We will say goodbye to 2021 today. This December edition of RReNews reminds me that we are starting our tenth year of publication in 2022! I am grateful to those of you who have subscribed to RReNews, written over the years with comments and a few kudos after you receive an edition, yet especially those who have contributed to our "pages" over these last nine years!

We were in the "heartland" for the holidays, and I did not have the "White Christmas" of holiday cards. Back in the Arctic, now, yet the days darkening at 4 PM are soon to be "noticeable" lengthened.

We all have those who come through our lives and stay for many years, while others leave their mark with a few encounters. The news came to our shore on the passing of two rallyists, Dick Folz and Rodney Webster, since our last edition. Dick rallied, in Alaska, back in the 70s-80s with Frank Ciccone. And "Rocky," which is how I understood his name amidst a strong New England accent during one of our first calls, was just two seasons. His rallying started back in the day in New England, where he also raced.

Ramona "Noni" Bordwell is one of those women in my life. I first met her in 1974, as she rallied and was the only active female Rallymaster in Alaska. She was a mentor, a fine woman, and one I am grateful to call my friend these forty-seven years later! I mention Noni, as the SCCA Women On Track, a Committee of the SCCA Foundation, is striving to bring awareness of women in motorsports and engage more women in the sport. In our case, more participating at a National level and serving as Rallymasters, as well as active in their local Regions. We need your assistance in identifying women in your rally program for the March Celebration of Women's History Month – Motorsports! Please send their names, your reasons why she should be considered, her contributions to the sport of road rally, and certainly mention other motorsports of hers as well. You may send them to rrenews@comeroadrallywith.us by Friday, January 8th, and I will send an email confirmation, so you know it was received. We are hoping to claim five spots on the March 2022 calendar for road rally – we'll save additional names for upcoming years. Oh! I should add that they may be current participants or women very active in past years who have left a legacy!

We were blessed by Rallymasters sending in their rally wrap-ups and there was much news on the SCCA front too!. Head to the bottom to find the SCCA Words from the Wheel: 2021 Championship Standings for Course, Tour, GTA, as well as learning the Manufacturer of the Year. The Planning Calendar, news on the Virtual Convention in Jan '21 Agenda, SCCA BOD Minutes for November, digital waivers, news from the NEC, and more!

Yet on your way down, you will find worthy articles too! Gary Starr has another Map Rally, Rich Bireta brings us news of Rally App updates, and SCCA Finger Lakes Winter Series has Some Evo to report on as well. Smuncher's Attic – treasures from the archives of Bruce Gezon returns to close out 2021. And be sure to read about the Texas Region's efforts to get Back-to-Basics with a series of four rallies, each teaching a lesson about rallying and a virtual school to kickoff each event!

There is much to be thankful for as we close out this year. In December, we began our 10th year of working on Road Rally eNews. I hope you'll choose to be a part of our 10th year and be a part of this rally community that shares how-tos, posts up pre and post-event write-ups about their events, and serves to reach the road rally community across North America.
Safe travels, Cheryl Lynn and the RReNews Clan