Vol. 4 Issue 4, April 23, 2020
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Last Chance For Hamilton-Employers to Share Their Experiences from COVID-19
Your business experiences are the most valuable information to understand local impacts
Workforce Planning Hamilto and our partners have been monitoring the impact of COVID-19 on the labour market in Hamilton and more widely.

This survey is intended for Hamilton-based employers to share their experiences during these challenging times.

The survey's focus aims to understand:
  • issues your business is currently facing
  • anticipated effects the pandemic will have on your business
  • local level of awareness regarding municipal programs/initiatives
  • how to utilize local feedback to implement strategic actions to assist business immediately and in the future

If you are a local business owner this is your chance to voice the impacts you are experiencing. We need personalized feedback to better understand how to navigate strategic actions to best suit the local community. The survey is 17 questions and takes about 12 minutes to complete.
EmployerOne Survey 2020 Results
Every year WPH surveys local businesses to get a snapshot of Hamilton's labour market. The data was collected in January 2020, and over 250 employers shared their experiences with recruitment, retention, challenges, and plans for future hiring.

The survey reflects the labour market situation pre-pandemic. It is our intent to check in with employers once again in January 2021 and we will be comparing this year’s and last year’s results to understand where we are in the recovery. This report will provide valuable baseline data.  

Thank you to all the employers who participated, year after year, or for the first time!

The entire survey results are available on our website. There is both an English and French version.

Please stay tuned for updated information regarding Hamilton's labour market information in the coming weeks with new survey information.

What's Happening In The Labour Market?
Occupational Information- Ontario

The information below is based on the data for Ontario from the Labour Force Survey. Hamilton’s profile closely aligns with the province as whole and trends at the provincial level apply in Hamilton .

Skill Level

The occupations most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic appear to be lower skilled occupations. The chart below shows the percentage change of occupations by skill level from February to March 2020. The largest declines across Ontario have been the skill level C and D occupations. These are occupations that typically require high school education and/or on-the-job training.
Occupations Most Impacted

Below is the list of the top 10 occupations (2-digit NOC) that currently are most negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing lock-downs, layoffs, and closures. The list below are the occupations that saw the largest declines in terms of total employment.

Top 10 Employment Declines by Occupations (2-digit NOC), Ontario (Thousands)*
Occupations Increasing

Despite lockdowns, closures, and layoffs, there have also been some occupations that have seen slight increases in employment over this time. The greatest increase has been in occupations in front-line public protection services for example, fire, police, and Canadian Forces members.
Source for all 3 charts: Labour Force Survey

*Note: These charts were created using Ontario labour force figures. They are unadjusted for seasonality. The trends are still relevant for Hamilton’s labour market as the occupational make-up is very similar between the province as a whole and Hamilton.
Half of Canada's Workers Have Seen Employment Status Change from COVID-19
85% of Canadian's surveyed disclosed they are worried about the future.
Getting 85 per cent of Canadians to agree on anything is “extremely rare,” said Dr. Lorne Bozinoff, president of Forum Research, but such a consensus seems understandable given the plunge in employment and economic activity due to the pandemic.

Hamilton Labour Force Information:
March 2020

The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the City of Hamilton, Hamilton Economic Development, and the Flamborough and Stoney Creek Chambers of Commerce, are closely monitoring and assessing new developments pertaining to COVID-19, as well as its impacts on Hamilton business.

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