Assisting to Feed the Hungry

NEWS FOR October 14, 2014


October 14, 2014


Dear Friends,


I am slowly but surely getting to know the folks of Falfurrias.  A couple of weeks ago, Lucinda came to the office of the South Texas Human Rights Center, and I finally got to put a face to her name.  Actually, we bonded instantly!  She calls us kindred hearts.


Among other wonderful deeds, Lucinda has taken on a food distribution project for the poor of Falfurrias.  On the second Friday of each month, food trucks come in from the food bank located in Corpus Christi.  Eddie and I joined Chief Deputy Benny and others from the sheriff's office and many other volunteers to distribute the food. 


I get the sense that this is a relatively new project and that the population served is growing.


I believe that almost 200 individuals or families received fresh vegetables, fruits, potatoes, meat, milk, eggs, bread and pastries, juices, snacks and other staples last Friday.


As one month goes to the next, Lucinda gets to know the persons who are coming to receive the food and a trust relationship is building.  She is also beginning to locate the sick and elderly who need their food distributed to them at home.  One elderly man came on his bike, and Lucinda had someone take his food home.  One man who could hardly walk walked three long blocks to come for food.  His food will be delivered next time.  And, of course, when the food is delivered living conditions are seen and other needs are made known.  There are many to be served in this poor little town.


Though food distribution is not part of our main ministry, it is a way to work together for the good of all.  It was a beautiful way for our community to serve our own.


I promised Lucinda that all of us would pray for this project, for those who are served through it, and for the hungry whom are yet to be served.


Thank you!

Sr. Pam


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Cars begin to line up at 6:30 am for a 10:30 am distribution of food.