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Greetings of the Summer!

What a summer for road rally it has been! Across the United States, we have seen dozens of communities hosting a “road rally” as a part of their festivals and celebrations. Some have a hint of a timed event, yet most fall to the GTA-style (games, tour, and adventure) to bring their community together. As one who has held fundraisers with rally names such as Hittin' the Highway for Hounds and Hairballs and Kitty and K-9 Rescue and Straw for Dogs, I love the clever name of the July 22nd event for a charity rally this month with the Fast and Purr-ious! On the TSD side of our sport, rallying continues its growth of events for SCCA, and we are learning more from marque and independent clubs. All of you enjoy reading the stories of events and scanning the standings and photos, as does the RReNews Clan. Perhaps it is the “age of the internet” vs. printed newsletters? A rally happens, and maybe we see standings by a team and a few photos posted, yet the stories and names are lost as those pages scroll down.

In May of 2022, I wrote about holding a “Rally when YOU Can” event after reading about the Christmas Light Rally in the Chicago area for many years. James Crittenden presented on this topic for the SCCA Convention at the Innovations Session by the RoadRally Regional Development Committee in January, as he had tried out the concept in Wisconsin, yet outside of SCCA sanctioning. I believe the first one sanctioned by SCCA may be the Putnam Purple Cow Precision Road Rally, sanctioned by the Indy Region with Rallymaster Wendy Harrison. Many are eager to learn how the rally was received by the audience, as it will be run over a road race weekend, giving race teams, workers, and rallyists a chance to run “when they can.” RReNews has been promised an article on lessons learned, so stay tuned!

I enjoy the challenge and adventure of rallying; I do not enjoy the challenge of maintaining a website (and learning as I go), yet it has been an adventure over the last thirteen days. We appreciate the positive comments about using the comeroadrallywith.us website to post contributions as they come in and pull them for each emailed edition of RReNews. Readying to go with this edition, our Mike Drop slides in on the 28th, and we are down again due to a plug-in conflict. Much like rallying, we are not giving up!

We are shooting this one out the door and ready for the July edition. Please, let us know of events you are organizing or planning to run. Awareness is the first step to preparedness, and certainly being able to attend a road rally, whether down the road or across the country. The upcoming Rainier Auto Sports Club Nor’wester Rally, to be run September 15-17th, has been blasting the airwaves down the West Coast and beyond; I know, as we have seen it on five sites this past week. Good job, Ron Sorem!

Let me assure you that your event from the end of May – June 30 is welcome to be shared in the July edition, so please send in your contribution to RReNews in the next week: standings, high-res photos, and “the story” to [email protected].

Oh! The weather update is rain, the longest day of the year has passed on the calendar, and we have not yet had summer! The days are getting darker sooner, and I'm hoping the last two days of sunshine are going to turn the tide to summer!

So let’s get on with it! From the Alaska Rally Team of Old — it's "Onward, Into the Fog!"
Safe travels, Cheryl Lynn and the RReNews Clan