Feeling Crummy?  Try Feeling Crumby.
An excerpt from CGWKBK5 Vol3 "Emor"

In the Jewish tradition, the priests' portion of the sacrifices and offerings of Israel was called the "crumbs from the table."  Although technically it was the leftovers from the Holy One's table, what a Heavenly meal of just the crumbs!  The priesthood is by no means a crummy job, but a holy one, and the priesthood was to be holy to Israel, commanding the greatest honor and respect as representatives of the Holy One Who sanctifies Israel.  Adonai gives His reasoning for His demand that the priests be respected: they offer the lechem (bread) of Israel's Elohim.

You shall consecrate him, therefore, for he offers the bread of your God; he shall be holy to you; for I the LORD, who sanctifies you, am holy. (Leviticus 21:8)

A case may be made for priesthood as a model for a nation of priests who offer the bread of their Elohim.  Of course, there is literal bread, but every physical act or article of the House's worship mirrored a spiritual truth in Heaven.  The priests were required to eat the physical bread of faces ( lechem panim) each Shabbat in the House.  During the preceding six days of the week, the bread was stored adjacent to the holy menorah, the physical bread absorbing the Light of the Ruach (Spirit) pictured in the menorah.

When the priests ate this bread, they absorbed the Light of the Ruach HaKodesh that was to move through their teaching of the Torah to Israel.  The Bread of Faces is also translated as the Bread of the Presence, which is apt, for if the priests consumed the Bread of the Word and taught the holies to Israel, then the Presence would dwell among the twelve tribes.  This is represented by the loaves of bread, a Presence invited by the holies.

Yeshua is the source of the Living Bread.  The Syro-Phoenican woman, although of mixed ethnic background, refused to be insulted by being compared with the dog.  Instead, she seizes the opportunity and points out with the greatest of faith that even the little dogs get the crumbs from the table.  She wants the crumbs of the Living Word, and she has the faith and boldness to ask!  The priests' portion is to eat the holy crumbs and receive the spiritual Torah to give to Israel.  Yeshua rejoices in her desire to draw close to a nation of priests and receive the Covenant Bread, Yeshua's words.  

Lazarus sat at the rich man's gate, and only the dogs would minister to his boils.  He longed for crumbs from the rich man's table.  The rich man realizes too late that he did not live up to his calling as an Israelite of the Covenant.  He did not share holy crumbs with the poor, the one who desperately needed a healing Word from the rich Torah scholarship of the priesthood.  

We, too, can request the holy crumbs of Living, holy Bread from the Master's Table.  Our Father in Heaven will not withhold from us, for He sent His Son Yeshua to heal with the Word.  All we must do is seek that Living Bread of the Word, Yeshua, and we will receive healing from unclean things and plagues.  He will comfort us, bind up our wounds, and seat us at His Father's table with the other children. 

When those dog days come...

When you are feeling crummy...

then start feeling CRUMBY.  Go to His Word and feed on the crumbs from the Master's table.  It will illuminate your face with the holy fire of the menorah, and you will know that you are seated at His table.  You will eat and drink, and behold His face.

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LaMalah Children's Centre
Orphanage Update

Thanks to your generosity, we were able to send the children back to school this term with their tuition covered.  We mailed two boxes of books, solar light, and clothes last week, and we have another box of solar lights and children's clothes to send this week.

We are saving toward the purchase of a vehicle for transportation.  This vehicle will not just be for the orphanage, but for Brother Ndungu and the other elders to continue traveling to teach the Torah both within Kenya and surrounding countries.   
The vehicle also will help in the procurement of less expensive maize (corn), a staple which has been affected by the famine in Kenya.  Local supplies are much more expensive, and although less expensive maize and other staples can be found, it is some distance from the orphanage.

If you can help toward this goal, as always, we welcome your assistance.  For those of you who send monthly support to the orphanage, we can't thank you enough for fulfilling Messiah's commission. You really are smokin'!