Like millions of people across the United States, Hayley lost one of her two jobs when California Governor, Gavin Newsom, set in place a Stay at Home order directing California residents to severely limit contact with others and closing all non-essential businesses. While going to job interviews and looking for any financial assistance from non profits around her home, Hayley also realized she was running out of toilet paper for her and her two sons but couldn't find any at local grocery stores, as they had already been sold out.

During this unique time, WTLC is committed to continuing to provide life-saving services to survivors, completing well-being checks via phone call, email, and in person in accordance with social distancing guidelines to survivors in our programs. Morelia Rodriguez, WTLC's Community Advocate, sent Hayley a well-being check email on March 26th, and Hayley responded the same day letting her know about her concerns about running out of toilet paper. Morelia provided Hayley with toilet paper at the Center and let her know that if she was in need of food or assistance, WTLC could provide basic food items and more at her next visit.

Nearly four weeks since the Stay at Home order was issued, Hayley has started online teaching to make up for her lost income. She says she worries about being able to provide financially for her two sons during this time of social distancing, but is coping with the changes through counseling sess ions with WTLC's Clinical Advocate, Hannah, every Friday. WTLC's emergency shelter remains open and provides case management, telephonic services, and legal advocacy to survivors in need. Survivors can choose to meet with Advocates for case management and counseling sessions at the Center or from their home through online video chatting and phone calls.