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Donate used Nordic Ski Gear
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  • As a donor, you receive 75% of the proceeds for your gear. Volunteers sell your equipment for you - no hassle!

  • Now is a great time to get some money on your used equipment while supporting a great cause.
Bike Doc runs, too!
The word Bergkönig means “mountain king” in German. The course involves numerous hill climbs, technical sections, and flights of stairs. The race is very challenging for the veteran trail racer, yet fun and exciting for the recreational trail runner. Register today!
The Bergkönig was created to support locally raised elite nordic ski racers by Maria Stuber and Bryan Cook . This year, it is being put on by local Waukesha athlete, Felicia Gesior, in conjunction with the Peak Nordic Ski team. Felicia represented the USA in the 2019 Beijing City Sprint, 2018 OPA Trip and 2016 U23 World Championships. She currently skis out of Bozeman, MT. Peak Nordic is a Southeastern Wisconsin based, non-profit organization that is working to get local kids competitively involved in cross country skiing. Peak Nordic has programs for Elementary School, Middle School, and High School athletes, with their training based out of Lapham Peak State Park. Felicia is a Peak Nordic Alumni and is involved with coaching the Peak Nordic summer training camps.
Proceeds from the event will be deposited into a Bergkönig Scholarship Fund that will assist Felicia and future generations of Wisconsin Skiers pursuing Olympic dreams.
Who is the Doc?
“In 1973 Barb (Doc’s wife) was attending Nicolet college in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Nordic skiing was one of her classes. She told me I was going to have to give it a try, so when I went up to visit her over the holidays, I brought a brand new pair of wooden skis along with me.

As I went down the first hill on my first ski, I broke one! Not wanting to miss out over the rest of the visit, I ran into Merrill to get another set. With three skis now, I was able to rotate. Anytime I had a problem with one ski, I always had a back-up ski.
Tom Klein, the founder of Bicycle Doctor, fondly known as “The Doc” is not only a doctor of bicycles but also a great teacher. During my first season as an employee at Bicycle Doctor, Doc began my course in ski equipment by explaining the first, most basic skate ski by Fischer and slowly working his way through the ski line-up. I learned terms like “camber” and the nuances of stiff and soft skis. He patiently explained what sets certain models of skis of competing brands apart from each other. Then, story time really began. We might as well have pulled up chairs by the fire and cracked a beer - I was so curious about Doc’s history on skis! Settle in a comfy chair with your favorite beverage and enjoy. -Megan
Really, the credit for Bicycle Doctor Nordic Ski Shop goes to Barb - she is the one who got me into skiing in the first place.”
Bicycle Doctor Nordic Ski shop began as a bike and ski business - Doc (and Barb!) were passionate about both sports. Most bike shops carry skis on the side as a way to keep busy during the winter, but not Doc! He and Barb had raced his first Birkie before starting the business. While traveling with his band, Doc always brought his nordic skis. He skied golf courses everywhere, even in 35-degrees-below-zero weather in North Dakota.

He became known as “the Doc” doing work out of his garage in Delafield and then more officially in his first shop in Oconomowoc in 1985. In all of its locations, Bicycle Doctor has been a community ski shop. People stopped by to learn from Doc, not just to make a purchase. Doc had an old Volkswagon bus branded with the Bike Doc name and drove it to the ski races. The big hitters in the ski world got to know Doc and his work.
Doc sank time into getting to know the feel of ski flex with all of his skiing adventures. His curiosity and love of learning and experiencing gives him an understanding of the nuances of the whole sport of nordic skiing. Watch a ski race with Doc, and you’ll have a new understanding of it’s depth. Doc knows the science behind the core of the ski and the base from years of researching and experimenting on his own. There’s a select few who can masterfully wax classic race skis. It takes years upon years of trial and error. Doc is one of those people.

Doc ensured that the shop has kept that hometown vibe with expert knowledge that makes it a destination spot. On winter evenings and weekends, the shop is humming with skiers. Long-time skiers stop by to catch up on the latest equipment, ski trail conditions, and training plan recommendations. New skiers can expect just as much attention from Doc’s staff - everyone should be equipped with the knowledge to have a great experience on skis.
Doc has always invested in the local ski community. When the Wednesday night race series launched, Doc supplied the bibs. He has been a major sponsor of the Lapham Loppet, a seasonal fundraiser for Lapham Peak snowmaking, from the beginning. As Peak Nordic formed and grew, Doc diligently shopped ski products for the team to find the best skis at the best value - and still does!

As Doc said during his retirement announcement last year, “The shop is a place where Barb and I have spent more than half our lives. I feel, over the years, we've developed the best staff in the bicycle and ski retail industry. I'm confident it will continue, and only get better. The Doc will still always be on call... because I love this place!”
We are spacing out the Ski Sale this year to practice better social distancing policies. Our goal is to ensure we can help all of our customers have an opportunity to receive a professional fit for new skis while also receiving the best deals of the season. 

Save the date for the first TWO WEEKENDS OF NOVEMBER. It is the last of our four sale weekends. We will feature the excellent service and smokin' deals you are accustomed to during our Ski Sale.
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