October 2017
Ergonomics and the "Busy Season" 
The start of the fourth quarter also means the unofficial start of the "busy season" for tax and accounting professionals. Gathering documents, running reports on company financials, assessing the potential tax implications going into the next year and setting budgets all add lots of desk and screen time for those in the industry.

Keeping the office running smoothly during this time starts with making sure everyone is comfortable at their work stations. Durable, ergonomically well fit furniture is important.

Some factors to consider in how well furniture "fits" someone include:
*    Can the arm rests be adjusted so forearms are resting without stress when typing?
*    Do feet sit flat on the floor?
*    When looking at a computer monitor, are eyes level or is undue stress being placed the eyes or neck?
*    Do work stations and raise and lower to allow for stand-up or sit-down positions?

Other considerations in comfort include placement of desk items and keeping things close to avoid undue strain.

From now until the end of 2017, Great River Office Products will be featuring many ergonomic furniture options in our online specials area of the website. Keep an eye out for new items. To view our current specials, just scroll down a bit in this email.

Our huge selection of office furniture is well priced and available! Give us a call today to schedule your furniture consultation today.

October Specials
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