January 2023

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The Sportsman's Voice vol. 73

President's Welcome

Hello Chuck,

Happy Holidays Everyone

As the year draws to an end I reflect on

all of the improvements our dedicated volunteers have accomplished this year.

Range A received new benches. A new Archery Range was added. An electronic New Member process rolled out. The New Member Orientation classes have been revised. The Swap Meets and Matches have had good attendance. The safety committee worked tirelessly on the rule book. All in all I say it’s been a good year for PCSC.

Looking forward to 2023, we are by no means finished. A major project we already have on the schedule is the refacing of the berms and parking lot repair. The berm issue has plagued us for quite some time, so I am happy to see us get moving on a solution. In the past we have rented earth moving equipment and did it ourselves thanks to volunteer equipment operators. We are taking a different strategy this time a contractor will begin around January 17th by removing the led saturated surfaces of ranges A,B,C, and F then replace with fresh dirt from the back of the property.

We believe this will cure a list of problems the club has experienced. Unfortunately the safest and most efficient way will require that we completely close for the three possibly four days needed to complete the work. So please be patient and plan accordingly and let’s go into 2023 with a fresh set of berms along with some sprucing up of the parking areas.

And as always, we from the board thank you !

Enjoy PCSC,

Ryan Donnell

PCSC President 

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Safety Orientation Help Needed

PCSC Members,

We are looking for some help with New Member Orientations. Here are the topics we need help with.

·       Making Keys, Lanyards and Badges, getting things ready for Orientation.

·       Presenters, this is in 2 parts, 1 Shotgun 2 Main presentation. (which covers all the ranges and general rules, walk around of the club property). Read MORE


PCSC 2023 Fishing Contest January 1, 2023 till September 2023 Board Meeting Winner’s to receive 2024 free membership including guest pass Fish can be caught by member, member’s spouse or member’s kids under age of 18 The categories are: Heaviest: 1) Bass 2) Catfish 3) Striper 4) Salt water fish Record your catch with photo, document date, weight, location and who caught. Submit only 1 entry per category Entries will be accepted August 1, 2023 till September 2023 Board Meeting at which time winner’s will be announced. Submit entries to Pcscfishing@gmail.com


Meeting Notes - Swearing In New Leadership

Short meeting notes this month as we had normal business, but considerable time was spent on two members having serious rule and or behavior violations. An executive session to settle decision on expulsion or education commenced mid meeting.

The board allowed Jan 17 - Jan 20 to allow for TOTAL RANGE CLOSURE to allow for major restructuring of the berms and parking lot. Mark your calendars as the gates will be locked and no shooting allowed for safety of those working for us to improve our facility.

Also we had our new officers and directors take the oath of office.

They are Ryan Donnell, pres, Keith Eberly VP absent, Daniel Barnes Sect, Phillip Mason dir, Michael Hogue Treas, Chase Gardner dir, Richard Cookus dir, George Admire dir.

Club Calendar
(click calendar below to access calendar PDF file)
Swap Meet Information

2023 Swap Meet Dates DBA

some of the dates for 2023 are set as of press time

March 18 and June 17, 2023

8:00 AM to 1PM


Reservation of $10 Tables:


Phone 817 939 2341

November 19th was the last of the four swap meets for 2022. The shows have progressed and have been well attended, we have a good number of solid vendors that can be counted on to be there for every show. These events can only happen with the support of the club and the volunteers to help with the logistics of putting on the shows. READ MORE

George Admire.

If you would like to help host our table at the Ft. Worth Gun Show please contact us at membership@parkersportsman.com or call 817 271 0467. It is a fun time - it is amazing how fast the time flies when you are there.

Original Ft. Worth Gun Show dates for 2022:

  • Dec 31st, 2022 – Jan 1st, 2023

Our MEWE online swap group is up and running as well.

Check it out: https://mewe.com/group/601add7b7052b81291740e9e

you need a MEWE account of course, to participate.

November 26 - 22 Match Results

 22 LR Fun match for November 26, 2022

the 4th Saturday 

 Here’s results from 22 Rifle match.

 1st place iron sight class

 Aaron Vasquez

 2nd Richard Cookus

 1st place scoped class

 Chip McLendon

 2nd place Ryan Vasquez. (Youth shooter)

 3rd place Don Scott

 Richard Cookus and Pete Rugur should be commended for fastidious scoring efforts.

 A fun time was had by all on a very pretty day.

 Phillip Mason dedicated himself to RSO duties and chose not to shoot this time. 

Chip McLendon

PS: See more here, scroll down the page

Night Shoots

   This is an educational experience for shooting defensive pistol and shotgun with original, night sights, laser and flashlights.

   For pistol bring 50 rounds per stage maybe 3 stages

For shotgun you can bring any ammo to pattern your gun with buckshot, slugs, birdshot etc.

Firing ranges will be 3 yds, 7 yds, 12 yds, for pistols and shotguns

Orientation 5:30 shooting starts at 6 pm except October 29

Dates are : Oct 29 7PM, Nov 26, Jan 28, Feb 25, Mar 25

"Good to know what to experience if situation was to arise needing a firearm to defend self or family at night.

Course of fire strictly followed with commands from acting RSO and additional safety officer.

Target setup and event held on range A.

Sign up and safety brief at 5:30 pm and shooting at 6:00.

Bring 50 rounds of ammo in a 50 rd box for each gun and stage.

Shotguns allowed too. Bring 12 rds of shells " - Chip McClendon


Any questions call;

Richard Cookus 817-319-6433

Phillip Mason 817-360-4800

Pistol Match News Dec Results

Read more about match
More photos and drone movies
Rifle Match News

No rifle match in December nor January.

Look for a rifle match schedule forthcoming in the February Newsletter

Closing Copy

I noticed a news article concerning carry of weapons and large number of convictions of illegally carrying. Might be worth a read, keeping up with the current laws could save us of a big problem.

Read More outside this newsletter, Huffington Post, if you like

Chuck Garrett

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