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#1 Most Commonly Asked Question....


Do I need Coaching or Therapy?

by Linda Richmand, CPC, PCC




The short answer is coaches see clients and therapists see patients.  


If you are looking to make changes in your life or are feeling stuck in your career or business, you probably have wondered where to go for help.  The answer depends on what is stopping you.  If you have depression or another serious psychological condition, then only a qualified healthcare professional can diagnose and treat what ails you.  For all other causes of immobility, a coach may be a better fit.


When making this choice, it may be helpful to consider the following:


Practical Experience: Most therapists have never worked in a corporate setting, owned their own business or tried their hand at sales.  A practical, real-life understanding of the workplace is essential when helping someone to move ahead in today's competitive work environment.  


Technology and Skill Development:  Hire the right coach and you can learn valuable social media tools (for personal and business use), networking skills, and interview techniques to help you move ahead.  It is not a therapists responsibility to know about the hidden job market on Linked-in or how to use social media to improve networking.


Communication Skills: Often the best way to combat an obstacle involves fine tuning or advancing interpersonal communication skills.  This is not a mental health issue.


Problem Solving:  Both a therapist and a coach will brainstorm with you and help you choose viable solutions.  A qualified coach will get down to the "nitty gritty" of how to implement that solution down to the smallest detail.


Planning: Together, coach and client determine when, where and how client goals will become a reality. We even plan ahead for what may get in the way, so you are ready to overcome obstacles (including those that are self-imposed).


Teamwork: Your coach is a member of Team You.  Your therapist probably won't invite you to email between sessions if anything gets in your way or to share a success story. YOUR COACH WILL!!  

Personal Note and Bottom Line: Coaching or therapy is a false choice because these professions address different problems.  I am pro-therapy. Therapists help people through serious emotional pain, psychological issues and difficult times in their lives.  Many of my clients also see therapists and tell me there is very little, if any, overlap.


It would be my pleasure to answer any questions you may have.  Please feel free to call me at 914-330-9103.



Linda S. Richmand, CPC, PCC

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