PCSC's ELECTION Thursday, Oct 15, 2020
The Sportsman Voice
October 2020
I hope everyone is doing well in this wonderful fall weather we are having.
Just let everyone know PCSC will have a booth at the Original Fort Worth Gun Show October 10th &11th
Please stop by and say hello if you attend.
Even better, come be a host at our table.
We now have a 4H Clay Shoot, instead of Busting Pumpkins, it will be Reindeer Shoot in December.
Please check the calendar for October events it should fun filled month at PCSC.
Check out the night shoot in October they are extremely insightful (no Pun)
Also we have elections in October, 15th Thursday, 7:00 pm

Keith Eberly
President 2020
Make Safety A Good Habit
In the upcoming months, the club will have new rules about our flag system, that I will address when its closer to implementation .

With the new rules and all the new members the club will introduce our new:

Public Relations team

The purpose of this team will be:

  1. Help with rules
  2. Answer questions about club
  3. To help members with club safety 

The team will consist of Officers, Board members , Safety committee, other committee members and past officers 
that have the knowledge of our club rules
We will be easy to spot with our yellow badges. if you see one of our team feel free to ask questions or for help in any way.
Team members will also be giving $5.00 off coupons . Accumulate 5 coupons and receive $25.00 off your next year's renewal ( $250.00 max
per year). The coupons will be given to members that are following rules or helping other members follow club rules.

Phillip Mason
Director and Safety Chairman
Renewing PCSC membership has never been better...
We're going ONLINE !

...Fall has arrived and not a moment too soon, in my opinion.
Hello everyone, a couple of months ago I wrote an article talking about an online, simplified, renewal process that was in the works for the 2021 renewal. Well, a lot has been learned along the way and I am proud to say we are ready to go live with the new process.
A link to the PCSC renewal website will start you off at an instructional page. When you start, the first page is general information such as name, address, member number and so on. You must fill out all required fields or you will not be permitted to go on to the second page.

The Hold Harmless Document will be next. It has a box at the bottom that must be checked or, like the first page, you cannot continue. The third step is a ten question, multiple choice, open book, rules quiz. Once you have answered all ten questions correctly, you will be directed to the payment page where you can use a credit or debit card. Select either $100.00 for standard membership, or $150.00 for membership with guest pass.

Please be patient with this new process. We have been testing with good results, however, the true test will be when a large number of you are using it. That being said I am asking you to use the link provided below and give it a try. If the system overloads, kindly try again later.

The Rule Book is on the Documents page - see link below...

Ryan Donnell
You have been putting it off....
come on out to your club and have fun !
There is a lot going on in October
and cooler weather.
Calendar September 2020
click calendar to get a PDF you can print
It'll be here before you know it...pre-register please
Reindeer Shoot Dec 6
Hosted by PCSC and benefiting Parker County 4-H Shooting Sports
Meeting Notes and More

Let's begin with noting dates for:
October 2020

Oct 3 Orientation
Oct 4 LTC Class
Oct 10 Fort Worth Gun Show
Oct 11 Fort Worth Gun Show
Oct 11 4H Activities
Oct 15 Election of Directors
Oct 17 CMP Rifle Match
Oct 18 LTC Class
Oct 24 Night Shoot
Oct 25 4-H Activities

September Board Meeting Highlights:
The online renewal process was presented to the board, it was approved and several directors registered. ..."wow, this is easier than i thought" !

New stools for the shooting benches are being procured...finally...
and folding metal chairs are being set on the pavilions for shooting or shooting the bull.

Nominees for director were closed and ballot going to press for the election this month on the 15th.

Standardized reimbursement, yearly contractor review recommended by our treasurer, Mr. Michael Hogue and these were approved.

Thanks and have a fun and safe time at our range !
No pressure pistol matches free for members !
Pistol Match News
a picture thousand words...
a movie worth a million... attention kiddos...
you gonna wanna do this !

Attention all Pistolero's I will be out of town next month so we will not have a 🔫 match but I have been working on some new 🎯 so when we come back in November we should have some new exciting things to Shoot
Night Shoots Dates
10/24 11/21 12 /12 1/16 2/13 3/6
Pre Register with Richard or Phillip
Register at 5:30 night of events
Rifle Match News
Cooler weather and special matches to go with it !
OCTOBER 17, 2020
RANGE ‘C’; 35 rounds fired, 30 for score with 5 initial sighter shots; three positions at 200 yards on the SR-C target.
Fee is $20 for initial rifle; $10 for additional rifles. Award Certificates for top shooters and CMP ACHIEVEMENT PINS awarded for qualifying scores.
Shotgun News - Results Sept 19th Events
Election of Directors

With Nominations closed for officers and directors let's note who is:

Pres: Keith Eberly
VPres: Ryan Donnell
Secretary: Dan Barnes
Treasurer: Michael Hogue

Officers are unopposed, will serve again for 2021

Directors for 2020- 2021

Richard Cookus
Jon Kitts
James Taylor
Ruben Sandoval

Directors serving 2nd term 2020:

Scott Maclaskey
Phillip Mason
Ray Golden Jr
Bill Seeton

Nominees for Director 2021 -2022
Voting for 4 directors from these nominees

Larry Baber
Chase Gardner
Ray Golden Jr.
Phillip Mason
Brent McCallum
Pete Rugur
A.J. Thomas

RON WOODS – TEXAS DPS Certified Instructor #90548

Ron Woods 817.991.8085 


1st and 3rd SUNDAYS -
8 AM to 1PM 
ALL CLASSES are limited to 1-10 STUDENTS

Range F reserved LTC training 9 - 11am on dates...
Sportsman out Sporting !
This past weekend I had the opportunity to fish on Lake Texoma, What a trip. We fished from about 7:00 am to 11:30. The three of us reached our limits on Stripers and then cleaned up on some Sand Bass. So I know of few fish fries happening this weekend.
  I have fished with this guide more time than I can remember and we have had successful trips every time. Doug is a relentless guide when it comes to finding fish. Sometimes it feels like you are on this long boat ride, then the boat stops and you hear “gentlemen we need to get those lines in the water” and BAM there they are. I have not had this many bruises on my chest since the last time I fished in Mexico.
I will give you a couple of links and a picture below.
Fishing with Doug !

Keith Eberly
Parker County Sportsman Club | P.O. Box 424, Weatherford, TX 76086
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