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Feel the Heat!
Hot sandwich


Way back in 2022, there were sandwiches. And there was hot food.

2023 is a new year. And now, we’re excited to introduce our delicious lineup of warm sandwiches and wraps. Our Chef Breck and his team have out-done themselves to create this selection of unique flavours and old-time favourites with a warm twist.

Get ready to feel the heat in your next meeting or event!

Robust, hearty, hot and savoury
Our soups and chili hit the spot every time!

Yup. We're not describing the Canucks. But, this is definitely a winning season for our soups and chili. If you're looking for something to provide your next meeting or event with that extra boost, they're a delicious compliment to sandwiches, salads or even entrees.
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And now for more heat — or just a little love and happiness! Our truffles, big-hearted cookies, cupcakes and chocolate-dipped strawberries are just right for giving out this Valentines Day. Call or email and our Catering Consultants will be happy to help with your order.
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What are you most looking forward to in 2023?
The arrival of Spring or Summer
The Canucks winning the Stanley Cup
Travel or Vacation
Freedom from all COVID restrictions (fingers crossed!)
Trying Pacific Coast Catering's new menu items!!!!!!
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