The Sportsman's Voice vol. 61
Gate Locks changed Jan 1, 2022
President's Welcome

Happy New year wishes are behind us at press time for the newsletter. We now have schedules so we can go to press and inform you. See the news below and enjoy your club. Renew ASAP if you have not.

I'll remind you of the fishing contest see below.

Keith Eberly
President 2022

Winners to receive a free full ride membership for 2023. • Only 1 entry per category per membership and can be caught by anyone falling under the family membership criteria. Criteria • Texas fresh water, public or private (Texas waters to include all water of Texas border lakes), by any legal means. • Heaviest (certified scales not required, personal hand scales acceptable): 1) Large Mouth Bass 2) Catfish 3) Crappie 4) Any legal fish by bow Entry • Entries accepted Aug 1, 2022 until Sept board meeting, at which time winners will be decided. • Entry to include photo, primary member name, member number, and name of family member who caught if different; body of water caught in; and weight. • Entry can be snail mailed to club P.O. Box 424, Weatherford, TX 76086; hand delivered to club at August or September 2022 board meetings; or emailed to
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Swap Meet
Many Thanks to Mr. George Admire for Management of our Swap meets.
Reservation of Tables:
Phone 817 939 2341

2022 Swap Meet Dates
March 19, June 18, September 10, and November 19

Our MEWE online swap group is up and running as well.
you need a MEWE account of course, to participate.
Meeting Notes - Secretary Daniel Barnes
December Board Meeting Highlights . . .
Phillip Mason gave the Board a safety update for December that included disciplinary actions recommended by the Safety Committee to address infractions committed by members that have been investigated. Quite a few involved shooters who brought their own targets, such as steel plates and other ground-mounted target stands, enhancing the risk that rounds may skip over the berm and violating one of our most important rules . . . ALL BULLETS MUST IMPACT THE BERM. I know you have all heard this many times, but the importance of this rule cannot be overemphasized. Our Club MUST be a good neighbor if we are to continue to enjoy our ranges. I will not belabor the point. Members who witness dangerous activity should identify shooters who break our rules and report them to Phillip and the Safety Committee.
I reminded Members that the January New Member Orientation, which would normally be held the first Saturday, January 1, has been rescheduled to avoid conflict with New Years Day activities. It will now take place January 8, starting with Registration at 8 am. Be sure to update your calendar.
George Admire, who recently took on the Swap Meet Coordinator duties, reported on the very successful November meet, with all available tables filled with vendors and a significant increase in attendees shopping for those critical last-minute holiday gifts. I personally found some very good prices on ammo that I really needed, so I took it home with me! George also reported the 2022 dates for the upcoming PCSC Swap Meets—March 19, June 18, September 10, and November 19. Be sure to get these on your calendar, and you can pick up some flyers I have placed in the sign-in shack for distribution locally to retailers who agree to help us advertise.
Stay Safe,
Rifle Match

Rifle schedule for 2022:
Jan: No Match
Feb19th 8:00 AM: Vintage Rifle (pre 1953) Range C
March:19 8:00 ?AM Modern Precision Rifle
          Range C
April 16 8:00 AM: Urban Rifle/Carbine Match
       Range B
May 21 8:00 AM: CMP JC Garand/Vintage Rifle all Pre 1953
        Open Sight Range C
June 21 8:00 AM : M1 Carbine/AK/Foreign semi auto rifle or commercial version
        Range B
July 16 8:00 AM : No Match or Make Up Month for Match missed due to Weather
Aug 20 8:00 AM: No Match
Sept 17 8:00 AM : CMP JC Garand Modern Rifle Match
       Range C
Oct 15 8:00 AM : Rattle Battle Match
      Commercially mfg modern semi auto Military Style Rifle
      Open sight or red dot
      Range C
Nov 19 8:00 AM : Team Vintage Sniper Match/Individual Vintage Match (pre 1953 mfg)
      Range C
Pistol Match Information
Hey Gents!

Happy New Year!

Give these DRAFT stage layouts a look if you would.  

Thought we could put up the plate rack with the self sealing targets. We do have targets that look like the four card suit symbols. I thought about placing a bottle of water on the plate rack bar between the card targets so they could act as No Shoots (and would reactive if hit). Thoughts on that?

I purchased a self sealing windmill target that I thought would be fun to use to finish the stage. Note the stage instructions for the windmill that it must spin CCW!

I'll probably head out to the range next Friday to get things set up for Friday.

Shotgun News Item
Safety Briefing
We need your Help!
Most years the Club will have two safety violations. This year, the Club has had 12 Rule Violations in the first six months. Most involve tactical shooting, move and shoot, shooting in front of the bench on Ranges B & C, shooting steel plates on Range A, using homemade target holders that are made of steel on the bottom and are the wrong height for our ranges, and shooting 1½ hours before sunrise.

If any of our members see this type of behavior, please get all the information you can on the violators and send it to the Club; it will get to me. Your name will not be used. If you are uncomfortable personally correcting any violation, take a photo of their vehicle with the license plate visible. If you are one of the rule violators you need to go to another gun range. We are not a tactical range.
When we catch you, and we will, you will dismissed and banned from the Club.
Phillip Mason
Director & Chairman of the Safety Committee
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