June 2019
Time and again we go out into the sun blissfully unaware that we are getting burned. All it takes is one sunburn to remind us how important it is to be protected. The same is true for your loan portfolios and how documents are recorded. Get burned by one bad loan and the heat can consume all available resources and then some for quite some time. I feel the need for a beach vacation right about now just thinking about it!

The need to protect our clients was the driving force behind the customization of the  system we use which accounts for the varied and frequent changes in recording requirements.

Since our inception in 1994, tens of millions of legally compliant lien releases,  assignments and other documents have been filed on behalf of our clients. Our team of experts can work with you and your team to create, execute, record and track documents from beginning to end.

With sophisticated technology, the most comprehensive databases in the industry, and a nationwide network of field abstractors, our services can help reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The experts at Richmond Monroe work diligently to maintain recording requirements across the nation for complete and accurate filings.

You will be assigned a team of dedicated staff with years of knowledge and expertise to deliver excellent service and ensure you get results.

It is that simple! Check out our entire suite of services available to you to provide the "burn protection" you need, leaving you "made in the shade!" throughout the life of your project.  Contact us today to set up a free consultation. We will introduce you to our document service options and show you how our customized bundled solutions can improve your bottom line and reduce your compliance risk. 

Not so fast! We have a few updates for you. Our eRecording network now covers more than 1,900 counties across the nation. We're constantly adding more counties to our list. These are the latest counties now e-recording with RMG: 

The latest eRecording counties:

Alabama - Colbert County
Arkansas - Arkansas County (Dewitt)
Arkansas - Arkansas County (Stuttgart)
Alabama - Morgan County
Arkansas - Sevier County
Connecticut - City of West Haven
Georgia - DeKalb County
Georgia - Screven County
Idaho - Shoshone County
Maine - Oxford (Western District) County
Maryland - St. Mary's County
Michigan - Tuscola County
Nebraska - Kimball County
Nebraska - Wheeler County
North Dakota - Barnes County
Tennessee - Knox County
Virginia - Winchester City

List Of Services

Document Preparation
Lien Releases
Endorsements and More!

Document Retrieval
Lien Position Search
Title Policy Retrieval
Nationwide Services

Document Recording
eRecording Services
Corrective Recording Services
Nationwide Recording

Document Tracking
Recorded Documents
Post Closing Documents
Foreclosure Documents

Collateral File Review
Pre-Purchase Due Diligence
Assignment Chain Audit
Exception Reporting

Lender Tracing Services
Investigative Signer Search
Document Tracking
Exception Reporting

Imaging Services
Imaging and Indexing
Secure Digital Storage
24/7 Website Access

Vault Services
Secure Record Storage
Check In/Out Access
Offsite Vault Storage

Including Commercial Services

Financial Statement 

Commercial Insurance Policy

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