The Sportsman's Voice vol. 59
President's Welcome

November is much cooler for our Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun events. The Swap Meet on the 20th will be grand and we have administrative changes - I'd like to take this time to thank Mr. George Admire for taking the leadership reigns.
With that, our table reservation contact has changed to:
& phone 817 939 2341

Some good news about the Club's Night Shoot - This from Mr, Chip McLendon:
"Gotta say…. The night shoot was a hoot. Great experience and very well run plus very safe being in the dark. Little bit of learning curve understanding stages and safety protocols at forward firing line. RO and safety officer had patience of Job.
Kudos to organizers. Thanks for your time and efforts."

Thanks, Chip !

Remember range etiquette as we near deer season rifle sight in and good luck in the early season hunting to come !

All the best,

Keith Eberly
President 2021

Safety Briefing
We need your Help!
Most years the Club will have two safety violations. This year, the Club has had 12 Rule Violations in the first six months. Most involve tactical shooting, move and shoot, shooting in front of the bench on Ranges B & C, shooting steel plates on Range A, using homemade target holders that are made of steel on the bottom and are the wrong height for our ranges, and shooting 1½ hours before sunrise.

If any of our members see this type of behavior, please get all the information you can on the violators and send it to the Club; it will get to me. Your name will not be used. If you are uncomfortable personally correcting any violation, take a photo of their vehicle with the license plate visible. If you are one of the rule violators you need to go to another gun range. We are not a tactical range.
When we catch you, and we will, you will dismissed and banned from the Club.
Phillip Mason
Director & Chairman of the Safety Committee
Swap Meet November 20th 8:00am- 3:00pm
Many Thanks to Mr. George Admire for Management of our Swap meets going forward.
Reservation of Tables:
Phone 817 939 2341

Our MEWE online swap group is up and running as well.
you need a MEWE account of course, to participate.
Meeting Notes - Secretary Daniel Barnes
October Board Meeting Highlights . . .
The meeting was well attended, with 35 Members present for the meeting and Board Election.
Member Jim Adair announced a fundraiser for Springtown Community Fellowship’s Youth called “Aim For Restoration.” This is a sporting clays shoot tournament being held November 12, starting at 9am, at Fossil Pointe Sporting Grounds in Decatur, with proceeds going to a larger building for them to call home. See the flyer elsewhere in this newsletter or call (682) 229-5845 for more information on how to sign up to participate.

This is the time of year when the Board rewards members who have made outstanding contributions to the Club by awarding one-year free memberships, as called for in the Bylaws. Members selected this year include Frank Bliss, Ron Newton, Carl Fox, Joe Smith, and Jim Groce. Life member awards were voted for Charles Donnell and Chuck Garrett. We appreciate all you have done for your Club . . . Thanks!
Phillip Mason gave an alarming report from the Safety Committee detailing numerous rule violations that have been observed lately and asking all members to report when they see something. See Phillip’s article elsewhere in this newsletter.

Other Board business was suspended in favor of voting for 2022 Officers and Directors. Elected were as follows—President: Ryan Donnell, Vice President: Keith Eberly, Secretary: Daniel Barnes, and Treasurer: Michael Hogue. Your four new Directors include Jon Kitts, Byron Miller, Ruben Sandoval, and James Taylor. Incumbent directors include Ray Golden Jr., Phillip Mason, Chase Gardner and Larry Baber. Thanks to all members who came out and exercised their right to vote. Congratulations to all our new Board members!

Stay Safe,
November Rifle Match
…fine GENT and marksman, BRENT McCALLUM, has accepted the reins as our PCSC/ CMP COORDINATOR, reestablishing the PCSC as the premier REGIONAL CMP AFFILIATE CLUB in north Texas.
Please join us for theTeam Sniper Match on Saturday, Nov. 20th. 2021, 8:00 AM
November Pistol Match Information !
"This month we'll have a couple of a bit different stages for everyone. One will be tic-tac-toe with a bit of Vegas thrown in. Roll the Texas-size dice to see how many rounds you get to load into your magazines (hey, life isn't always fair!), then simply hit three in a row on the tic-tac-toe grid to score some easy points. Another will challenge you as a simulated car passenger to defend you and yours via your window (viewing port). Natually, we'll do a couple of the tried and true stages too to showcase those shooters possessing speed and accuracy. It'll be fun. See you at the normal time on Saturday, November 13, at the normal time. 8:00 a.m. setup, pre-match briefing right after that, then it's game on. See you then."


Jim Groce