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Suzanne Sterling - Blue Fire Soul

Blue Fire Soul is now available at iTunes and
Blue Fire Soul by Suzanne Sterling and Christoper K is electronic kirtan music for yoga, dance and 
celebrati on!
Suzanne has created a chant CD in English featuring songs she has written over her teaching at intensives and workshops. 

Available only through her website. 

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PLUS: New Music for YOGA

New yoga music CD with long time collaborator and producer Chris K. Chakra Flow is a companion CD to Seane Corn's newest DVD series. 
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Feeling Spring and the awakening of community as the land wakes up from slumber. I just returned from a wonderful weekend of yoga, music, ritual and activism at Downward Dog studio in Toronto and am taking a moment to be on the land in upstate New York.  As I concentrate on some long term projects this summer (Voice of Change, books and albums),  I will only be teaching at a few of the summer festivals this I hope to see you and sing with you at Hanuman festival in Boulder June 11-14 or at one of our Off The Mat Intensives (Squaw Valley July 20-24 or Omega Institute August 24-28).  


I recently launched the very first Voice of Change online training which has been an incredible deep conversation about expression, truthtelling and becoming an advocate for justice in the world.   This is a culmination of my life's work and I am excited about how it will evolve...stay tuned for the upcoming 6 month VOC Immersion and more VOC news.


Next up this month:  I will be doing a Bhakti kirtan concert after the debut screening of the film SOLD (about a girl sold into sex trafficking in India) at the Illuminate Film Festival in Sedona AZ.  The proceeds will go toward IREST yoga nidra trainings in India as well as earthquake relief in Nepal. Then onto San Clemente for a workshop at studio and then Yogaworks Teacher Training in LA.  


Also - I participated in the Awaken Your Core Fire free online seminar with some wonderful thinkers and change makers.  I highly recommend that you check out these inspirational interviews!  See below for the details.  


Also see below the two page interview from Mantra magazine (in stores now).  


Finally - the Wanderlust book is available and it is gorgeous....I have a short piece in the book about building the community we are building!


Thats it for now....many blessings and hope to see you soon!




I long to hear her singing


i wake up to the voices that have been singing all night...haunting and lovely, they blend sound into light calling calling calling to God


but  i long to hear her singing the voices of the women

the voices of the girls  the sweet voice of the uncaged bird


she who has been beaten down over and over until there is a silence that goes beyond all that we know


i long to hear her voice calling out to  her desire 

calling out her immortal yearning 

i long to hear her singing yes i long to hear her singing


her voices buried so deep under centuries of the iron hand and i who come from freedom can barely understand what it would take to escape and to learn to speak again 

to believe that i could make a sound  that might be heard above the shouting voices above the ones who feel they have a right to sing all night to amplify their songs and send them to the heavens


I long to hear her prayers rising up into the night silences. i long to hear the voices of the women singing




If my life is a mythological tale

then my art is all around me waiting to be formed

my freedom is demanding that I keep my eyes open

my demons are protective dragons swirling in my home and my choices are doorways into potential realms...a sliding door moment with each breath

what will I choose next? 

if there is no tomorrow, so let me fly forth in this moment 

for there is not art born of a moderate soul


what if I spoke my truth

what if I raged against the way things are

not accepting them like a good girl

would I be too much for you then?


how wild is too wild?

how free is too free?


I long to be wild as the wild horses 

thundering and biting 

racing under an untamed moon


I long to be on fire with flames song

torching my tongue

my lips split open


I long to stand on the wildest mountain

with my arms flung wide 

fingers prying the heavens


I long to run through woods in the rain

dive into the rivers and 

be born in Her oceans again


I am naked as I write this

I stand in the cold truth of my flesh

Curves and scars and sacred breath

I trace my ribs my belly my neck

Coming home to myself 


Her mark...

Her mark is upon my skin

The broken open and the opening

Light is slowly trickling in

And a secret longing dares to begin

I tremble with immortal yearnings





Offerings & Events


Suzanne was interviewed by Lisa Winston for 

Awaken Your Core Fire - Be Unshakeable, Unstoppable And Unapologetically You


Suzanne's call will be broadcast June 3rd.

And the good news is...


Because you are reading this email right now, that means you can attend this virtual summit

100% free.


To claim your 'seat' and join Suzanne along with 20+ lifestyle and business experts from around the world sign up today .


Remember its FREE! 

Awaken to your core fire!



Bhakti Benefit Concert
Illuminate Film Festival


Thursday, May 28

~ Opening Night ~

Sedona, AZ



Suzanne joins with the filmmakers of Sold for an opening night event as part of this transformative film festival. Star of the film Gillian Anderson will be onsite for a Q and A. Suzanne will lead the Bhakti Benefit Concert following the premiere screening. 



Voice of Change Workshop

Friday, May 29 


San Clemente, CA



Get all the info for this wonderful evening with Suzanne here. Find out more about too! See you in So Cal!




Hanuman Festival

June 11-14


Boulder, CO



Suzanne is teaching two workshops and leading the closing ceremony which is open to the public. Hanuman Festival takes place in beautiful downtown Boulder, CO. It is a fun-filled yoga and music festival. Amazing line up of teachers, speakers and musicians. 

 Suzanne in the Media

Suzanne has two new features in recent publications. 

Find her in the current issue of Mantra Magazine
On newsstands now! You can find it here

And Suzanne is a contributor in the new book  Wanderlust by Jeff Krasno.

Like the festivals, Wanderlust: A Modern Yogi's Guide to Discovering Your Best Self is a curation of ideas and practices from master yogis, provocative thinkers, mind-body experts, cutting-edge artists and innovative business leaders. Get your copy today! 

Suzanne's 2015 Calendar
events subject to change

May 28

Bhakti Benefit Kirtan

Illuminate Film Festival

Sedona, AZ


May 29

Voice of Change Workshop

San Clemente, CA


May 30-31

Yoga Works Teacher Training

Los Angeles, CA


June 11-14

Voice of Change and Closing Ceremony

Hanuman Festival

Boulder, CO


June 16-18

Globe Sound Healing Summer Intensive

San Francisco, CA


June 28-July 5

Reclaiming Intensive

Mendocino, CA



July 7, 9, 13, 15, & 17

Yoga, Purpose, & Action

July 20-24

OTM Intensive

Squaw Valley, CA


Aug 11-12

Globe Sound Healing Summer Intensive

San Francisco, CA


Aug 14-16

Moksha Yoga

Chicago, IL


Aug 24-28

OTM Intensive

Omega Institute

Rhinebeck, NY


Sept 3-6

Forever Now Festival

Berlin, Germany

Sept 21-25

OTM Intensive

Los Angeles, CA

Oct 1-2

OTM Event

Estes Park, CO

Oct 24-25

Yoga Works Teacher Training

New York, NY

Nov 7-8

Yoga Works Teacher Training

Orange County, CA

Nov 21-22

Yoga Works Teacher Training

Los Angeles, CA

Dec 3-4

OTM Advanced Leadership Training

Ojai, CA

Dec 5-6

Yoga Works Teacher Training

La Jolla, CA

Dec 11-13

Voice of Change Weekend

Esalen Institute

Big Sur, CA

Dec 19-20

Yoga Works Teacher Training

Los Angeles, CA