Tech Tip ~ July 19, 2016
Snip and Tuck
No, this is not an email about plastic surgery... Listen, with the free Windows 10 upgrade window closing fast, you may need to take a screenshot of your bank account. That way, you will know if you have the $199 for the new version after July 29th in your account now! But it has never been easy to do that screenshot thing without pulling out your smartphone... until now!
There is a built-in "Snipping Tool" in Windows 10 that I use all the time. And here's how you find it:
  • Click the Start Button (the Windows button at the bottom left) or type "Snipping" in the Cortana search bar to its right
  • When you see the "Snipping Tool" option, click on it
  • It should look like this... 
  • Choose your snip type (as seen above)
  • The screen will darken. Click and drag to form a rectangle (or whatever chosen shape) around what you want to snip
  • Release the mouse button, and you'll see the snippet ready for use!
At that point, you can copy it to a clipboard, or save it as a picture file. I've actually pinned my Snip tool to the taskbar so I can get to it quicker. And if you don't have Windows 10 and are eligible for the upgrade... you'd better act fast!
Windows 10 Free Upgrade - Expires July 29, 2016!
We are days away from the expiration date for your free Windows 10 upgrade (for Windows 7 and 8 users only). After that, the upgrade price for Windows 10 Pro will be $199. Don't delay! If you are looking to save money, this is one easy way to do it! Need help upgrading? You will find answers here to your questions about using Windows 10 on your PC! Or contact us at  Get TechWise!

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