The end of another fiscal year is upon us, and we at the ABF remain grateful for our supportive and generous Fellows community. This period has been challenging for everyone, and we are so proud that, with your help, we have continued to produce and share remarkable research that will improve our legal system, all while fostering a sense of community. We close this issue by recognizing our 2020-2021 Life Fellow Giving Society members, who continue to support the ABF's work after completing their initial Fellow's pledge. Congratulations to all on an excellent year!
ABF Researchers in the News
American Bar Foundation and ABA Commission on Women in the Legal Profession Release Groundbreaking Report Exploring High Attrition Rates for Senior Women Lawyers
ABF Collaborating Scholar Professor Joyce Sterling, Texas ABF Fellow Linda Chanow
The field of law has shifted dramatically in recent decades, especially in regard to gender diversity at the associate level. So why do so many experienced women lawyers leave at the height of their careers? Long-time ABF researcher Joyce Sterling and Texas ABF Fellow Linda Chanow held national focus groups with senior women in law across the country to ask three questions:

What do women lawyers like about the practice of law?

What negative factors or experiences do women identify as forces that make them consider leaving the practice of law?

What changes can be made to encourage women to stay in law practice?

Their findings have been compiled in a 2021 report, “In Their Own Words: Experienced Women Lawyers Explain Why They Are Leaving Their Law Firms and the Profession.”

The project is a collaboration between the American Bar Foundation and the ABA Commission on Women in the Legal Profession, and is the third such study conducted by the ABA Initiative on Achieving Long-Term Careers for Women in Law.

Read the report here.
ABF Research Professor Tera Agyepong Credited in Washington Post Article About Ma'Khia Bryant's Death

On April 30, 2021, ABF Research Professor Tera Agyepong's work was referenced in a Washington Post article titled, “Child Welfare Systems Have Long Harmed Black Children Like Ma’Khia Bryant.” The author, Professor Crystal Lynn Webster, contextualized 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant’s killing by reflecting on the historical foundations of the foster care system and its criminalization of Black children. She utilized Professor Agyepong’s research regarding Mary Tripplet, a young Black girl from the 19th century who was labeled a “delinquent” for the crime of being an orphan.

Read more here.
Fellows in the News
Below are highlights from our Fellows news segment, Fellows in the News. You can view many more on our website here. Please send Fellows in the News submissions to
Former ABF Fellows Chair, California Life Fellow Among Honorees at 31st Annual Margaret Brent Women Lawyers of Achievement Ceremony

Oregon Attorney General and Benefactor Fellow Ellen F. Rosenblum, California Life Fellow Joan M. Haratani
On Thursday, August 5, 2021, Oregon Benefactor Fellow Madam Attorney General Ellen F. Rosenblum and California Life Fellow Joan M. Haratani joined three other influential women as the 2021 Margaret Brent Women Lawyers of Achievement Honorees. For three decades, the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession has presented the prestigious award to accomplished women who have gone above and beyond to promote gender equality in the bar, bench, and academy.

Read more here.
Reginald M. Turner, Jr., Michigan Leadership Fellow, Begins Term as 2021-2022 ABA President

Reginald Turner, Michigan Leadership Fellow and 2018-2019 National ABF Fellows Chair, has started his one-year term as the President of the American Bar Association. This new appointment, which began on August 1, 2021, is a fitting flourish to his years of service with the ABA, the United States federal government, and the field of labor and employment law.

Read more here.
ABF Faculty Spotlight

Professor Reuben Miller to Become Newest ABF/University of Chicago Joint Appointee

ABF Research Professor Reuben Jonathan Miller
2021 saw the arrival of Professor Reuben Jonathan Miller’s critically acclaimed book, “Halfway Home: Race, Punishment, and the Afterlife of Mass Incarceration,” and in September he will join the American Bar Foundation as Research Professor. The Chicago native has been a mainstay in the local community for many years: as a youth on the Southside, a chaplain in the Cook County Jail, a doctoral student at Loyola, and currently as a professor at the University of Chicago’s Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice. At the ABF, Professor Miller will continue exploring the ways race and poverty interact with crime, punishment, and social welfare.

Listen to Professor Miller's recent interview with NPR's Terry Gross here.

Read Time's excerpt of “Halfway Home” here.
ABF Event Spotlight
ABF Fellows Business Meeting

In Conjunction With The
2021 ABA Hybrid Annual Meeting
On Thursday, August 5, 2021, the ABF Fellows officers held a business meeting to celebrate the accomplishments of the 2020-2021 fiscal year. The event was led by outgoing Fellows Chair Honorable Eileen Kato, who reported that the Fellows have raised more than $2.3 million in support of the ABF's research and recognized outgoing state chairs as well as Immediate Past Fellows Chair Ellen Jakovic. After electing California Patron Fellow Laura Farber as the new Fellows Secretary and District of Columbia Sustaining Life Fellow Darrell Mottley as the new Fellows Chair Elect, incoming Fellows Chair Dean Emeritus Cynthia Nance closed the meeting by thanking Judge Kato for her leadership.
Register Now: "The Pandemic, Law Schools, and the Future of the Legal Profession"
AALS Executive Director Judith C. Areen, ABF Executive Director Ajay K. Mehrotra
Join us online on Tuesday, September 14, 2021 at 10:00am PST / 11:00am MT / 12:00pm CT / 1:00pm EST for our free National Fellows Webinar, “The Pandemic, Law Schools, and the Future of the Legal Profession.”

The event will feature Association of American Law Schools Executive Director and ABF Life Fellow Judith C. Areen in conversation with ABF Executive Director and Research Professor Ajay K. Mehrotra.

Register here.

Episode Four: The Health Equity Variant

Minnesota Community Care Senior Vice President Miguel Alexander Pozo, ABF Research Professor Carol A. Heimer, Minnesota Community Care President Reuben Moore
The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global medical emergency that is overwhelming healthcare systems, shaping economies, and changing lives. While the pandemic effects are global, it has been particularly devastating to vulnerable and marginalized communities. How did the pandemic impact international health governance and health equity around the world? Was the vaccine rolled out equitably? And, looking beyond COVID, how can we reduce health disparities in the future? 
In this episode, we speak with ABF Research Professor Carol A. Heimer and Minnesota Community Care executives Reuben Moore and Miguel Alexander Pozo, an ABF Fellow. They discuss the COVID-19 pandemic’s revelations about the limitations of international health governance, the current state of health equity in the United States, and how we can strengthen legal tools to protect public health locally and abroad.
Listen here.
Fellow Spotlight:

Retired Nevada Supreme Court Chief Justice and ABF Visionary Fellow Miriam Shearing almost didn’t apply for law school. Thank goodness she did, setting the stage for a trailblazing legal career that broke down barriers for women at every level of the Nevada judiciary system. Justice Shearing has supported the American Bar Foundation since 1998, serving at various times as a Nevada state chair, chair of the Fellows Advisory Research Committee, and member of the ABF Council of Advisors. The Cornell University and Boston College Law School alumnus has also lent her expertise to the ABA Section of Litigation, as well as to the Municipal and District Courts of Nevada. 

Honorable Miriam Shearing
Visionary Fellow

Q: What does being a Fellow mean to you?
A: I have been richly rewarded by being able to serve for many years on the ABF Research Advisory Committee, where I was privileged to hear reports from most of our talented researchers and learn what is happening in so many aspects of law and society. 
Q: Where were you born and raised?
A: Spencer, New York (a small town near Ithaca) 
Q: Why did you decide to pursue a career in law?
A: I had trouble getting a job after my Cornell degree in philosophy and I couldn't type, so when my husband decided to go to medical school, I tried for a profession. I applied to law school just because I had all the prerequisites. As soon as I started, I realized that is where I should have been all along; I loved it. (I grew up in a small town where there were no lawyers, and I don't think I ever even talked to a lawyer before law school, so I never considered it as a career.)
Q: If you hadn’t pursued a career in law, what would you have done?
A: Once I discovered law, I couldn't imagine doing anything else.
Q: What do you do in your free time?
A: Read, although I am also involved in a number of local non-profit organizations.
Q: Anything else you'd like to share with us?
A: I was the first woman at every level of the courts in Nevada, even though I was told, "Women don't belong in the courtroom!" when I first applied for a position in a Justice Court. I retired as Chief Justice of the Nevada Supreme Court in 2005.

Life Fellows Giving Societies:

In recognition of those who go above and beyond to support ABF research, we extend our sincere thanks to the following individuals:
(All lists below as of August 25, 2021)
Philanthropist Fellows
A Philanthropist Fellow has contributed
$50,000 or more to the American Bar Foundation
+ Indicates Sustaining Philanthropist Fellow (contributed a minimum of $5,000 for fiscal
year 2020-21)
^ Indicates new Philanthropist Fellow since September 1, 2020

Sandra Chan, Santa Barbara ^ +

District of Columbia
Ellen J. Flannery

David A. Collins, Chicago
David S. Houghton, Omaha +

New York
Michael H. Byowitz, New York +

William H. Neukom, Seattle +
Visionary Fellows
A Visionary Fellow has contributed an aggregate of
$25,000 - $49,999 to the American Bar Foundation
+ Indicates Sustaining Visionary Fellow (contributed a minimum of $2,500 for fiscal year 2020-21)
^ Indicates new Visionary Fellow since September 1, 2020
Rebecca Jean Westerfield, San Francisco+

Jacqueline Allee, Coral Gables
James T. Halverson, University Park
Robert C. Knuepfer, Hinsdale
Lauren Robel, Bloomington +

Miriam Shearing, Las Vegas 
New York
John J. Creedon, Larchmont
Daniel J. Hoffheimer, Cincinnati
Michael J. Horvitz, Cleveland +
Jimmy K. Goodman, Oklahoma City +

William G. Paul, Oklahoma City
David K. Y. Tang, Seattle +
Leadership Fellows
A Leadership Fellow has contributed an aggregate of
$17,500 - $24,999 to the American Bar Foundation
+ Indicates Sustaining Leadership Fellow (contributed a minimum of $1,750 for fiscal year 2020-21)
^ Indicates new Leadership Fellow since September 1, 2020
Toni Rembe, San Francisco
Larry W. Sonsini, Palo Alto
John P. Heinz, Chicago +
Donald W. Buttrey, Indianapolis
Reginald M. Turner, Detroit
New Mexico
Peter A. Winograd, Albuquerque
New York
Jonathan D. Schiller, New York
South Carolina
William C. Hubbard, Columbia +

International - Australia
Ezekiel Solomon, AM, Sydney, NSW
Benefactor Fellows
A Benefactor Fellow has contributed an aggregate of
$10,000 - $17,499 to the American Bar Foundation
+ Indicates Sustaining Benefactor Fellow (contributed a minimum of $1,000 for fiscal year 2020-21)
^ Indicates new Benefactor Fellow since September 1, 2020
William Thomas Coplin, Jr., Demopolis +
Donna C. Willard-Jones, Anchorage
Gregory M. Bergman, Los Angeles
Elizabeth J. Cabraser, San Francisco
Joseph W. Cotchett, Burlingame
Sarah Gemma Flanagan, San Francisco +
Patricia L. Glaser, Los Angeles +
Robert V. Gunderson, Jr., Redwood City
Stephen Sandor Korniczky, San Diego +
Theodora R. Lee, Walnut Creek +
Dennis Arnold Schoville, San Diego
Michael Traynor, Berkeley +
Douglas R. Young, San Francisco +
Frances A. Koncilja, Denver

Howard Aibel, Weston
David O. Brownwood, Greenwich
James B. Rosenblum, Stamford

Myron T. Steele, Dover

District of Columbia
Brooksley Elizabeth Born
William A. Burck +
Jamie S. Gorelick
Ellen M. Jakovic +
Jonathan Henry Sherman
Donald Alan Workman

Howard Coleman Coker, Jacksonville +
K. A. Day, Jacksonville +
Leonard H. Gilbert, Tampa
John F. Harkness, Jr., Tallahassee
Joseph P. Klock, Jr., Coral Gables

Linda A. Klein, Atlanta

Brigitte Schmidt Bell, Evanston
David Powers Berten, Chicago
Robert A. Clifford, Chicago
Sophia H. Hall, Chicago ^
Keith A. Hebeisen, Chicago +
William Norman Krucks, Chicago +
Michael J. Rooney, St. Charles

Laura M. Douglas, Louisville
Sheldon G. Gilman, Louisville
Judy Perry Martinez, New Orleans
Timothy Joseph Abeska, Rock Hall
Maryanne R. Lavan, Bethesda +

Avern Cohn, Detroit
Robert F. Riley, Southfield +
Charlton Dietz, North Oaks
Robert A. Stein, Minneapolis
Doreen D. Dodson, Saint Louis +

Rew R. Goodenow, Reno

New Jersey
Richard R. Howe, Short Hills
Alvin Weiss, Morristown

New York
James H. Carter, New York
George S. Frazza, New York
Robert L. Geltzer, New York
Kathryn O. Greenberg, New York +
Gerald J. Hayes, New York
Steven Lyon Holley, New York +
Robert M. Kaufman, New York
Lori A. Martin, New York +
Donald R. Osborn, New York
Yvonne S. Quinn, New York
Ronald S. Rolfe, New York +
W. Brian Rose, New York
Eric M. Roth, New York +
John Sand Siffert, New York +
Guy M. Struve, New York
David E. Van Zandt, New York
William J. Williams, Jr., New York
William E. Willis, New York

North Carolina
Russell M. Robinson II, Charlotte

Jon Hoffheimer, Cincinnati
Richard W. Pogue, Cleveland +

Edwin A. Harnden, Portland +
Ellen F. Rosenblum, Portland

James P. DeAngelo, Harrisburg
Norman Goldberger, Philadelphia ^
Edward G. O'Connor, Allison Park
Kathleen M. Shay, Philadelphia
Bruce Lord Wilder, Pittsburgh

Puerto Rico
Hector Reichard De Cardona, Jr., San Juan

South Carolina
Timothy W. Bouch, Charleston
Wilbur E. Johnson, Charleston +

Jerry Lastelick, Dallas
Scott F. Partridge, Houston
James B. Sales, Houston
Charles W. Schwartz, Houston
Walter L. Sutton Jr., Dallas +

James B. Lee, Salt Lake City

E. Thomas Sullivan, Burlington +

Irwin Mark Cohen, McLean
Robert J. Grey, Jr., Richmond ^

Bobbe Jean Bridge, Seattle
Jerome Farris, Seattle
Kathleen Joan Hopkins, Seattle +
Douglas A. Jacobsen, Bellingham

West Virginia
Dan O. Callaghan, Summerville

John S. Skilton, Madison ^

International - Nigeria
Adebayo Oriola, Lagos
Patron Fellows
A Patron Fellow has contributed an aggregate of
$5,000 - $9,999 to the American Bar Foundation
+ Indicates Sustaining Patron Fellow (contributed a minimum of $500 for fiscal year 2020-21)
^ Indicates new Patron Fellow since September 1, 2020
Mary Margaret Bailey
Lee Rimes Benton +
Joseph A. Fawal +
Deborah J. Long
George M. "Jack" Neal, Jr.
Claud Dent Neilson
Irving Silver
Malcolm B. Street, Jr. +
James Jerry Wood

Margaret Deborah Stock +
James E. Torgerson +

Janet Ellen Barton
Donald W. Bivens
Lauren James Caster
Paul F. Eckstein +
Cecil B. Patterson
Patricia Lee Refo +
Charles William Wirken

H. William Allen
Christy D. Comstock ^ +
Patti L. Abramson
Russell James Austin +
James Joseph Banks
Jane H. Barrett
Lydia Irene Beebe +
Michael W. Bien
Mariano-Florentino Cuellar
James J. Elacqua
Laura Viviana Farber
Michelle Greer Galloway
John A. Girardi
Thomas V. Girardi
Sibylle Grebe
James T. Haight +
Harry L. Hathaway
Henry L. Hecht
Earl Johnson, Jr.
Loren Kieve +
John T. Knox
Ronald Larson
Leslie E. Lo Baugh, Jr.
Kurt W. Melchior
George J. Mihlsten
Richard W. Millar, Jr. +
John B. Power
Bruce M. Ramer
Robert M. Raymer
Patrick G. Rogan +
David M. deRubertis
Marvin Sears
Marc M. Seltzer
Thomas F. Smegal, Jr.
Charles A. Storke +
Christopher Tayback
Richard C. Watters
Pauline A. Weaver +
Travers D. Wood +

Lyle Richard Bratton
Hubert A. Farbes, Jr. +
Robert F. Hill +
L. Tyrone Holt
Mary Mullarkey
David W. Robbins
Peter H. Schwartz

Harold C. Buckingham, Jr.
William H. Clendenen, Jr.
Rosemary E. Giuliano +
Barry C. Hawkins +
Ben W. Heineman, Jr. +
Charles C. Kingsley +
Amanda Jones
Christopher H. Lunding
Linda L. Randell +
James B. Rosenblum +
Lynne Ann Ustach
Owen B. Walsh

Robert J. Krapf
Henry duPont Ridgely
Walter K. Stapleton
Thomas P. Sweeney

District of Columbia
Daniel F. Attridge
Sylvia Bacon
Steven H. Brose
Charles N. Brower  
Francis D. Carter
Mark D. Colley +
Peter B. Edelman
David Charles Frederick +
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Thomas A. Gottschalk
Renie Yoshida Grohl ^
James Hamilton
Sheila S. Hollis
Zona F. Hostetler
Edwin E. Huddleson III ^
James F. Jorden
William F. Kroener III
David Lashway
H. Alexander Manuel +
Jack H. Olender
John F. Olson
Carter G. Phillips  +
Elise Rabekoff
James F. Rill
Barbara M. Rossotti
Henry C. Su
Thomas M. Susman
Marna S. Tucker
Steven T. Walther
Roger E. Warin
Benjamin F. Wilson

Joseph W. Armbrust, Jr.
Janice Gambino Barone +
Bruce H. Bokor ^
Richard P. Cole
Richard H. Critchlow
Jo Ann Engelhardt +
Glenn Phillip Falk
Robert R. Feagin III
Jeffrey D. Fisher
Dori B. Foster-Morales +
Sandra Greenblatt
Anthony J. Griffith +
Merrick Lawrence Gross ^
Stuart Z. Grossman
Benjamin H. Hill III
Robert D. Klausner
Edward F. Koren
Jane Kreusler-Walsh
Arthur W. Leibold, Jr.
John Robert Marks III ^ +
Joseph G. Nassif
Robert L. Parks
Roderick Norman Petrey
Robert M. Rhodes
James C. Rinaman
Gary L. Sasso
Don Slesnick +
Neal R. Sonnett +
Sidney A. Stubbs, Jr.
Joseph Thacker
Norman M. Waas
Bill Wagner
Stephen N. Zack +

John D. Comer
H. Mitchell Dunn, Jr.
Gerald M. Edenfield
Ronald J. Freeman ^
David H. Gambrell
Jeffrey R. Kuester
Hedy Silver Rubinger
Charity Scott
Rita A. Sheffey
David E. Shipley
Hezekiah Sistrunk, Jr. +

Ann E. Acker
Philip S. Beck
Laurel G. Bellows
Daniel A. Boehnen +
Wilber H. Boies +
Stephen S. Bowen +
David K. Callahan +
James R. Carter +
Christine M. Castellano
Thomas A. Clancy
Thomas A. Cole
Robert J. Cunningham
Michael K. Demetrio
Paul E. Freehling
Richard C. Godfrey
Thomas Z. Hayward, Jr.
William Heinz
John J. Held
Donald B. Hilliker
Erin E. Kelly
Diana C. Liu
Eric N. Macey
Lawrence A. Manson +
Michael E. Massie
Adrianne C. Mazura +
John H. Morrison

Illinois (cont.)
John J. O’Malley
Anne Pramaggiore
Joseph A. Power, Jr.
Harry J. Roper
David S. Ruder
Edward F. Ryan
Robert W. Sacoff +
Richard J. Rappaport
J. Robert Robertson
Brigitte Schmidt Bell
Carole Silver
Barry Sullivan +
Richard L. Thies
Lott H. Thomas
Preston McCullough Torbert +
Jia Zhao
Andrea Zopp

Viola J. Taliaferro

Frank J. Carroll
Roxanne Barton Conlin +

James Bartimus
Gerald L. Rushfelt +

Robert Harvey Johnston II
Herbert D. Sledd

Stephen J. Herman
Michael J. Mestayer +
Patrick C. Morrow
Frank X. Neuner, Jr. +
Jimmie Cecil Peters
John Dale Powers
Leopold Zangwill Sher
Phillip A. Wittmann

Roger A. Putnam
William A. Rogers, Jr.
Richard O. Berndt
Peter Buscemi +
Kathleen O. Friedman
Herbert S. Garten
James A. Kenney III
Ava E. Lias-Booker
Judith A. Miller +
Diana M. Savit +

Samuel Adams
Lisa Gayle Arrowood
Levin H. Campbell
Jeffrey L. Hirsch +
Kay H. Hodge
William F. Joy
Stanley Keller
Amy Cashore Mariani +
Angela Onwuachi-Willig
Mitchel S. Ross
Mindee Wasserman
Edward H. Cooper
George William Gregory
Catherine Stevens McClure
Lee T. Silver

Gail Dyer Baker
Jerry W. Blackwell +
Steve A. Brand
Bradley Clary +
David S. Doty
William E. Fox
Spiwe L. Jefferson
Thomas C. Leighton
Marc J. Manderscheid +
David C. Moody

Benjamin E. Griffith +
John G. Corlew
Joe Sam Owen ^
Joy L. Phillips
George M. Simmerman, Jr.
Susan Frelich Appleton
C. Ronald Baird
Edward L. Dowd, Jr.
Maurice B. Graham +
Sam F. Hamra
Raymond Lee Massey +
James C. Mordy
Maury B. Poscover
Robert G. Russell
Harvey Tettlebaum
H. A. Walther ^

Robert M. Carlson +
Robert W.Minto, Jr.
J. Anthony Patterson, Jr.
Matthew B. Thiel
D.C. Bradford III
Daniel P. Chesire
James W. Hewitt
Kile W. Johnson
William J. Mueller
Kim M. Robak ^
Deborah A. Agosti
Nancy A. Becker ^
Herbert J. Santos, Jr.
New Hampshire
Jack B. Middleton
Jennifer L. Parent +
Lisa T. Stewart +

New Jersey
Paul R. D’Amato
M. Douglas Dunn +
Raymond S. Londa
Robert A. Longhi
Jay J. Rice
Harold J. Ruvoldt, Jr.
Floyd Shapiro
Joel D. Siegal
Rayman L. Solomon +
Donald J. Volkert, Jr.

New Mexico
Paul A. Kastler
Roberta Cooper Ramo +
Charles I. Wellborn

New York
Arthur N. Abbey
Edward A.K. Adler
Gerald Aksen +
Mark H. Alcott
David Boies
Mary McInnis Boies
Alec Y. Chang
Sylvia Fung Chin +
Terrence M. Connors
Denis F. Cronin
Harvey P. Dale
Dorothy Eisenberg
Mitchell S. Eitel
Adam O. Emmerich +
John D. Feerick
Blair C. Fensterstock
Lucas A. Ferrara +
Austin T. Fragomen, Jr. +
Donald Fried
James Gadsden
Bruce A. Green
John H. Hall
Philip M. Halpern
Andrew L. Herz
Robert B. Hiden, Jr.
Candace M. Jones +
E. Stewart Jones, Jr.
Robert E. Juceam
Michael P. Kessler
Philip J. Kessler
William F Kuntz II +
Thomas R. Lalla, Jr. +
Ann B. Lesk
Susan B. Lindenauer
Lorraine S. McGowen
Thomas J. Moloney
Robert H. Mundheim
Kay C. Murray
Gary Philip Naftalis
Bernard W. Nussbaum
Iriving H. Picard +
Vincent F. Pitta+
Alan S. Rachlin
Kathryn E. B. Robb
Barbara Paul Robinson
Nicholas A. Robinson
Carmine A. Rubino +
Deborah A. Scalise
Michael L. Schler +
Sanford J. Schlesinger
H. Richard Schumacher

New York (Cont.)
David A. Schwartz
Christopher A. Seeger +
Adam Seiden,
James R. Silkenat
James L. Stengel +
Alan J. Stone +
Ronald J. Tabak
Paul Vizcarrondo, Jr.
Stephen R. Volk
Mary Kay Vyskocil
Sol Wachtler
Ellen G. Yost
Stephen P. Younger
Philip Zhang
Howard Zucker +

North Carolina
E. Osborne Ayscue, Jr.
Robert H. Edmunds, Jr. +
Michael Donwell Gunter
John Haworth
W. Stell Huie
North Dakota
Paul F. Richard

Katherine D. Brandt ^
Joseph Cirigliano
Jon M. Sebaly +

Mark W. Curnutte +
John A. Gaberino, Jr.
V. Burns Hargis ^
Graydon Dean Luthey, Jr.
John W. Norman +
James M. Sturdivant

Bernard Jolles

Sara A. Austin
Curtis H. Barnette +
Amelia H. Boss
William H. Brown III
Arthur Thomas Donato, Jr. +
Susan Beth Farmer
Don P. Foster +
Leon P. Haller
Lawrence T. Hoyle, Jr.
Justin M. Johnson
Thomas E. Kopil
Robert Henry Louis
Barbara N. Lyons
John E. Osborn
Charles J. Queenan, Jr.
Abraham Charles Reich
Jack A. Rounick
Paul H. Saint-Antoine
Joan N. Stern
Richard S. Wiedman +

Puerto Rico
Jorge R. Jimenez
South Carolina
J. Michelle Childs
John D. Elliott ^+
William Andrew Gowder Jr.
I.S. Leevy Johnson
James K. Lehman
Joseph F. Rice
Andrew John Savage III +
Marguerite Willis
South Dakota
Charles M. Thompson
Linda Lea M. Viken

Charles M. Thompson
T. Maxfield Bahner +
Robert L. Childers
David M. Cook
Bernice B. Donald
Albert C. Harvey
Aubrey B. Harwell, Jr.
Barbara Mendel Mayden
Linda Strite Murnane
Marcia M. McMurray+
Howard T. Wall III

Barry Abrams +
James Robert Arnett II +
Scott J. Atlas
David J. Beck
Martin D. Beirne
Stanley Louis Blend
John T. Cabaniss
Bennett W. Cervin
John Allen Chalk, Sr.
James Vinson Derrick, Jr. +
Kelly Frels
Lisa M. Frenkel +
W. Royal Furgeson, Jr.
John Ralph Gilbert
Melanie Gray
Jennifer B. Hogan
Jo Ann Jay Howard +
Wallace B. Jefferson
David E. Keltner
Ted M. Kerr
Scott C. Krist +
Barbara M.G. Lynn
Daniel M. McClure
John J. Okray
Robert Thompson Mowrey +
Richard Pena
Christopher John Pettit
Philip John Pfeiffer
Harry M. Reasoner
Penny P. Reid
Nelson Roach
Robert F. Ruckman
Myron M. Sheinfeld
Georganna L. Simpson
Steven L. Smith
Susan S. Soussan
Stephen L. Tatum
Larry E. Temple ^
J. David Tracy
Allan Van Fleet
Patricia Jean Villareal

Rodney G. Snow
L. Kinvin Wroth
Virgin Islands
George H. T. Dudley +
Henry L. Feuerzeig +

Bernard J. DiMuro +
Harry J. Haynsworth IV
Henry S. Keuling-Stout
Heman A. Marshall III

Ronald L. Berenstain
Paula E. Boggs +
Ellen Conedera Dial
John R. Connelly, Jr. +
Karl John Ege
Juli Farris
Thomas M. Fitzpatrick
Eileen A. Kato +
Evan L. Loeffler
Jon Howard Rosen +
Judith Runstad
Sara P. Sandford

West Virginia
Sue Seibert Farnsworth
Frederick P. Stamp, Jr.
Herbert G. Underwood

Joseph W. Boucher
Donald J. Christl
Glenn R. Coates
Arthur J. Harrington
Earl H. Munson, Jr.
Wilbur W. Warren III
Clay R. Williams

Gregory C. Dyekman +

Peter Bubenzer
Del William Atwood
Woon-Wah Siu
Lalit Bhasin
Northern Mariana Islands
Michael A. White
Sustaining Life Fellows
Sustaining Life Fellows contribute a minimum of $300 annually to the American Bar Foundation. 
Listed here are Sustaining Life Fellows for fiscal year 2020-2021:
Ernest B. Abbott
Michael E. Abram
Robert O. Ackley
Benjamin C. Adams, Jr.
Benny Agosto, Jr.
Jacqueline S. Akins
Constance Akridge
Cynthia C. Albracht-Crogan
M. Nan Alessandra
Amanda Green Alexander
Ann Leslie Alton
Charles L. Anderson
Joe R. Anderson
Marcine Anderson
Peter Maitland Angulo
Rosemary E. Armstrong
Sharon Stewart Armstrong
Karen Arnold-Burger
Ruthe Catolico Ashley
Gerald L. Bader, Jr.
Burck Bailey
Donald K. Bain
John G. Baker
Stuart D. Baker
Kevin E. Barber
Arlena M. Barnes
Deborah Ann Browers Barnes Ronald Merrill Barnes
Eunice Tall Baros
Lynne B. Barr
Alice M. Bartelt
Becky Ann Bartness
William G. Bassler
Frederick J. Baumann
William R. Bay
Lawrence E. Bechler
Michelle A. Behnke
Aaron M. Beim
Robert M. Bell
Robert E. Bellin
Kenneth Mark Bello
Jennifer Zbytowski Belveal
J. Truman Bidwell, Jr.
Christian F. Binnig
Rachel S. Black
Watson B. Blair
Robert William Blanchard
Charles Blomquist
Steven Paul Blonder
Joseph B. Bluemel
Terry W. Bonnette
Thomas H. Boyd
Willard L. Boyd III
Suzanne Bocell Bradley
Stephan Young Brennan
Diane M. Brenneman Jonathan J. Bridge
Stacy A. Broman
D. Douglas Brothers
Garrett E. Brown, Jr.
Michael A. Brown
Quentin Q. Brown
Sharie A. Brown
Thomas Michael Bruen
Robert E. Buckholz, Jr.
Joan R. M. Bullock
I. Jackson Burson, Jr.
John P. Burton
John Wm. Butler, Jr.
Luis A. Cabassa
Gregory Andrews Cade
Craig L. Caesar
Elwood F. Cahill, Jr.
Guido Calabresi
E. Colby Cameron
Larry A. Campagna
Jason P. Capizzi
Vincent A. Carbonell
Jose Alberto Cardenas
Donald W. Carlson
William C. Carpenter, Jr.
James Michael Carr
John L. Carroll
Ann Cathcart Chaplin
George Barry Cauthen
T. E. Cauthorn III
Emily Gould Chafa
Charles E. Chamberlain, Jr. Patricia D. Chamblin
Debbie S. Champion
Donna L. Chapman
Mario M. Choi
James L. Chosy
Erik A. Christiansen
Thomas P. Cimino, Jr.
Frank Ciuffani
Kelly-Ann Clarke
Steven E. Clyde
Shirley A. Cochran
Nancy L. Cohen
Robert S. Cohen
Susan J. Cohen
Laura Collins
Theodore J. Collins
Ian M. Comisky
James W. Conrad, Jr.
Errol Copilevitz
Thomas William Cranmer
Robert A. Creamer
Bernardo M. Cremades
Philip M. Cronin
Anatolio B. Cruz III
Thomas F. Cullen, Jr.
Stephen J. Curley
Barry A. Currier
Carr L. Darden
Susan Leach DeBlasio
John Mark Debro
Raymond Myles Deeny
Melissa Griner Delacerda
Paul R. DeMuro
Morton Denlow
John G. DeSimone
Edward B. Deutsch
Clinton E. Deveaux
Ronald Grant DeWaard
A. Darby Dickerson
Robert J Diehl, Jr.
Dean R. Dietrich
Joseph M. DiOrio
C. Edward Dobbs
Michael Dockterman
Bonnie Kay Donahue
Brian John Donnelly
Keith A. Dotseth
Ronald W. Dougherty
Daniel G. Dowd
Peter E. Doyne, Ret.
Brian C. Duffy
Brian Stephen Duffy
Alan William Duncan
Robert R. Duncan
Roy Carlos Durling, Jr.
Marcia M. Eason
Thomas S. Edwards, Jr.
Lewis Charles Eisenberg Deborah Enix-Ross
Pamela Chapman Enslen JoAnne A. Epps
Alan Bruce Epstein
Jeffrey M. Epstein
Michael G. Ermer
Antonio Escudero
Charles R. Eskridge III
Dennis Arnold Estis
Elizabeth Turrell Farrar
Zachary Dean Fasman
Todd Feltus
Mark E. Ferguson
Phillip Randolph Finch, Jr.
Robert Dean Fisher
Samuel Fisher
Sarah A. W. Fitts
Francis Christopher Flaherty
Elizabeth C. Flanagan
Diane Pulley Flannery
Michael E. Flowers
Jamie L. Forman
Michelle Marie Forsell
Susan Fortney
Bonnie E. Fought
Donald T. Fox
Nicholas J. Fox
Karen J. Freedman
Rick E. Freeman
Robert E. Freitas
Eric Jonathan Friedman
Gregory A. Friedman
Koji Francis Fukumura
Keith Galliher

Richard M. Gardella
F. John Garza
Anne Shea Gaza
H. Emily George
Michael C. Geraghty
Sharon Stern Gerstman
Meyer H. Gertler
Paul J. Giancola
Francesco Gianni
J. Mark Gidley
Martha E. Gifford
Grant Peter Gilezan
Edward J. Gilliss
P. Gregory Giordano
Michael Giudicessi
Kristin Going
Jeffrey Bruce Golden
Stephen Goldspiel
Linda C Goldstein
Diana P. Gomez
Geoffrey M. Goodale
Henry Lewis Goodman
Roger E. Goodman
Holly Gotcher
Roger B. Greenberg
Mary L. Greenwood
Thomas C. Grella
Robert W. Griffith
Jonathan A. Grode
Nicholas Groombridge
Jerry John Guillot
Amy Collignon Gunn
Lucas Guttentag
John S. Guttmann
Peter F. Habein
Howard Fredrick Hahn
Jeffrey A Hall
Jason Michael Halper
John Wadsworth Hamlin
Philip G. Hampton II
Dean Hansell
Randall A. Hanson
Sidney Jay Hardy
Norman E. Harned
Robin E. Harvey
Aubrey B. Harwell III
Robert E. Hauberg, Jr.
Kathleen B. Havener
J. Richard Hazlett
David L. Hefflinger
Cornelius D. Helfrich
Donna Nelson Heller
Glenn P. Hendrix
John D. Hilmes
Eric L. Hiser
James R. Hobbs
John A. Hoffman
David A. Hoines
Dannye Holley
James J. S. Holmes
William Richard Holzapfel
Laura K. Hong
Anne M. Honsa
William Wiley Horton
Barbara Kerr Howe
James A. Huguenard
R. Bruce Hurley
Brian Hurst
Kimberly A. Hurtado
J. Nelson Irvine
Sharon A. Israel
Kimberly A. Jackson
Paul R. Johnson
William D. Johnston
Michael C. Jones
Robert Kaler
Mary Kay Kane
M. Keith Kapp
Scott M. Karson
Melvin L. Katten
David A. Katz
Hugh R. Kelly
Paul R. Kiesel
Dale A. Kimball
Ray W. King
Dale L. Kingman
Mary P. Kirwan
W.H. Knight, Jr.
David L. Korman
Henry A. Korman
Alan W. Kornberg
John Claiborne Koski
David R. Kott
Susan M.C. Kovarovics
Terry L. Kramer
Emil F. Kratt
Jeff B. Kray
Audrey Kucia
Elliot B. Kula
Donald J. Kunz
Kenneth R. Kupchak
Edward Labaton
Stephen Thomas LaBriola
Brian LaCien
Peter V. Lacouture
Jayna Lamar
Carolyn B. Lamm
Ruth Amada Lane
Thomas Ardell Larkin
Anne E. Larson
Carol F. Lee
Tiffani G. Lee
William F. Lee
Johnathan C. Lerner
Joseph W. Letzer
Brendon P. Levesque
David F. Levi
Mela Lew
Wallace K. Lightsey
Michael K. Lindsey
Jeffrey Alan Lipps
Jennifer Michelle Litwak
Bradford L. Livingston
Lucinda A. Low
Kent M. Lucaccioni
Juanita B. Luis
Richard Charles Luis
Myles V. Lynk
Ted B. Lyon, Jr.
Peter J. Maassen
Susan T. Mackenzie
Helena S. Maclay
Daniel B. Magraw, Jr.
Cynthia Maria Maleski
Julian Mann III
Craig P. Mannarino
Michael Joseph Manning
Wendy K. Mariner
Edward Grauman Marks
Stanley J. Marks
Thurgood Marshall, Jr.
Charles Arthur Marvin
John C. Mascelli
Kenneth W. Masters
Carol M. Mates
Michele Coleman Mayes
Joseph B. Mays
Philip Spear McCune
Alan J. McDonald
Gerald T. McDonald
Patrick McGlone
Carolyn B. McHugh
Thomas F. McKee
Kathleen Elizabeth McLeroy
Mark S. McNeil
Douglas Lawrence McSwain Margaret M. McVeigh Michael Terry Medford
Cyrus D. Mehta
George J. Meyer
Addison J. Meyers
Jane I. Milas
Robin J. Miles
Retta A. Miller
Stephen R. Miller
Eileen D. Millett
Ronald C. Minkoff
Delmer R. Mitchell
Soni Hope Mithani
Kristen L. Mix
Cary J. Mogerman
R. Wilson Montjoy II
Rachel F. Moran
Mark C Morril
Judy Hamilton Morse
Darrell G. Mottley
Samuel P. Moulthrop
John C. Moylan III
David Bond Mueller
Carl F. Muller
David Lombard Mulliken William A. Munck
Linda Kristine Myers
Cynthia E. Nance
Dianne M. Nast
Rajsekhar Natarajan
Patricia Nemeth
Amy Lynn Neuhardt
Lynn Katherine Neuner
Lynn Fontaine Newsome
Tram Nguyen
Steven Nicholas
Sam G. Nicholson
John AV Nicoletti
David Lee Niederdeppe
John A. Noland
D. Michael Noonan
Paul R. Norman
Kenneth R. Nowakowski
Phillip D. O'Connell, Jr.
Bruce E. O'Connor
Joseph D. O'Connor
Eric A. Oesterle
Edward P. O'Keefe
Solomon Oliver, Jr.
Olufunmi Oluyede
Edith G. Osman
Kathryn L. Ossian
Evelyn Padin
John T. Palter
David K. Park
Sarah Elizabeth Parker
Linda Sue Parks
Donald F. Parsons, Jr.
Lisa A. Paulson
Perry L. Pe
Alejandro R. Perkins
Ralph B. Perry III
Joshua Perttula
Steven F. Pflaum
Morton A. Pierce
Robert L. Podvey
Jeffrey M. Pollock
Rebecca G. Pontikes
Harold D. Pope III
Michael Vance Powell
Harlan I. Prater IV
Mary A. Prebula
Dennis Prince
Denise C. Puente
Manuel A. Quilichini
John E. Quinn
Roshan N. Rajkumar
Richard J. R. Raleigh, Jr.
Kevin Rames
Natalie Diane Ramsey
Claire E. Reade
Michael H. Reed
Gwendolyn Prothro Renigar Thomas Alan Rhodes
R. Bruce Rich
Sandra Geiger Richardson Roberto A. Rivera-Soto
David W. Rivkin
R. Eric Robertson
Patricia Kennedy Rocha
Daniel B. Rodriguez
Carlos A. Rodriguez-Vidal Lawrence David Rosenberg Herman B. Rosenthal
Rebecca A. Roser
Arthur W. Rovine
James Parkerson Roy
Edward A. Ruffo
Miles N. Ruthberg
Catherine Ann Ryan
James F. Sanders
James J. Sandman
David L. Sargent
James P. Savitt
James G. Sawtelle
David A. Schaefer
Damian S. Schaible
Shira A. Scheindlin
Paul M. Schmidt
Andrew M. Schpak
Ellen L. Schulhofer
Andrew G. Schultz
Stuart Schwartz
Russell Kenneth Scott
Richard Seabolt
Christian Dietrich Searcy
Scott S. Segal
David J. Seipp
Kathleen R. Sherby
Martin B. Shulkin
Lewis R. Sifford
Steven M. Silverberg
David N. Simmons
Constance Slaughter-Harvey Thomas J. Smedinghoff
Edwin E. Smith
Mary L. Smith
Paul M. Smith
Selma Moidel Smith
Thomas W. Snook
Jennifer Platzkere Snyder
Olga C. Soler-Bonnin
Thomas E. Spahn
Nancy Kaymar Stafford
Michael G. Stag
Krista S. Stearns
Kathryn Ann Stephenson
Scott Alan Stichter
Kathleen Strickland
Peter K. Stris
Thomas J. Strobl
Jeffery V. Stuckey
William F. Stutts
Sanya Sukduang
Christopher P. Sullivan Sr. Frank Sullivan, Jr.
Kimberly Anne Summe
James Roddy Tanner
Carl Robin Robin Teague Michael William Thrall
Samuel A. Thumma
Bradley J. B. Toben
Willard K. Tom
Patrick Tomasiewicz
Margaret Lynch Tomlinson Jason Torchinsky
Mary T. Torres
Mitchell A. Toups
Craig L. Truman
Michael Lloyd Tuchin
Mark Logan Tuft
Dinsmore Tuttle
Don H. Twietmeyer
William D. Underwood
Amy Van Horne
Michael J. Van Zandt
Palmer Gene Vance II
Shane Anthony Vannatta Macharri Vorndran-Jones
J. Scott Vowell
Sean P. Wajert
Ira J. Waldman
Liza M. Walsh
Nicholas Joseph Walsh
Will O. (Trip) Walton III Herbert S. Wander
Nelson Waneka
T. John Ward
Kim McLane Wardlaw
Sayre Weaver
Corey Frank Wehmeyer
Ian S. Weinstein
Stewart M. Weintraub
Janet K. Welch
Giovanna T. Weller
John F. Welsh
Robert G. West
Thomas W. White
Lance B. B. Wickman
Robert J. Will
Deborah D. Williamson Deanne M. Wilson
George O. Winborne Jr.
Danette Wineberg
Charles B. Wolf
William D. Wood
Daniel James Woods
Joel O. Wooten
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Bruce E. Yannett
Dwight Yoo
James J. Yukevich
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