Greetings of the Thanksgiving Weekend!

Let me begin there, expressing my thanks to:
  • Rallyists who support our volunteer efforts on RReNews, going on 11 years in 2023
  • Rallymasters (Event Chairmen and Committees) who send in their stories about their rallies and adventures, without our soliciting them and for making their rallyists aware of RReNews
  • SCCA National Staff 'n BOD and members of the many RRB who have believed in us these first ten years
  • Those of you who have signed up with us over the summer – Welcome!
  • Our regulars, those contributors who make our pages worth reading, thank you so much!

We encourage you to click the “View as Web Page” link at the top of the email, making it easier to view. This edition is full of rally news and stories; we hope you’ll take the time to read most of them.

For those of you who are SCCA Members, we have urgent deadlines for your attention and more info in the Words from the Wheel section and in the body of RReNews:
  • Service opportunities on the RRB, NEC, and RRDC (don’t we love the alphabet!)
  • Nominations for the Robert V Ridges Award are needed very soon
  • SCCA Quarterly Zoom, which shall address 2023 RoadRally changes by the RRB and a presentation on MiRally

March 2023 is Women’s History Month, and the SCCA Foundation is seeking your support to recognize women active in SCCA to be recognized through their Women on Track Committee. We will cover this in the next edition too, yet please start looking around your programs at those women who stand out behind the scenes and as competitors in our sport!

You must read Rob Moran’s contribution as he shares how, for him, Scott Harvey and the Press On Regardless changed his life. It is a great read. In our My First Rally column, you will find the “quote of the year” for every Rallymaster in Satish Gopalkrishnan’s Second Hand Roads write-up!

This edition is full of news, and we’ll have one more edition before December 31st. In it, we’ll be updating 2022 news from the Cascade Sports Car Club, the RoadRally Regional Development Committee, Alcan5000, SCCA Southern Indiana, Texas, and Northern New Jersey Regions, and the final Armchair Rally from Gary Starr. And as there are seven rallies in the upcoming weeks, we're hoping for more enjoyable stories n standings!

So let’s get on with it!
Safe travels,
Cheryl Lynn and the RReNews Clan