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Welcome to our May - June 2019 newsletter.
There are two big pieces of news to read about this month:

* Our Self-care for Your Back Program with Deborah Bowes and Cliff Smyth begins Saturday May 11 and continues with four Thursday evening classes.
* We are excited to be presenting in the online Feldenkrais Summit, which begins in 3 days on May 1. There will be daily Awareness Through Movement lessons, presentations, and panel discussions with over 35 presenters.
Self-care for Your Back Program
with Deborah Bowes DPT and Cliff Smyth PhD
We have a few spaces in this unique program. This program is based on what we teach our clients with back pain, and what we have learned in managing our own back issues. It includes Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons, an individual movement coaching session, and discussions about pain science and how to use the science to manage your pain. It is the Feldenkrais program recommended in the informative book, Crooked: Outwitting the Back Pain Industry and Getting on the Road to Recovery by Catherine Jacobson Ramin. The Awareness Through Movement lessons take you through a process of developing the skills and home practices that have helped many of our clients to reduce and manage their pain - and is a tool kit of movements you can do when pain flares up. It is a program that you can continue to do to have less pain and greater function.  
This program will be good for someone who has back pain from causes such as spinal disc bulges, or regular bouts of back pain, or who has been told they need to strengthen their 'core' or do spinal stabilization. 
We know it may be hard to get to five classes over 4 weeks. So for your learning and continuity during and after the course, we will record all the lessons and send you mp4 recordings that you can use later for your own health and well-being.

Scroll down for more information about the content of this program, or register now, or contact us if you have any questions about whether this is for you.
Exciting News! Feldenkrais Awareness Summit 2019
The 2019 Feldenkrais Awareness Summit is coming, and Cliff will be presenting about Feldenkrais and Research. Deborah will be on two panels discussing other presentations and answering questions from the people watching online. She will discuss Neurological Challenges and going Beyond Diagnosis.
The Feldenkrais Summit is an online program starting May 1 and ending May 10. Last year, it reached 7,000 people in 60 different countries. Thematic tracks include: Nervous System Health, Creativity, Somatics at Large, Neurological Challenges, Deeper Feldenkrais Teachings, Structure and Tensegrity, Active lifestyle, Research, and Beyond Diagnosis.
You can tune in on May 5 at 5 am to hear Cliff talk about 'Research: What we know so far'. That's pretty early, so don't worry, the recording is available for 48 hours for free. If you upgrade your registration with the Summit, you will always have access. Deborah is on the Neurological Challenges panel May 5 at 10:15 am, and then on May 10at 10:15 am Deborah will also be a panelist in the Beyond Diagnosis track. If you are  tuning in 'live', you can type your question into the chat box!
Not only does the Feldenkrais Awareness Summit include incredibly diverse topics, it is free for the first 48 hours after each talk.
Click on this link and read all the details about the Summit.
Feldenkrais Summit 2019 Logo 
While the Summit is free, there will be an option to upgrade for an All Access Pass, which gives you ongoing access to all 55 presentations  and you can learn more about the ideas, applications and directions of the Feldenkrais Method. We want to be transparent: if you do upgrade at some point, we may receive compensation for that upgrade.
Cynthia Allen is the creative force behind the Feldenkrais Summit. A Feldenkrais Practitioner, she has gathered more than 35 speakers, panelists and teachers who will explain how awareness, curiosity, self-respect, novelty and exploration in movement can help you create a more accurate and dynamic 'map' for oneself. Learn from these experts at the online Feldenkrais Awareness Summit, and start arriving where you intended in the first place.
The goal for the Summit this year is to have 10,000+ people learn more about Feldenkrais and participate. Will you be one of them?
Look out for our next Newsletter which will have details of our Fall workshops. Please do get in touch if you have any questions, we always appreciate hearing from you.

See you at the Center (or online at the Summit), Deborah and Cliff
for the team at FCMA

Weekly Classes
Awareness Through Movement ® 
Classes  at the Feldenkrais Center 
98 Chenery Street, corner of Randall   
Classes are drop in, one hour and cost $20.
Your 11th class is free. 
5:00 pm
with Cliff Smyth 
General class for new and continuing students.

12:00 Noon
with Cliff Smyth 
For people with physical challenges and anyone who wants to explore the basics. 
10:00 am
with Deborah Bowes 
Class for experienced students

11:00 am
with Kwan Wong
General class for new and continuing students.
Awareness Through Movement  Classes at the 
Community Center
3200 California St, at Presidio 
Mondays and Wednesdays 1:00 pm
Contact JCC at 415.292.1299 X 1148
for more details.  
Feldenkrais Classes
for Kaiser Permanente members
The Kaiser Health Education Department sponsors Awareness Through Movement classes for its members at a reduced rate.

Pre-enrollment and pre-payment are required. Sign ups can only be done through Kaiser Health Education at
or 415-833-3450.   
Dates for 2019

At the Feldenkrais Center
 Mondays, 6:30 - 7:30pm, with Abby Miller
* Jun 17-Jul 22 
* Sept 9 - Oct 14 
* Oct 21-Dec 2
(no 11/11)

At Kaiser French and Mission Bay Campuses
with Marcia Scott

Mission Bay Campus Wednesdays 6:00 - 7:00pm
* June 5-July 10

French Campus
Mondays 6:30 - 7:30pm
* Sept 23 - Oct 28
* Nov 11 - Dec 16

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Self-Care for Your Back Program 
Deborah Bowes, DPT and Cliff Smyth, PhD 
Introductory Workshop  
May 11, 2019  
12:30 - 4:30 pm  
4 Classes  
May 16 to June 6  
6:30 to 8:15 pm  
Individual movement coaching session  
Cost: $295
This is a comprehensive program for anyone with back injuries or pain.
This is the workshop taken by Cathryn Jacobson Ramin and praised in her book: Crooked: Outwitting the back pain industry and getting on the road to recovery.  
Research shows that even minor back injuries can have a long term effect on the working of the deep muscles of the spine. As a result, one loses the stability and protection that these muscles provide to the spinal joints.  You can wake these muscles up and strengthen them for comfortable and safer movement. This program utilizes the power for improvement from the Feldenkrais Method and draws on research into dynamic stabilization of the spine.
Included are Awareness Through Movement lessons to promote dynamic stability of the spine, not rigidity. The emphasis is the feeling of lengthening the spine and widening in the back and uses breathing and skillful whole body movements.  
You will learn exercises that you can continue to use on your own. We will also discuss the anatomy of the spine, mechanisms of back injuries, as well as current ideas about persistent pain.
This workshop is also suitable for people with buttock, leg, or foot pain or numbness coming from back conditions. 
This is an integrated, evidence based program that includes a half-day workshop, followed by 4 weekly classes and an 30 minute individual session. They can't be done separately. The individual session will be tailored to your needs to help you get the maximum benefit from the program.
Note: Deborah and Cliff will teach the May 11 workshop and Cliff will teach the 4 weekly classes.   
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