Guilt-free Vacation Planning for Caregivers
by Carol Nelson, RN, BSN, MBA

If there’s ever been a time when family caregivers really deserve a break, it’s probably now. Caregivers finally have the opportunity to escape locked-down home life for a well-deserved vacation.
If only it were that simple.

It can seem unrealistic or impossible for primary caregivers to plan for time off when faced with all their responsibilities.

Those are understandable concerns, but It’s important to be able to rest and recharge, avoiding the threat of burnout and stress-related health problems.

A few suggestions:

Plan Ahead
Start making plans well in advance, even if you’re just thinking of a long weekend away. Compile a list of the kinds of assistance your loved ones require while you’re absent.

If your loved ones are reasonably independent and don’t need constant care, it might be sufficient to recruit a (fully vaccinated) family member or close friend to stop by occasionally to check on them.

If your loved ones can’t be left alone overnight, recruit two or three vaccinated individuals to take turns caring for them at night. Another option would be to hire in-home care while you’re gone.

Paid caregivers from certified companies can assist with bathing, dressing, meal preparation, light housekeeping and transportation.