email or to say hello and talk. I just read that over the last month the 'phone call' has become very popular again....don't be shy, call 647 286 1705 or email at
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