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Lucky to Be Here

After witnessing what Texas just went through, we’re feeling lucky and blessed here in NE Florida!

So, on that note, we have some random and various notes to cover going into March….

  • We’ve talked about this before and the situation hasn’t improved (really at all) much. Appliances are in high demand/low supply and the back log is significant. If your property needs an appliance replacement, expediency of a decision is critical. The longer a decisive action/decision is pushed out, the further removed a viable delivery time becomes. Residents must have working refrigerators and stoves at the very least.

  • The eviction moratorium has been extended again to September 30, 2021. The good news is that fresh rounds of relief are starting to roll out. This is happening right here in Jacksonville and links/access has been sent to our residents. We’ve had some firsthand experience with these programs and we should tell you they move at a snail’s pace so if applicable, early and swift adoption may be a help.

  • Insurance: Mike would welcome the opportunity to talk with you if you’re considering changing your provider or carrier and /or thinking of making policy changes or deliberating anything prior to storm season. There is an important consideration regarding an actual cost policy vs total replacement value policy. No, he hasn’t become an insurance agent but he’s got some first-hand knowledge to share (we may be writing more about this in the near future).

  • On storm season; we’re basically 90 days out in March so it is critical that FPM Properties is named an additional insured or additional interest.

  • If you know anyone currently serving on a community association board that needs assistance/support, we have three licensed CAM managers on hand. Brenda would be delighted to speak with anyone who may be interested in learning more….

Lastly, we feel so lucky to have the NEFAR 2020 Realtor of the Year as our boss!

The FPM Properties Team

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