Welcome to Libra season! As the Libra sun set for the first time at 9:55 ET on September 22, the fiery Aries moon rises in the east tonight. Whatever your sign is, you'll know that you're feeling the effects of tonight's full moon if you've been feeling emotionally sensitive, anxious, and just a bit – well, impulsive.

There's good news: Aries energy has a tendency to bring up all of our childhood wounds, and the the light of the Harvest Moon allows you to see the past clearly, stop running from old fears, and give honor and voice to things you are ready to embrace.
Harvest Moon in Aries tonight: September 24 at 10:53 ET
If you've been experiencing a lot of drama lately, this September moon is asking you to clean the skeletons out of the closet and look within. Keep in mind that you can work with the energy of the Libra sun to balance out the Aries fire.

Whatever you've been wanting to bring forth into the world, now is the time to honor your creative process and begin to make positive changes. In upcoming weeks, look more deeply for the messages that have been waiting to be revealed, and pay close attention to that "still, small voice within." The truth is there.
Recommended rituals
If you're in the northern hemisphere, create an altar to welcome the Fall Equinox and the Harvest Moon. Gather objects around you that remind you of the harvest, light a candle, and reflect on the seeds you planted in the spring. What are you harvesting right now? What did you bring to light? Give gratitude for the things that have flourished.

"Let's go dancing in the light / We know where the music's playing / Let's go out and feel the night." – Neil Young, Harvest Moon
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“Your intuition will guide you.
Your part is to do what it suggests. It may bring some changes to your life, but you will feel fully alive.”
– Echo Bodine
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