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Feedlot Composting Webinar
When yard waste meets feedlot manure, soil health can be improved! Learn how these "waste" products are turned into a valuable compost that farmers can use to organically provide nutrition to crops over a number of years and to improve soil health and moisture retention. Feedlot composting is an investment that can pay the farmer, the municipality, and the composter. We'll cover examples of successful operations and will demonstrate the financial tool developed to help show the feasibility of this kind of operation. We'll also talk about the barriers and benefits for stakeholders in an operation like this. Join us to learn more about this proven model of conserving and utilizing our resources in Nebraska. This webinar will be on Thursday, June 23rd from 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm CDT. It is the culmination of a project funded by the Nebraska Environmental Trust.

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Webinar speakers will include:
Kyle Temple
Kyle Temple, Middle Niobrara NRD

Kyle Temple is a Natural Resources Technician with the Middle Niobrara Natural Resources District (MNNRD). He works with natural resource programs, water programs, information, and education activities for the MNNRD. Kyle is involved with the MNNRD’s project to utilize Eastern Red Cedar wood chips and animal manure on field plot studies near Ainsworth and Valentine. The research found that the wood chip and manure applications aided in moisture retention, erosion control, reduced soil temperature and tied up nitrogen while showing 5-10 bushel increase in yields.
Jean Waters
Jean Waters, Sustainability Consultant

Jean Waters is a consultant providing services in various aspects of sustainability to small businesses and environmental non-profits. Projects include creating a financial model for feedlot and municipal organics composting, using EPA’s Risk Screening Environmental Indicator (RSEI) model to help prioritize technical assistance, developing educational resources, including case studies for small businesses, and grant/project management.
Aaron Hird, Nebraska NRCS

Aaron Hird is the State Soil Health Specialist for the Nebraska NRCS, working in Lincoln, NE.  Aaron has experience working with cover crops, soil health and soils as a conservationist for more than 15 years and is excited to promote soil health.  Aaron grew up in central Nebraska, attended college at Chadron State College, and began his career with the NRCS in New Mexico in 2006 as a Range Management Specialist. Aaron has been the State Soil Health Specialist in Nebraska for 6 years.

During the webinar, Aaron hopes to draw some healthy connections for you to healthy soil, describing the need for improvement, allowing the soil to continue to function as a vital and living ecosystem. All agriculture producers are eligible to engage with the NRCS on this endeavor and Aaron will present an overview of the available services offered in Nebraska.
Joey Schmitt, Action Research

Joey Schmitt is a Project Director at Action Research with over ten years of behavior change experience. Joey has extensive experience managing and directing projects for multi-jurisdictional public agencies, non-profits, and private businesses. He has directed CBSM projects on stormwater, composting, energy conservation, water conservation, and transportation. His background is in applied social psychology, and he has expertise in designing field experiments in a research environment. He has worked in both professional and academic positions where he has conducted field research in the areas of environmental attitudes, community outreach, and behavior change. His most recent publications appear in the Journal Energy and the Handbook of Persuasion and Social Marketing.
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For more information and resources about the Nebraska Feedlot Composting Project, click here.
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