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September 2020

It’s getting to be that time of year: hunting season right around the corner, time for new licenses, gear checks, ammo, decoys and last minute plans for extra weekend of hunting. Sometimes we get in a hurry to get things done and we forget about safety; like, did I lock the front door, did I lock the back door, maybe turn the alarm on or a seat belt in the car. In most cases - no you got, it because most of us are creatures of habit. This leads me to think about myself and good range safety habits. Some days when I am at the range and the only one on the property I think maybe I don’t need to put that flag up or take it down, it’s only me right? The problem with this is that I am not creating good habit for myself. I owe it to myself and fellow members to make these practices happen until they become second nature when it's required to deem the range safe. So please practice safety at the range.

We now have a First Aid/Trauma kit at sporting clays range located at the 5 stand.
Keith Eberly
PCSC 2020
Make Safety A Good Habit
Following the rules...
Our safety committee, lead by Chairman Phillip Mason, made every effort to keep a member active in our club but, the rule infractions were serious enough to lead to the dismissal of the member, Phillip reported at the last meeting. Member brought two guests without a guest badge and broke safety rules at the bench. Educational options were given the member to avoid expulsion, but were not taken seriously nor completed.
The board voted unanimously to dismiss the member at last board meeting. Folks, this is real. We, like the citizens of our country, must follow the rule of law. PCSC is a private enterprise but requirement to follow the rules is the same. Both the individual and the group benefit when we all EARNESTLY follow the rules. Here is a link to the latest version if you like...
You have been putting it off....
come on out to your club and have fun !
Calendar September 2020
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First Saturday
We have several new folks joining during the Summer special using the online store. Come on out to orientation if you like to take part in helping with the new members.
Mark your calendar 09/05/2020
Meeting Notes and More

Let's begin with noting dates for ...
Sept 5th Orientation
Sept 6th LTC Class
Sept 12 Pistol Match
Sept 12 Swap Meet
Sept 13 4-H Activities
Sept 17 Board Meeting
Sept 19 Rifle Match
Shotgun Shoot
Sept 20 LTC Class
Sept 27 4-H Activities

August Board Meeting Highlights from our own Daniel Barnes !
To keep you up with . . .wondering what’s going on at PCSC:

A Club Swap Meet is scheduled for September 12 in the Event Center. From our experience at the Club table last weekend at the Ft. Worth Big Gun Show, this may be the place to replenish your ammo supply without paying double and triple prices! The next day we will host a short ceremony to scatter Scott McGuffie’s ashes over Range C, and all members are invited to pay their respects. Ceremony begins at 3:00 pm, Sunday, Sept. 13. Also this month, 4-H youth activities and Rifle Matches return to the calendar, nominations for the election of Officers and Directors will be accepted at the Board meeting on the 17th, and online Membership Renewal will be rolled out. Finally, the Board voted to accept a Baffle Replacement Proposal by Total Range Solutions for Ranges A & F, to be completed this Fall. It’s going to be a BUSY September for members to enjoy Club activities!

Thanks and have a fun and safe time at our range !

No pressure pistol matches free for members !
Pistol Match News
a picture thousand words...
a movie worth a million... attention kiddos...
you gonna wanna do this !

Come out 2nd Saturday 8:00AM meeting - just show up ! No reservations required. This is for free for members. Shooting starts at 8:30. Have fun and be safe ! Contact Jon at jonkitts13@gmail.com if you like more info !

Rifle Match News
Cooler weather and special matches to go with it !
RANGE ‘C’. MATCH is 20 rounds shot in 20 minutes; prone at 200 yards on the SR-C target; 5 sighter shots allowed and pasted prior to games’ start. READ MORE...
Nominations open for officers and directors
We need you to come forth with your expertise that can assist our club get better and better. Please contact Richard Cookus and Daniel Barnes or our contact form with your nominees. Yes, you can nominate yourself !

With Nominations open for officers and directors let's note who is:

Pres: Keith Eberly
VPres: Ryan Donnell
Secretary: Dan Barnes
Treasurer: Michael Hogue

Directors for 2020- 2021

Scott McGuffie - Richard Cookus remainder of 2020
Jon Kitts
James Taylor
Ruben Sandoval

Directors serving 2nd term 2020

Scott Maclaskey
Phillip Mason
Ray Golden Jr
Bill Seeton

RON WOODS – TEXAS DPS Certified Instructor #90548

Ron Woods 817.991.8085 


1st and 3rd SUNDAYS -
8 AM to 1PM 
ALL CLASSES are limited to 1-10 STUDENTS

Range F is reserved for LTC training on dates from 9 - 11am
Parting Shots-a LOOK BACK

This is what PCSC used to be like...20 years ago...Welcome and Rules

Chuck Garrett
PCSC Web/News

Things were simple then...but not nearly as much range as we have now !
PS: With the Summer membership drive, subscribers to newsletter has grown.
We are now at 1008 subscribers.
That's pretty good for
"the best little sportsman club" !
We are in the thousands of dollars raised by online store this Summer and looking forward to the online renewal process.
PS: Thanks to all that have manned the PCSC table at the TWO Fort Worth Gun Shows this past month. Brent, Chase, Jon, Michael, Ruben, Keith, James, Phillip, Chuck, Daniel, We had a good time and some of us helped the others spend some money LOL ! Seriously, we had a good time and our range is so easy to brag on. Chuck has told folks the range is too good to be true...but it IS TRUE !
Parker County Sportsman Club | P.O. Box 424, Weatherford, TX 76086
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