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A message from the 2016-2017 Fellows Chair:
Michael H. Byowitz

Michael H. Byowitz, Chair of The Fellows
As Chair of the Fellows, I want to remind all of you how much the American Bar Foundation (ABF) depends upon support from the Fellows.
You will read in this newsletter that the American Bar Endowment (ABE) recently awarded a generous $3.4 million grant to the ABF.  We are thankful for the ABE, which has been providing annual support to the ABF for more than 60 years. 
While we are enormously grateful for the ABE's generosity, support from the Fellows is increasingly important.  As federal funding declines (not to mention the recent proposal to defund national institutes which frequently provide grants to help fund ABF researchers) - and as expenses continue to rise -  the ABF depends upon you, the Fellows, to contribute consistently and as substantially as you are able.
If you have already completed your initial Fellows pledge, in addition to our heartfelt thanks, I ask you to consider joining one of the Life Fellows Giving Societies, if you have not already done so.  These Giving Societies include Life Patron Fellow, Life Benefactor Fellow and Life Leadership Fellow for total lifetime giving of $5,000, $10,000 and $25,000 respectively. Click here to learn more about these opportunities.  Life Fellows who give at these higher levels are recognized in the ABF Annual Report, on a Donor Board outside the Life Fellows Champagne Reception at Annual and Midyear meetings, on the website and in newsletters.  Click here to see the names of your colleagues in the Giving Societies. If you are not a member of one of these Giving Societies, I hope you will join, and if you are a member, I ask that you consider pledging to move up to the next level.
If you are a Fellow, and you are still paying on your initial pledge, please consider making a payment (click here to do so).  If you are already a Life Fellow, we ask that you continue to support the ABF's critically acclaimed, empirical, interdisciplinary work that seeks to advance justice through rigorous research on the law, legal process, and law's impact on society (click here to make a gift).
Best regards,

Byowitz signature  
Michael H. Byowitz
Fellows Chair

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2016-17 Fellows Officers
Honor a Colleague with a Fellows Nomination
Life Fellows Spotlight
Make Your Annual Contribution
ABF Awarded Grant from the ABE
Researching Law
ABF Research Update
Fellows Events at the 2017 ABA Midyear Meeting
Life Leadership Fellows
Life Fellow Giving Societies
Welcome New Fellows
2016-17 Fellows Officers

Michael H. Byowitz
New York, NY

Rew R. Goodenow
Reno, NV

Reginald Turner
Detroit, MI

Hon. Cara Lee Neville (Ret.)
Immediate Past Chair
Minneapolis, MN

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Honor a Colleague with a Fellows Nomination
Fellows in the News
Recent and Upcoming Events

January 25, 2017
Featured ABF Faculty Fellow  Professor Ronit Dinovitzer
Hosted by State Co- Chairs Judge
 Elizabeth Snow Stong 
and Kenneth G. Standard. Special thanks to Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz for sponsoring

February 1-5, 2017

February 22, 2017
Featured ABF Research Professor Stephen DanielsHosted by State Co-Chairs Mitchell L. Bach and Professor Amelia H. Boss. Special thanks to Pepper Hamilton LLP for sponsoring

February 23, 2017
Featured  Ajay K. Mehrotra , Executive Director of the American Bar Foundation
and Rew Goodenow , Chair-Elect of the Fellows of the American Bar Foundation. Hosted by the UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law and Dean Daniel Hamilton

February 23, 2017
UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law presented the Annual Philip Pro Lecture in Legal History

March 9, 2017
With Chief Judge  Robert A. Katzmann, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.  Hosted by State Co- Chairs Judge
 Elizabeth Snow Stong 
and Kenneth G. Standard. Special thanks to Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz for sponsoring

March 23, 2017
Featured ABF Research Professor Janice Nadler. Special thanks to Bergman Dacey Goldsmith for sponsoring 

March 27, 2017
Featured  Ajay K. Mehrotra, Executive Director of the American Bar Foundation. Hosted by State Co-Chairs Janet E. Belkin and C. Bradley Vynalek. Special thanks to  Quarles & Brady LLP for sponsoring

April 27, 2017
Featuring Adam Liptak, U.S. Supreme Court Correspondent, New York Times. Hosted by D.C. Officers, Susan M. Hoffman, Darrell G. Mottley and Paul M. Smith. Special thanks to Banner & Witcoff, LTD. for sponsoring

May 9, 2017
Featuring ABF Research Professor Traci Burch. Hosted by State Co-Chairs Glenn P. Hendrix and Angela M. Hinton. Special thanks to  Arnall Golden Gregory LLP for sponsoring

May 11, 2017
Featuring ABF Research Professor Terence Halliday and ABF Faculty Fellow Sida LiuHosted by State Co- Chairs Judge
 Elizabeth Snow Stong 
and Kenneth G. Standard. Special thanks to Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz for sponsoring

May 11, 2017
Featuring Dean Strang. Hosted by State Co-Chairs Robyn S. Shapiro and 
John S. Skilton

May 18, 2017
Featuring ABF Research Professor Stephen Daniels. Hosted by State Chair Howard Kenison

May 31, 2017
Featuring Professor Laura F. Edwards American Bar Foundation  William H. Neukom Fellows Research Chair in Diversity and Law. Hosted by State Co-Chairs Alice E. Richmond, Lauren Stiler Rikleen and Marilyn J. Wellington. Special thanks to Sherin and Lodgen LLP for hosting

June 6, 2017
"Free Expression in the Trump Era," a panel presented by the ABF and the UCLA School of Law
Featuring ABF Research Professor Laura Beth Nielsen; Seana Shiffrin, Professor of Philosophy and Pete Kameron Professor of Law and Social Justice, UCLA School of Law, Los Angeles, CA;  David McCraw, Assistant General Counsel, The New York Times, New York, NY, and other prominent panelists to be named

June 13, 2017
Featuring ABF Research Professor Janice NadlerHosted by State Co- Chairs Judge
 Elizabeth Snow Stong 
and Kenneth G. Standard. Special thanks to Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz for sponsoring

July 13, 2017
Featuring a keynote address by Dr. Wayne Flynt , author of the upcoming book Mockingbird Songs: My Friendship with Harper Lee. Hosted by State Chair William T. Coplin, Jr.

Click here for more event information
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Life Fellows Spotlight

William G. Paul
Life Leadership Fellow

William G. Paul, Oklahoma Life Leadership Fellow, is an Of Counsel attorney in the Oklahoma City office of Crowe & Dunlevy. Mr. Paul is a past Chair of the Fellows, past ABF Board Member, and past President of the American Bar Association. Mr. Paul is the most recent Fellow to become a Life Leadership Fellow.

Q:  What does being a Fellow mean to you?
A:  It means that I have the privilege of being a member of one of the most prestigious groups in the American legal profession.  For decades the very best among us have been selected for induction as a Fellow.
Q:  What inspired you to make such a substantial commitment to the ABF?
A:  When, as Chairman of the Fellows, I served as a member of the Board of ABF I had the opportunity to become very familiar with the work of ABF and came to know the quality of the research being done for planned publications.  I became convinced of the great value of this work and the relationship between law and society which the ABF explored.  I became convinced that it was worthy of the significant support of the legal profession and in particular of the tremendous support afforded by the Fellows of the ABF.  The leadership of Robert MacCrate and of Bill Neu kom in making substantial gifts to ABF has also been inspirational to me.
Q:  Where were you born and raised?
A:  In a small town, Pauls Valley, Oklahoma (population 6,000) in south central Oklahoma.  I was born there and lived there until I finished college at the University of Oklahoma.  The town was founded in 1847 by my great-great grandfather whose name was Smith Paul.
Q:  What type of law do you practice and how did you become interested in this area?
A:  Although I continue to be Of Counsel to my firm, my current practice is quite limited, primarily to family matters.  Until 1986 I was a litigator.  I had always wanted to be a trial lawyer.  I was on the varsity debate team at the University of Oklahoma and had a real love for oral advocacy.  In 1986 I became Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Phillips Petroleum Company, which position I held for 11 years.  After returning to my firm I specialized in arbitration and mediation. 
Q:  If you hadn't pursued a career in law, what would you have done?
A:  I'm not sure.  I just wanted to be a lawyer.  A career in public service would have been to my liking.  But probably it would have been a career in business, or perhaps in medicine but my family did not have the resources to enable me to attend medical school.
Q:  What do you do when you're not practicing law?
A:  Mostly I read, and watch the wonderful shows on public television.  When I was physically active I went on hunting trips and fishing trips with friends.
Q:  Anything else you'd like to share with us?
A:  Being an ABF Fellow has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of my professional career.  I always looked forward to gatherings of the Fellows, both in Oklahoma and nationally.  I felt I was being included in the very best of our profession and I enjoyed the relationships.

Make Your Annual Contribution
We are grateful for your generosity and continued support. Please  click here  to make a contribution today.

ABF Awarded Grant from the American Bar Endowment

The  American Bar Endowment  (ABE) has awarded a $3.4 million grant to the  American Bar Foundation  (ABF), the nation's leading research institute for the empirical and interdisciplinary study of law. The grant will support the ABF's acclaimed research, publications, and programs that advance justice and the understanding of law and its impact on society. The ABE  announced at the end of March  that it will award over $7 million in total grants to programs that give back to the good works of the legal profession.

The ABF has received annual grants from the ABE since its founding in 1952. This $3.4 million grant is the largest amount the ABF has received in seven years, and will support the organization's research projects during the 2017-18 fiscal year. The ABF's current research projects
include an examination of the link between gun violence in schools and increased unemployment, a long-term, empirical study of career satisfaction and occupational mobility in the legal profession, an evaluation of access to justice and civil legal needs, an assessment of the effects of parental incarceration on children, and an analysis of approaches courts can use in revising jury instructions.

Over the past 60 years, the ABE has granted over $270 million to the ABF and the  ABA Fund for Justice and Education.
Researching Law

Opening Doors to Inquiry: The 2016 Summer Research Diversity Fellowship

Researching Law: An ABF Update is a quarterly newsletter designed to acquaint a wide audience with the research activities of the American Bar Foundation. The current issue, "Opening Doors to Inquiry: The 2016 Summer Research Diversity Fellowship," focuses on the Montgomery Summer Research Diversity Fellowship (SRDF). 

The ABF began the Montgomery Summer Research Diversity Fellowship in 1988  to introduce undergraduate students  from diverse backgrounds to the rewards and demands of a research-oriented career in the field of law and social science. Over the past 28 years, the ABF has hosted 118 students. The program is supported in part by the Kenneth F. and Harle G. Montgomery Foundation, AT&T, the National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates, and the Law School Admissions Council. The 2016 fellows, Francesca Hidalgo-Wohlleben, Daniella Zessoules, Bara Ahmad, and Kavya Rallabhandi, were chosen from over 200 applicants.
ABF Research Update

A new report co-authored by ABF Faculty Fellow  Rebecca L. Sandefur  evaluates the efficacy and sustainability of the Limited Licensed Legal Technicians   Program in Washington state. 

Limited Licensed Legal Technicians (LLLTs) represent a new legal role that builds on the capabilities of traditional paralegals and operates without supervision by lawyers. LLLTs primarily help customers fill out legal forms and understand legal procedures. The program started with the family law practice area, but Washington State plans to expand to additional practice areas in the near future. 

This evaluation follows Sandefur's previous report on non-lawyer alternative programs.



A new interdisciplinary study released in January by researchers at  Northwestern University  reveals a link between incidents of gun violence in schools and increased unemployment. The study was coauthored by  John Hagan , an ABF research professor and the John D. MacArthur Professor of Sociology and Law at Northwestern University, and data scientists  Professor Adam R. Pah  and  Professor Luís Amaral

Fellows Events at the 2017 ABA Midyear Meeting in Miami, FL

Thank you to those who were able to attend the Fellows Events at the ABA Midyear Meeting in Miami, FL.  We would also like to thank Boies, Schiller & Flexner L.L.P.
 for  generously sponsoring the Fellows Opening Reception and  Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz  for generously sponsoring the 61st Annual Fellows Awards Reception and Banquet!

Left to right:  Meredith Martin Rountree, Visiting Assistant Professor, Northwestern Pritzker School of Law,  Hon. Bernice Donald, past ABF Board President and United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, and  Neal R. Sonnett, FL State Co-Chair and Founder and Managing Partner, Neal R. Sonnett, P.A., during the Fellows CLE Research Seminar: "The Unintended Consequences of American Criminal Justice." The panel was moderated by  Marissel Descalzo , Partner, Tache, Bronis, Christianson and Descalzo, P. A.

Helaine M. Barnett, Outstanding Service Award Winner and New York Sustaining Life Fellow, accepting her award at the 61st Annual Fellows Awards Banquet and Reception

Life Leadership Fellows
We would like to thank our Life Leadership Fellows for their generosity and dedication to support the work of the American Bar Foundation! Life Leadership Fellows, our highest giving society, are Life Fellows who have contributed an aggregate of $25,000. 

Jacqueline Allee , Coral Gables, FL
Michael H. Byowitz , New York, NY
Mortimer M. Caplin,  Washington, DC
David A. Collins , Beverly Hills, MI
John J. Creedon , Larchmont, NY
Ellen J. Flannery , Washington, DC
David S. Houghton, Omaha, NE
William H. Neukom, Seattle, WA
William G. Paul, Oklahoma City, OK
Wm. T. Robinson III, Florence, KY
David K.Y. Tang, Seattle WA

To learn more about Life Leadership Fellows and our other Life Fellow Giving Societies,  click here.
Welcome to the New Members in our Life Fellow Giving Societies

Welcome to the newest members of our  Life Benefactor Fellow and  Life Patron  Fellow Giving Societies  since December 1, 2016 ! We greatly appreciate their continued support and contributions to the Foundation. 

Life Benefactor Fellows
Contributed an aggregate of $10,000

Scott F. Partridge, Houston, TX
W. Brian Rose, New York, NY
Donald Alan Workman, Washington, DC

Life Patron Fellows
Contributed an aggregate of $5,000

Lisa Gayle Arrowood, Boston, MA
Russell James Austin, Sacramento, CA
T. Maxfield Bahner, Chattanooga, TN
Harold C. Buckingham, Jr., Bloomfield, CT
Daniel P. Chesire, Omaha, NE
Donald J. Christl, Milwaukee, WI
Edward H. Cooper, Ann Arbor, MI
Richard H. Critchlow, Miami, FL
Leary Davis, Wendell, NC
Michael K. Demetrio, Chicago, IL
Bernard J. DiMuro, Alexandria, VA
Jo Ann Engelhardt, Palm Beach, FL
Glenn Phillip Falk, Coral Gables, FL
Sarah Gemma Flanagan, San Francisco, CA
Don P. Foster, Philadelphia, PA
Ronald Kinnan Golemon, Austin, TX
Rew R. Goodenow, Reno, NV
Barry C. Hawkins, Stamford, CT
John J. Held, Winnetka, IL
Andrew L. Herz, New York, NY
Kay H. Hodge, Boston, MA
L. Tyrone Holt, Denver, CO
Candace M. Jones, New York, NY
Robert J. Krapf, Wilmington, DE
Eric N. Macey, Chicago, IL
Marc J. Manderscheid, Saint Paul, MN
Michael J Mestayer, New Orleans, LA
Richard W. Millar, Jr., Irvine, CA
Judith A. Miller, Chevy Chase, MD
George M. "Jack" Neal, Jr., Birmingham, AL
John W. Norman, Oklahoma City, OK
J.A. (Tony) Patterson, Jr., Kalispell, MT
Carter G. Phillips, Washington, D.C.
Lauren Robel, Bloomington, IN
Russell M. Robinson II, Charlotte, NC
Patrick G. Rogan, Malibu, CA
Sanford J. Schlesinger, New York, NY
Rita A. Sheffey, Atlanta, GA
Walter L. Sutton, Jr., Dallas, TX
Paul Vizcarrondo, Jr., New York, NY

We would also like to thank our recent Sustaining Life Fellows  for their support and continued generosity! Sustaining Life Fellows are Life Fellows who contribute a minimum of $250 annually. To view a list of new Sustaining Life Fellows since December 1, 2016 , please

We also want to welcome our newest   Life Fellows. Life Fellows are Fellows who have completed their initial Fellows pledge. We truly appreciate their generous support! To view a list of new Life Fellows since December 1, 2016, please click   here.
For a complete list of all Life Fellow Giving Society Members, please click here. Lists are updated at the end of each month.

Welcome New Fellows!
Please join us in welcoming the newest members of The Fellows of the American Bar Foundation!  For a complete list of new Fellows inducted since December 1, 2016, please click  here!
The ABF's primary funding is provided by the American Bar Endowment (ABE), a §501(c)(3) not-for-profit public charity whose mission is to support law-related research, educational and public service projects. ABE provides opportunities for ABA Members to get quality, affordable insurance, underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company, a trusted insurer, while giving back to the good works of the legal profession.
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