Greetings of the New Year!

Let me begin, first, by expressing my thanks to:
  • Rallyists who support our volunteer efforts on RReNews, going on 11 years now
  • Rallymasters (Event Chairmen and Committees) who send in their stories about their rallies and adventures (without our soliciting them) and for making their rallyists aware of RReNews at each rally
  • SCCA National Staff 'n BOD and members of the many RRB who have believed in us those first ten years
  • Our regulars, those contributors who make our pages worth reading, thank you so much!
And to those who have signed up with us over the winter, welcome to RReNews!

We encourage you to click the Click to View as Web Page link at the top of the edition, which makes it easier to view on a desktop or tablet. This edition is full of rally news and stories; we hope you’ll take the time to read most of them. Some may seem old news to you, yet not all readers go to the website between editions, and we wanted to bring everyone up-to-date. Future editions will be more current as Rallymasters and Committees choose to send in their post-event stories.

Mae West said, "An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises." We gave up making promises this winter and took care of matters in our non-volunteer lives (yes, one does exist), yet we shall strive to prove ourselves over the upcoming months that we are back. We appreciate RRB Chair Mike Bennett for The Mike Drop in this edition. Next month we'll see the return of Smuncher's Attic by Bruce Gezon and Armchair Rallies' last posting by Gary Starr.

So let’s get on with it! From the Alaska Rally Team of Old — it's "Onward, Into the Fog!"
Safe travels, Cheryl Lynn and the RReNews Clan
PS: Our headline photo is from Team Smolansky 'n Eklund. It seemed appropriate for this issue.