The Sportsman's Voice vol. 54
Parker County Sportsman Club
President's Welcome

Memorial Day, a day to devote to those citizen soldiers that gave their lives for the freedoms and quality of life we've long taken for granted in our beautiful America, is here again. Our club's location puts you driving right by a monument honoring soldiers who gave their lives...going back to the Civil War. There was a church there that is no longer, but the monument still stands. You might visit there this day or the next time you are heading to the club.

With the current Texas Legislature providing for Texas citizen carry pistol, and Governor Abbot expected to sign into law, we find our own Ron Woods is halting LTC training at our club. Many thanks to Ron for providing us a LTC class for the many years.

Ray, Daniel, Ruben and Chuck are getting QR codes for key points at the club. Look for codes to rulebook, shotgun equipment operation videos and the like will be at various spots soon.

The Parker County Sportsman Swap - ONLINE Swap Meet - board authorized in April - is being utilized to great degree. Simple, the link and join MeWe and the PCSS group.

The Swap Meet June 12 will likely be PACKED...get your $10 tables reserved by emailing via this LINK: RESERVE YOUR TABLE

Open to set up tables at 7:00AM. Swap Meet from 8:30am - 3.00pm
Pistol match will happen same day.
It's gonna be a busy and fun day at our club !

Thanks for your attention to the club news and thanks for allowing us to serve.
Keith Eberly

PS: remember to reserve tables via the email link CLICK HERE
Meeting Notes - Secretary Daniel Barnes
May Board Meeting highlights . . .

Larry Baber presented the newly printed Z-fold Club flyer at this month’s meeting for inspection, and all agreed his new design is a hit! We will use these at the Ft. Worth Gun Show Table as handouts to continue to increase Club visibility to the shooting public, and copies are now available in the sign-in shack and in the Clubhouse for members to distribute to friends and prospects. Pick up a handful when visiting the ranges and check them out.

Michael noted that the property insurance for the Club is up for renewal in November and recommended we prepare an inventory of all the property, plant, and equipment that is Club-owned to ensure we have appropriate coverage in case of any loss. Larry, Michael, and Daniel volunteered to serve on the insurance committee to arrange a workday in June/July for members to identify and record pertinent information so proper coverage can be negotiated. Please contact any Board member if you will help, especially if you have any experience with appraisal or valuation services.

We had 34 shooters participate in the May 22 skeet match, and some very high scores were recorded while members had a “bang up” time! Director James Taylor turned in the high score of 49, one short of perfection. Way to go, JT! Continuing with the effort to include more shotgun activities, Ruben has a Trap Match planned for June 26, and the flyer in this month’s newsletter has all the details.

One last reminder that the Swap Meet for this month is June 12, so come out to the Club to buy, sell, or trade some of your good stuff for fun and profit. As always, stay safe . . .


Daniel Barnes, Club Secretary
Club Map click it to get a PDF for printing...
2021 Officers and Directors

President Keith Eberly
Vice-Pres Ryan Donnell
Secretary Daniel Barnes
Treasurer Michael Hogue

Directors are: Larry Baber, Richard Cookus, Chase Gardner, Ray Golden, Jr., Jon Kitts, Phillip Mason, Ruben Sandoval and James Taylor.

Alternates are Pete Rugur, Brent McCallum and A.J. Thomas

Service Rifle: Frank Bliss
Pistol: Jon Kitts Jim Groce
Shotgun: Ruben Sandoval
James Taylor
Maintenance: Jon Kitts
Thanks to Ray Golden for recommending QR codes...You will see them more and more.

Rule Book QR >>>>

Lately, I have had the pleasure of shooting on range B and C and have to say the Yellow and Red Flag system works fine for me.
Seems like it is second nature to move the flags when going hot to cold and back...better than the one flag. There is always a flag in place...helps remind one to change it as conditions dictate. I like it.

Chuck Garrett
Rifle Match 2021
Here is what we are planning for 2021 - Third Saturday

September : Rattle Battle Match
October : CMP Match
November : Team Sniper Match
Shotgun Trap Shoot ! 26th
Heads up... Pull !
"Trap Shoot the 26th of June !
Pistol Match 2021
Here is the list of Pistol Matches 2021 - Second Saturday

June 12 - 8:00 AM

Jon Kitts will be out of pocket this next match but never fear, Jim is here. Yes, let's welcome our own Jim Groce to the helm at this upcoming match. He has covered the matches photographically and enjoys participating.

He says,
"we'll be doing like we normally do:

a. 8:00 a.m. course set up on Range A
b. 9:00 a.m. briefing
c. match
d. post match after action review "

The match to follow this June 12 match is Sept 18 as we are skipping July and August due to heat.
Rifle Match - James Groce
James has covered the rifle match very well and you can see the results here .
Gun Show - Swap Meet - PCSS
June 12 don't miss it !
Reserve tables by email please... to:
or call 817 271 0467 if need be

Parker County Sportsman Swap
hosted on the social media platform "MeWe".
It is taking off...108 members now.

The next PCSC swap meet
June 12 at our club !

Hey, try the MeWe app and plan your swap to occure at the June 12 meet !
The app has a private messages chat to finalize your deals...
May Pistol Match was a HOOT
err...a SHOOT !
See the match thanks to James Groce HERE !
Parting Shots
We Need Your Help
Orientation: a most important function of the club. It takes a dedicated crew to handle the mechanics of the class. We have that crew but we need one more. The concept is to have two crews that cover for each other, likely alternating as a group or individuals covering for one another. The club has provided much to you over the years as a member. The more experienced of you...are in a unique position to serve in this capacity. Please contact us...let's get you involved in a great group of like mined members that do something great for the club. Select the link below to open an email to:

PS: You know we publish the newsletter free of advertising...because we can and we don't like the world full of ads every time we turn around...but...
Please let me mention a little Gun Store in White Settlement, Texas that you might enjoy a visit. Chip and Brent are there full service and gunsmith on duty ! 817 980 3006