Survivors are greeted with warmth and compassion when they call the helpline; a beautifully made bed and kitchen stocked with food welcomes them when they enter our shelter; leases are being signed and survivors are moving into a home of their own; tissues are passed during counseling sessions and smiles shared across screens; and restraining orders are being filed and legal information is being shared. 

WTLC is open, operating, and responding to more survivor needs than ever before. Using virtual platforms and providing in-person sessions [with masks and honoring social distancing 😊], WTLC is continuing to offer services, reaching out to those who are the most vulnerable. Violence is on the rise across the nation and survivors seeking help are encountering even more barriers. Our helpline calls are 135% higher than this time last year, and in the midst of all the challenges and uncertainty, the survivors in our programs share their gratitude. So, on this #feelgoodfriday, WTLC would like to pause and share our own gratitude.

From the bottom of our hearts to you, thank you. Thank you for caring, loving, and supporting this essential work. And Angelica said it best: “You really make [our] heart[s] smile.”
*The quotes provided in this email are direct quotes from survivors who have used WTLC services, but faces and names have been changed to protect the identity of the survivor.
Amidst the global outbreak of Coronavirus, many are staying at home and cabin fever is starting to set in. To support those forced to join the office exodus, notable brings you free online programming to support your emotional, mental, and relational health. Join us for our daily live streams, 3 part series, and educational classes to equip you with knowledge to create healthier lives, relationships, and communities.

Join us from 12:00PM-1:00PM every Monday-Friday on Facebook live to learn about ways you can prevent violence, right from your home during social distancing.


4/24: You Matter. We're Here to Help. WTLC Resources and Services.

4/27 Anger Management & Conflict Resolution

4/28 Where to Go When Fleeing a Domestic Violence Relationship 

4/29 How to Identify Elder Abuse and Resources to Support Vulnerable Older Adults  

4/30 Ask An Advocate  

5/1 Tips on How to Take Care of Yourself During COVID-19 Self-Isolation 
Join us for the 2nd part of our three part series on Thursday, April 30th from 3:00PM-4:00PM on Zoom.


Thursday, April 30th: Loving Your Self
Discover ways you can immerse yourself in practices that promote health and tranquility through this interactive mindfulness class. You will walk away feeling restored and equipped to face whatever may come.

Thursday, May 7th: The Healthy Art of Communication
Explore different techniques on how to convey your thoughts and emotions in a manner that fosters respectful dialogue. You will walk away knowing how to set appropriate boundaries and effectively communicate your needs.
Learn new skills and tools to use to better communicate with your child! Join us for a welcoming and fun class where we talk about how to empower ourselves as parents and support our kids. WTLC's 6 part series is now being offered in English and in Spanish on Zoom. To find out class schedules and register, call WTLC's Helpline at 877-531-5522 or Text/Email
As the situation regarding COVID-19 evolves, WTLC will continue to share updates and resources through available communications channels, including  email Facebook, and Twitter.
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