Fall 2021
It's Fall - Get Energized with Crisp Clear Days
Welcome to our Fall edition of Animal Writes! Read on for more information about:

  • Advice for feeding your cat
  • The role PAWS plays in our community
  • A challenging foster cat: Sam I Am
  • Leaving the leaves this fall
  • An invitation to join us for some Halloween fun

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PAWS in the Community

You may think of PAWS as an animal welfare group that only rescues felines in need. Although it is true that this year alone we rescued 126 cats and found homes for 104, there are many other ways we help pets and their people. 

The Challenges of Sam I Am

From frisky felines to allusive alley-cats to grumpy grimalkins, PAWS encounters all kinds of cats. Each one has its own personality, and it is up to the PAWS volunteers to figure out how to meet the special needs of every kitty.

Cats such as Sam I Am present a particularly difficult challenge for our foster families.

Why You Should Leave the Leaves

It's Fall with crisp, clear days, cerulean blue skies, and white puffy clouds. It's time for pumpkins and bright red and gold leaves.

And, as the season wanes, it's time to rake up all those pretty leaves and get the yard ready for winter.

Join PAWS for some Halloween Fun!

October is full of treats and PAWS has some for you!
Dress up your pets, alone or with their humans, in their best Halloween attire, snap a photo,
and enter our Halloween costume contest!