Deer Season Opens Nov 7 2020
The Sportsman Voice
November 2020

November brings cooler weather after a hot Summer, deer season and Thanksgiving !
Here is hoping you have a safe and rewarding hunt and a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Congratulations to those members elected to director positions for 2021. Thanks to all that were nominated, you will have important parts to play at PCSC both now and in the future.

Thanks also to all of you that attended election.

A reminder that this club is yours, we have a great facility to be used for all kinds of outdoor related functions. If you have an idea for seminar, demonstrations or class to benefit our membership and are willing to spend some time to make it happen contact us to get on the agenda for a board meeting on the third Thursday and talk to us.

We now have a 4H Clay Shoot, instead of Busting Pumpkins, it will be Reindeer Shoot in December. See sign up forms below...both pages required...

Keith Eberly
President 2020
Renewing PCSC membership has never been better...
We've gone ONLINE !

We will keep this article up for the renewal have until Jan 31 to SAVE MONEY by renewing ON TIME.
And, here is an easy online way to do it...

A link to the PCSC renewal website will start you off at an instructional page. When you start, the first page is general information such as name, address, member number and so on. You must fill out all required fields or you will not be permitted to go on to the second page.

The Hold Harmless Document will be next. It has a box at the bottom that must be checked or, like the first page, you cannot continue. The third step is a ten question, multiple choice, open book, rules quiz. Once you have answered all ten questions correctly, you will be directed to the payment page where you can use a credit or debit card. Select either $100.00 for standard membership, or $150.00 for membership with guest pass.

The new system has been working just fine...Ruben tells us they have processed 100 online renewals so far.

AND members that also have spouse membership...
must use the hard copy and US Mail to renew as before.

The Rule Book is on the Documents page - see link below...

Ryan Donnell

Dallas Arms Collector Assoc Show Oct 31, Nov 1

Calendar September 2020
click calendar to get a PDF you can print
It'll be here before you know it...pre-register please
Reindeer Shoot Dec 6
Hosted by PCSC and benefiting Parker County 4-H Shooting Sports
Meeting Notes and More

Let's begin with noting dates for:
November 2020

Oct 31 -Nov 1 Dallas Arms Colletors Gun Show
Nov 1 LTC Class at PCSC
Nov 7 Orientation
Nov 8 4H Activities
Nov 15 LTC Class
Nov 19 Board Meeting
Nov 21 Rifle Match / Night Shoot
Nov 22 4H Activities

Board Meeting News

Highlighting the October Board meeting was the election of Directors for the 2021–22 term of service. The results are reported elsewhere in this newsletter, and the Officers and Directors for 2021 are as follows:
President – Keith Eberly
Vice President – Ryan Donnell
Secretary – Daniel Barnes
Treasurer – Michael Hogue
Directors – Jon Kitts, Ruben Sandoval, James Taylor, Richard Cookus, Phillip Mason, Ray Golden, Jr., Larry Baber, and Chase Gardner.

Other business included Michael’s report that the property survey had been completed and the Bank loan for the baffle replacement is in the final stages of approval.
Jon reported that TRS Range Services has delayed the installation of new baffles on Ranges A & F to mid-November due to delays building the supporting structures. Perhaps the Club will enjoy all-new baffles as a Christmas gift! Ray Jr. announced that 10 range stools have been delivered and placed on the firing lines, with 10 more approved for procurement. Finally, the Board voted to approve a Diamond Sponsorship for the December 6 Reindeer Shoot hosted by the Club benefiting Parker County 4-H Shooting Sports. Individual members get a 10% discount, and the sponsorship includes entry for a team of 10 shooters. T-shirts and Lunch will be provided to all registered shooters along with drawings for guns and other special awards. See the Reindeer Shoot flyer in this newsletter for more information.
No pressure pistol matches...
free for members and their guests !
Pistol Match News
a picture thousand words...
a movie worth a million... attention kiddos...
you gonna wanna do this !

Attention all Pistolero's I will be out of town next month so we will not have a 🔫 match but I have been working on some new 🎯 so when we come back in November we should have some new exciting things to Shoot
Night Shoots Dates
10/24 11/21 12 /12 1/16 2/13 3/6
Pre Register with Richard or Phillip
Register at 5:30 night of events
Rifle Match News
RANGE ‘C’, 200 YDS                                                    
Election of Directors - Results !
Congratulations !

Pres: Keith Eberly
VPres: Ryan Donnell
Secretary: Dan Barnes
Treasurer: Michael Hogue

Officers are unopposed, will serve again for 2021

Directors for 2020- 2021

Richard Cookus
Jon Kitts
James Taylor
Ruben Sandoval
Larry Baber
Chase Gardner
Phillip Mason
Ray Golden Jr.

And these gentlemen will be on call for reserve should need arise:

Brent McCallum
Pete Rugur
A.J. Thomas

RON WOODS – TEXAS DPS Certified Instructor #90548

Ron Woods 817.991.8085

1st and 3rd SUNDAYS -
8 AM to 1PM 
ALL CLASSES are limited to 1-10 STUDENTS

Range F reserved LTC training 9 - 11am on dates...
Sportsmen out Sporting !
The hogs are a feeding...fattening up for Winter.
I was able to get some fine shoulders, hams and loins from a 150# hog last weekend. It had 1/2 to 1" of fat layered over the fine meat. As good a livestock as i have seen. Well, they are corn, acorn and root fed...While checking deep protein feeder i came in close proximity to a sounder of large hogs...Having just butchered one, found no need to take one of these...See video. At PK Hunting Co, we are gonna hog hunt on specific dates during deer season...inquire at

Chuck Garrett
Parker County Sportsman Club | P.O. Box 424, Weatherford, TX 76086
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