Greetings fellow PCSC members
I am writing this article while flying home from a business trip and for reference I reviewed my article from last month. I see that I was calling for contractors to bid some projects, to the best of my ability to remember I don’t believe we received a single inquiry. That’s a shame, I feel certain that we have members who could do this work. PCSC was founded and has survived over 60 years by the hands of its members. Tell me what’s wrong with that ?
We have accomplished so much over the years but as of late it seems many members are viewing the club as if they are entitled as opposed to privileged. Remember we are, or should be, a group of like minded outdoor enthusiasts. We are not running a for profit business like some of the newer places to go “shoot your new gun”. Again we are a Sportsman Club not a gun range. Now you may be asking where is he going with this, does he have a point or is the air too thin in the plane ? Lol !
My point is this folks, I would like to see more participation at events, meetings, work days and in general responsibilities around the club.
I am tired of the notions of more security cameras and signs because people can’t or just simply won’t do the right thing. Get involved, pay attention to the rules “ they are there because someone in the past couldn’t do the right thing “. A few lines back I stated that we are a sportsman club not a gun range.
I want each and every one of you who reads this to stop and think about what that means.
And if you can’t figure it out come to a meeting and I will speak further on the subject. Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of the month. How about we get them so big that they must be held in the large events building?
Thank you all who are taking the time to read this, let’s make “OUR CLUB” the best it possible can be.
Ryan Donnell
PCSC President 2022