September 2023

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The Sportsman Voice vol. 81

President's Welcome

Hello Chuck,

Happy Labor Day and Opening of Dove Season !

Don't forget to by your hunting license, either !

Please recall there is no orientation in the month of September, that is tomorrow Sept 2, the first Saturday of September. We take a break for the one month between current year and the renewal for the upcoming year.

Also, election is coming up in October and we are planning some special door prices for the event.

This month, September 21st meeting, we have nominations from the floor for Officers and 4 directors.

Thanks for the input and understanding from the message from last month. Yes, safety and good manners on the range go together.

The .22 dualing tree replacement is ordered !


Ryan Donnell

PCSC President

Meeting Notes

August Board Meeting Highlights

Michael presented a two-week notice of resignation by Avery and Cody Seeton from their range-cleaning position. After 14 years of service to the Club, they are moving on to other pursuits in their lives. Avery is transferring to college full-time in Stephenville, and Cody now has a full-time job. They have been much appreciated for their dedication in maintaining the cleanliness of the Club, and they will be missed. There was some discussion about how to go about finding a replacement, and Dee Greene said he would check to see if any of the 4-H or FFA kids would be interested. If any member has suggestions about filling this position, please send them to the Board for consideration.

In other news, current membership stands at 1,381 members, and there will be no September Orientation. A lot of work has been done to get ready for Renewals which start in October, and there are still some things in process. Look for more details in next month’s newsletter. The ballot for the Board election will be finalized at the September meeting after nominations from the membership are added to the Nominating Committee candidates discussed in a separate article. The 4-H Bustin’ Pumpkins clay shoot is scheduled for October 21, and flyers will be available for members to pass around soon. Good news for Range G fans: an effort is underway to replace the .22 dueling tree with a commercial design that should stand up better to constant impacts . . . we’ll see. The bathrooms are scheduled for some attention, including painting and plumbing repair, and I’m sure Byron Miller would welcome any member who would like to help. JT has replaced the hay bales on the Archery Range, so feel free to unlimber your bows and get in some practice for Archery season.

Finally, a reminder for the PCSC Swap Meet on September 9, 8 am to 1 pm, in the Event Center. Guns, ammo, and hunting gear for sale or trade, just in time for the hunting seasons about to begin. Don’t miss it!

Stay safe,


Safety New Fire Fighting Tools & Tech

Please Help Maintenance Issue

Please help by keeping shots on the poly board and not hitting the wooden frames. The expense for material and labor is getting out of hand. We are doing all we can to keep membership dues low and if we cannot shoot better then the dues for membership are going up. We have raised the new member fee already and again, if we can't shoot better then the yearly dues will go up. See photos.




It is time to ramp up the campaigning season for the annual Board election. As a self-governing organization, you, the Members, elect two-thirds of the governing body of PCSC each year. The Bylaws require submission of candidates to the Board by the Nominating Committee at the August meeting. The Nominating Committee submitted the following candidates:


President: Keith Eberly

Vice President: Ryan Donnell

Secretary: Daniel Barnes

Treasurer: Michael Hogue

Director: Jim Groce

Director: Jon Kitts

Director: Dixon McKenzie

Director: Ruben Sandoval

Director: James Taylor

Any member who wishes to run for any of these positions, or who would like to nominate other members, should attend the September 21 meeting to add to the ballot when the floor is opened for additional nominees (nominees may run for an officer OR director position). The Club will then approve the ballot subject to no future additions, by a majority vote of the members present at the September meeting. The vote on the approved ballot will be at the October 19 membership meeting and will constitute the Election of the Officers and Directors. Take advantage of your right to nominate and vote by planning to attend those upcoming meetings. See you there!

Club Calendar

(click calendar below to access calendar PDF file)

PCSC Swap Meet

Sept 9th next meet

2023 Swap Meet Dates

Some of the dates for 2023 are set as of press time:

8:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Sept 9, 2023

Nov 18, 2023

Reservation of $10 Tables:

Phone 817 247 8072

Next PCSC Swap Meet is

September 9, 2023

Call or write for table reservation. Thanks !

Gun show volunteers

 I want to say thank you to the volunteers for the last weekends show. Great turn out. We made several promising contacts. Thanks again guys.

Bill Mims

Carl Fox

Jon Kits

Phil Mason

Richard Cookus

Dwayne Mann

Keith Eberly

Swap Meet Information

Just wanted to give a shout out to our volunteers who helped at the Ft. Worth Gun Show this past weekend, June 24 and 25. We had a relatively new crew that did an excellent job representing our club. Thanks to Bill Mims, Fred Grimes, Jim Ball and Chuck Garrett for Saturday. Thanks to Jonathan Hardman and Jon Kitts for Sunday.

Keith Eberly


Original Ft. Worth Gun Show dates for 2023:


April 29 & 30, Completed with Jim Ball, Ed Harrelson, Fred Grimes, Chuck Garrett and Keith Eberly representing the club.

May 20 & 21, with Ryan and his wife, Amelia and also, Keith and Chuck.

June 24 & 25, with Bill Mims, Fred Grimes, Jim Ball, Jonathan Hardman, Jon Kitts, Keith and Chuck

August 26 & 27, Bill Mims Carl Fox Jon Kits Phil Mason Richard Cookus Dwayne Mann

October 7 & 8, 2023 Next, need volunteers to represent club at our table

October 28 & 29, 2023

December 30 & 31, 2023

If you would like to help host our table at the Ft. Worth Gun Show. You can also contact us at or call 817 271 0467.

Keith Eberly is prime mover in this activity so contact him also if you like.

It is a fun time - it is amazing how fast the time flies when you are there.

Swap Meet News

Please Join: Link to Parker County Sportsman Swap on MEWE.

Please See this adjunct of our Swap Meet and note this month we have two members offering to do FFL transfers for special pricing, James Nance and Evan Rowe. James provides the gun for our Swap Meet raffle. And, know that we have a member there who has a LOT of primers and powder. Fred Muller is at our Swap Meet regularly and next month in Azle July 23/24 and can help you other times by contacting him via the MeWe group. You can post your items for sale or swap there of course.

Pistol Match

Hi all,

Jim Groce here with info about the pistol match coming up on Saturday, September 9, 2023.

Due to this continuing brutal heat, let's do the stage setup at 7:00 a.m. on Range A and do a quick stage review right there. I will have just returned home from a little trip the day before the match, so I'm keeping the target setup very simple.

In June we had the maiden voyage for the Moving Target System (MTS) Version 1. It was OK-ish. It was a bit fun. But it was a bit slow with only about 4 feet per second (fps) for its movement. For the Tueller Drill (knife assailant at 21 feet away, draw, put two on target in 1.5 seconds, Sgt Tueller Explains) that I would like us to do, we need 14 fps. Well, haven't accomplished that quite yet, but the new RF controlled MTS Version 2 (MTS Ver 2) will provide 7.3 fps. And, looking to incorporate this RF controlled moving actuator (RF Actuator) into October's match, which will also have some PCC action.

Here are the stage layouts, attached. Print out a copy if you want your own hardcopy.

I'll see you in September!

Oh, one last thing - like last time - please don't shoot my moving target system!


P.S. Could I get a volunteer to bring a cake or donuts or something for post match going away party for one of our shooters? I'm sure everyone will kick in to cover the cost.

Centerfire Rifle Match

The rifle matches are held on the third Saturday of the month, except for January, July, August and December. Click on the link below to get the service rifle match schedule in PDF format.


Centerfire Rifle Match Ne

22 Rifle Match

22 Rifle Match is on the 4th Saturday.

Range B is CLOSED Saturday MORNING on 4th Saturday

Match is from 8:00 am until 12:30 PM

               Course of fire etc.

This will be a fun 22 LR match that follows no particular discipline

1. Sign in at 8 am setup and match starts at 8:30. $ 10.00 entry fee per gun and $10.00 per class.

2. Range B will be closed for the match from 8 am to 12:30 pm for the competition members only

3. This is open to members and guests only. Minimum age is 12 yrs. Anyone under age 18 must have close adult supervision at all times

4. Ammo is 22 LR only. Rifles only, no pistols. Can shoot prone or bench. Front rest (bipod) and rear bag. No one piece rests or “sleds”.

5. There will be an open iron sight and optics class.

6. Target distances will be mainly at 50 and 100 yards with tie breaker at 128 yards.

7. There will be 2 sizes of paper targets furnished. Tie breaker will be more difficult if needed.

8. total round count 54

9. Bring spotting or rifle scope to see your bullet holes , safety glasses and hearing protection.

10.Would be need to know ballistic “dope” on your rifle and ammo used for 50, 100, & 128 yds. Recommend that you practice. 11. Target’s may change at different match’s

50 yards

1st stage 10 minutes to load and setup

10 shots to sight in 5 minute limit

2nd stage

2 warm up shots

10 scoring shots

12 total 5 minute limit

22 shots total

100 yards

1st stage 10 minutes to move target to 100 yards

10 shots to sight in 5 min

2nd stage

2 warm up shots

10 scoring shots

12 total 5 minute limit

22 shots total

128 yard tie breaker

3 1/2" X 2" disk

possible 10 shots

bring 54 rounds


Youth Activities

Letters to the Editor

Thanks to those of you that wrote in supporting the president's message on safety and working together rather than taking the search for source of concern as accusations. Remember, we are all range officers in a way, helping to find areas of concern that may cause rounds to exit the property or other issues. Let's remember to work together on any issue and gentlemanly manners go far.


mbr 30

After reading this month's report I'm thinking that I should have reported this before now. On the morning of July 20th I went to Range G. On the Yellow .22 caliber dueling tree only the top two targets were on the tree. I noticed nothing else out of order. 

Doug Newell

Mbr 461

Before being told of PCSC, my wife and I were members of a range just a bit south and east of Ft Worth. First trip we noticed bullet holes in most of the roof support structure. left, right and overhead. It became progressively worse. One trip we found bullet holes in the thick steel shooting benches. This place had on-duty range officers and they had no idea when the discharges and damage had occurred. Last straw was on the live 100-yard range. We were on the rightmost side. I noticed a gentleman walking down range on the left side with a paper target in his hand. Range officer did not see him, so I called a cease fire and grabbed the officer. Didn't seem concerned at all. Cease fire remained in effect until Gomer returned to his bench. I'm supposing he thought was perfectly safe as there were seven generously sized benches between us. My wife and I decided right there this was not an appropriate range for us, so we packed up and went home, never returning.


I told the story at work and was turned on to PCSC by a friend who belongs. Despite the drive from the Mid Cities area we have been very pleased. With no speculation on my part about this incident, I think we should all remain diligent, safety minded and learn to both teach others where appropriate and to continue learning as well as maintaining the firearm proficiency we have. The level of safety at the club has been outstanding, reported incidents have been relatively few.


Thanks to everyone, let's keep what we have and improve....Gary and Peggy Gadd. 

Well written report regarding the Safety Incident Ryan and a great Newsletter overall!

Thank you to all you guys that dedicate your time, blood, sweat and tears supporting the Parker County Sportsman Club.


Bob – KG5SQJ

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