Please Join Us As We Celebrate Biyu's Graduation from Our Transitional Housing Program!

When Biyu first came to WTLC, everyone fell in love with her son Li Jun, and he charmed his way into the hearts of staff with his big eyes and sweet smile. Li Jun was only 6 months when he came to WTLC but is now walking.

Biyu came to WTLC in December of 2019 with only a few diapers for Li Jun and one small luggage full of clothes. She had moved from China to marry her husband in 2018, but he soon changed and became more distant, leaving home for days on end and often passing out on the floor drunk. One night, he attacked Biyu while Biyu was putting Li Jun to sleep. It was that night Biyu knew that her life was in danger. Because of Biyu's limited English, she had difficulty getting the help she needed but was able to find WTLC through the Center for the Pacific Asian Family in Los Angeles, CA.

When Biyu came to WTLC, she was surprised at how spacious and welcoming her apartment was and at how many activities there were for her son. With the help of Advocates, Biyu was able to get a restraining order against her husband, tailor her resume to find a job, secure a daycare, take Li Jun to the hospital for his one-year check up and start her job search.

As the seasons changed, Biyu spent Halloween, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, and even Memorial Day at WTLC with her son. We are elated to share that Biyu has secured a job, graduated from our Transitional Housing program, and is now moving into independent living with her son. Although we'll miss Li Jun's big eyes and sweet smile, we're overjoyed that he will be able to continue to celebrate holidays with his mom - safe and sound.

As our hearts are filled with both joy and sadness - joy for the fact that Biyu and her son will be restarting their lives but sadness that we'll no longer see them on a daily basis, Biyu sent WTLC a touching montage of photos and clips of the two of them during their time at WTLC. The first photo shows Li Jun happily sitting in his car seat as only a 6-month-old and the final photo shows him confidently standing on top of moving boxes as he and his mom prepare to move to their own living space.

Biyu says, "We did not feel alone here. There is love here. To all the lovely heroes that took care of us - thank you. You all are my superhero!"

Please join us in congratulating Biyu on her ability to overcome hardship and continue to make a happy and whole life, for her and her son. If you'd like to support Biyu as she continues her journey to independence, consider making a donation to ensure that survivors have an opportunity to restart their lives and make a new future.

*Names, faces, and details have been changed to protect the identity of the survivor.