FEATURE ARTICLE Yes, You Can Die Of A Broken Heart. Here’s How...

The term “dying of a broken heart” is all too familiar to us at Always Their Home Care. For years, our caregivers have been declaring that when a man dies and his long-term spouse dies shortly thereafter, she has died of a broken heart.

I never believed it, yet another caregiver myth. But this our saddest year, we saw more clients die than in all our previous 13 years. Combined.  And no, none died of Covid.

There were similarities in those who die shortly after a spouse. They were happily married, had a rich and full life. The surviving spouse was involved in the care of the deceased. The death of the second spouse did not always occur instantly, but followed within a few weeks or months.

“They couldn’t live without each other” I heard over and over.

Then an amazing pair, my uncle and aunt, married 72 years, Joe and Mary Dot Klock.. beautiful, successful people, a large close, loving family. Joe, the patriarch died in August. His lovely wife, my mother’s best friend, my second mother after mine died, followed him in death in December. (See their photos in our "A Love Story for the Ages," article below.)