Dear friend,

As our community celebrates the High Holidays, a time when families gather together to share meals and reflect on the past year, we felt a Report from the Field from the Ottawa Kosher Food Bank would be a timely and inspiring update to show how your gift to the Emergency Campaign for Community Resilience has brought happiness and helped those in need fill their pantries and feed their families. The Kosher Food Bank now serves 105 families - an increase of 20% since the start of the pandemic.
"I just wanted to write to say a huge THANK YOU!! What a beautiful gift my grocery bag was! It was SO nice to have so many treats that I would pick out for myself 100%! Right down to the fact that the cereal I got is my favourite kind. I just wanted to express to you what a joyous experience that was for me - I had my birthday right at the beginning of the pandemic and didn't get to see anyone or celebrate so getting my grocery bag filled with such awesomeness actually felt like I was receiving a wrapped present. I wanted to share this with you so you know that what you and the volunteers and donors provide is so very appreciated and cherished. Thank you thank you thank you!"
Ottawa Kosher Food Bank client

"When COVID struck we knew that not only our current clients would need continued support, but that the need would increase. With help from the Emergency Campaign, we immediately transitioned to grocery store gift cards to limit the physical contact before transitioning to curbside pickups and contactless deliveries of the food. We are now serving more clients than ever each month thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and the support of donors."
Dahlia Milech
Ottawa Kosher Food Bank
We hope these updates are meaningful to you and help you see how your gift is helping so many people in our community. Your support is significant and makes a real impact in improving people's lives.

May you and your families be inscribed for a happy, healthy and sweet New Year.
Warm regards,

Micah Garten
Director of Development
Jewish Federation of Ottawa