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President's Welcome

We hope everyone is doing fine and finishing a great quarter.
This is just a reminder we have a work detail this Saturday at 8 am. Please feel free to come out and lend a hand. We will be refurbishing the target frame holders.

We had another winner at this months board meeting, Ruben Sandoval won a very nice igloo ice chest.

Safety: I would like to say a few words about safety and the people who help come up with the rules. I know there has been a lot of interest in tactical shooting and or move and shoot recently. At this time we feel we are not set up and do not have the space or area to accommodate this activity. That being said, our goal is to have a range just for this activity with its own set of rules and boundaries. Until this time we will follow our safety committees rules and recommendations. 
Our safety committee's dedication to keeping our range safe for newbies and old pros is an asset to our club and our longevity.

Please NOTE: After review of evidence on range B,
Can Cannons are now PROHIBITED... on any range at your club.

Thank You All

Keith Eberly
President PCSC 2021
Shotgun News
We had 42 shooters and collected about 890.00 for the club. Everyone had a good time. We had no issues with batteries or machines.
We would like to thank everyone that came out to support our club. The weather was great and everyone had a great time. We would also like to thank everyone that stayed and helped to clean things up and fill machines. Hopefully we will do this again soon. Here is a link to go to see your scores click on the name that you shot. Green dot was a Lazy River, Yellow dot was Twin Rivers, Red dot was Snake River.

Lazy River- Green
1st Kevin Garman       55
2nd Rusty Pattillo        45
3rd Richard Cookus    44

Twin Rivers- Yellow
1st Chuck Morris          83
2nd Ron Singletary   68
3rd 3 way tie
David Ettinger              65
kelly Singletary            65
Wanna Ekleberry     65

Snake River- Red
1st Jerry Miller       84
2nd 2 way tie
Lonnie Craig                83
Chase Gardner            83
3rd Logan Canavess   82

Meeting Notes - Daniel Barnes

We had 13 new members join at Orientation this month, bringing current membership to 1,027. The extended Renewal Period for existing members ended 3/15, but we still have a steady stream of new members using the online application process, so we are still growing!
Larry Baber reported good progress on the design and production of the Z-fold flyer advertising the Club’s amenities, with photos being gathered and printing arranged. Look for those soon in the sign-in shack and pass some around to friends and acquaintances who may need a place to shoot.
Saturday, March 27, is our scheduled Workday for the replacement of the RR ties on Range F, moving clays, and the installation of the wind sock for the helipad. We will start at 8:00 am, so come on out to the Club if your schedule permits. I’ll make the coffee!
Ruben Sandoval reported the Trap machine on Field 2 is currently non-operational, and the Board approved the purchase of a new machine to replace it. That means all our throwers will soon be modernized and ready for service, so pack your shotgun next time you head to the Club and give them a workout.
Phillip Mason stated the Safety Committee looked into the suggestion that members be allowed to fire “can cannons” on Range B. Observation of the activity showed diagonal trajectories of the cans across the range, which is against the rule requiring firing only in your shooting lane. Therefore, the committee recommended “can cannons” be prohibited on any range, and the Board concurred.
Don’t forget the upcoming Swap Meet on April 10 and . . . stay safe!

Thank you !

Daniel Barnes
2021 Officers and Directors

President Keith Eberly
Vice-Pres Ryan Donnell
Secretary Daniel Barnes
Treasurer Michael Hogue

Directors are: Larry Baber, Richard Cookus, Chase Gardner, Ray Golden, Jr., Jon Kitts, Phillip Mason, Ruben Sandoval and James Taylor.

Alternates are Pete Rugur, Brent McCallum and A.J. Thomas
NO CAN CANNONS are allowed due to evidence of diagonal shooting across the range.
Rifle Match 2021
Here is what we are planning for 2021 "Third Saturday"

April 17: Individual Sniper Match
May : Urban Rifle Match
June : 3 Position M1 Carbine w/side match, AR15
September : Rattle Battle Match
October : CMP Match
November : Team Sniper Match
Pistol Match 2021
Here is the list of Pistol Matches 2021 "Second Saturday"

April 10 - Cancelled move to May
May 8th - 8:00 AM
June 19
Sept 18
Nov 20

Parker County Sportsman Swap - PCSS

Some of you will recall the Yahoo Group that was our PCSC online swap venue. I understand the Yahoo Groups went belly up. So, with the demand increasing for a club sponsored online swap venue to compliment our PCSC Swap Meets, we have a test venue up and running for several weeks now on a trial basis. Several items have been listed and many have found new homes.

is hosted on social media, MeWe. It appears that to participate in this, one MUST have a MeWe account of which it is easy to do. The benefit claims by MeWe admin are privacy and firearms are allowed on the platform.
So, at this point, a motion is before the board to approve this new online swap on an authorized and continuing basis to replace the defunct Yahoo Group swap.
See at right a screen capture from MeWe phone app.
With the high cost of ammo and new rifles being purchased at record levels, I would like to share a method of sighting in and breaking in a new rifle that saves money and helps a rifle barrel hold its accuracy and cleanliness over the life of the barrel.
A caveat: this is not to replace your time honored and tested method that you like. It involves a couple of methods that work for me - that I have collected over the years - experienced at PCSC...from fellows much more knowledgeable than me. Also, I refer you to break in recommendations from the engineering department of a rifle manufacturer. Specifically, a barrel break in procedure that I live by now. It has proven to be so good that I now have rifles that tend to shoot different brand ammo that is the same power and velocity at near the same POI. These guns do not scatter group across time and barrel heating but hold a nice tight group, best for both hunting and target shooting. Here is the -
"For the first ten shots we recommend using jacketed bullets with a nitro powder load (Most Factory Ammo). Clean the oil out of the barrel before each shot using a simple window cleaner (like Windex®) which will soak the oil out of the pores. After firing each cartridge, use a good copper cleaner (one with ammonia) to remove the copper fouling from the barrel. We do not recommend anything with an abrasive in it since you are trying to seal the barrel, not keep it agitated. (I use Windex and a bore snake after cleaning copper with Sweet's 7.62 copper cleaner after EACH and EVERY shot for the first 10 rounds)
After cleaning with bore cleaner, clean again with window cleaner after each shot. Use window cleaner because many bore cleaners use a petroleum base which you want to remove before firing the next shot. This will keep the carbon from building up in the barrel (oil left in the pores, when burned, turns to carbon).
To keep the temperature cool in the barrel, wait at least 5 minutes between break-in shots. The barrel must remain cool during the break-in procedure. If the barrel is allowed to heat up during the break-in, it will destroy the steel's ability to develop a home registration point, or memory. It will tend to make the barrel "walk" when it heats up in the future. We have all seen barrels that, as they heat up, start to shoot high and then "walk" to the right. This was caused by improperly breaking in the barrel (generally by sitting at a bench rest and shooting 20 rounds in 5 minutes or so). If you take a little time in the beginning and do it right, you will be much more pleased with the barrel in the future.
Look into the end of the barrel after firing a shot, and you will see a light copper-colored wash in the barrel. Remove this before firing the next shot. Somewhere during the procedure, around shot 6 or 7, it will be obvious that the copper color is no longer appearing in the barrel. Continue the window cleaner and bore cleaner applications through shot 10.
Following the initial ten shots, you then may shoot 2 rounds, cleaning between each pair of shots, for the next 10 shots. This is simply ensuring that the burnishing process has been completed. In theory, you are closing the pores of the barrel metal that have been opened and exposed through the cutting and hand lapping procedures." - Howa Rifle Company

Now, for sighting in, do this break in shooting with a Caldwell Lead Sled or equivalent. This procedure is best shown and explained in person but let's give it a go...
So, the typical method is shoot and note the distance a three-shot group is from the bull's eye that your scope reticle was aligned to. Then noting this windage and elevation distance from bull's eye, we move the dials on the scope the necessary amount to move the gun point of impact to the bull's eye.
Good luck...typically we end up wasting near a half to full box of ammo going too far in adjustment or not enough and in the process heat a barrel and if it is a new rifle, we overheat the barrel and are frustrated that our new gun will not shoot worth a flip, now and forever. Many a gun is sold at gun shows because it doesn't shoot a decent group.
With the Lead Sled or equivalent .... we are not going to move the gun's point of impact but rather, move the scope crosshairs to the actual point of impact from the initial point of aim, namely the bulls eye.
Let that sink in a moment....
This can only be done because our Lead Sled will allow us to lock the gun down firmly aimed at the bullseye... while moving the scope adjusts.
In the next step, we are not going to count scope adjustment dial increments.
Now, with three shots having been shot at a target at 50 yards, using the Howa Break in procedure of shooting, cleaning, waiting, we lock our gun and scope cross hairs to align to the bull's eye and without moving the gun whatsoever, move the scope adjustments to bring the reticle to the center of our three-shot group. (You can note the starting position of the scope dials by taking a quick photo as a reference).
Does that sink in and make sense? We are simply moving our scope view / reticle to where the gun shoots. Simple as that.
Now with a new or pasted target, shoot one shot at the bull's eye.
I will use the word "should" now.... the bullet POI should be near bull's eye.
You may need to fine tune one more time or not, depending on a bit of luck you have in holding the gun steady while you move the scope adjustments.
I have sighted in older guns that are broken in with two rounds using this method many times for hunters. It is a way I am accustomed to and have saved many an expensive Barnes, Federal Fusion or other expensive hunting round allowing it to be used for hunting game instead of hunting an elusive bull's eye.
I hope this helps. All the best,
Chuck Garrett

April Match: Individual Sniper Match. Range C, 250yds, no sighters.
US and foreign military, vintage bolt, vintage semi auto, modern bolt, modern semi auto. Use B27 target.
Additional 2021 RIFLE GAMES will evolve as they are fine-tuned.
See below March Match TOP SHOTS !
Renewal Deadline Passed...
...even the extended deadline...
Renewal was so easy - online now - click button below. Even with that there is a limit.
Our generous renewal extension to March 15 has passed. Any "renewals" forward are New Members.

You can share this newsletter with prospective members as there is link to memberships at the top of newsletter...Thanks !
Lost and Found
Vortex binoculars from last month FOUND ! Thanks members !