Message from our Generosity Pastor
Generosity is an admirable trait, isn't it? I can't think of one person or organization that I admire who would not agree that living generously is a cherished character quality. Your church values generosity and therefore works selflessly to share its time, talents, and money with others.
Sharing our Lives ... Have you noticed how many of the dozens of great non-profits, ministries, and organizations doing great work in our community have volunteers from your Community Groups? How many of the leaders, workers, and the donors are a part of this church? I have. The core value of releasing the people of Fellowship into their God-given, versus church directed passions leads to an amazing amount of effective ministry in the heart of NWA.
Using our influence ... People are confounded by NWA. I believe NWA, and Fellowship in particular, has a great ratio of "generosity to ego." A ratio says how one trait is compared to another. People who are new to Fellowship ask me,"Who are all these generous people? Who does these amazing things?" And the best part of the answer is simple: I don't know. Fellowship's people have the ability to use their resources... putting their fingerprints everywhere and their names nowhere. I love this part of our congregation's heart--releasing members to generous living, watching and coordinating social change, evangelism, and spiritual growth--all while taking no credit.
Strategic use of our finances ... One of the overriding reasons people sign up for Financial Peace University, call Freedom 5:1 for a counselor, or take the Align class at Fellowship is to find margin or fine tune their lives. This should be of value to all of us and can benefit those who make a tremendous amount of money and those with a limited income. Finding a way to balance income and expenses leads to margin; and margin allows for the desire to be generous to become the act of being generous. Wow! How cool is it to be in a position to act on our God-given desire to be a generous people. When Fellowship teaches and practices generous living, it is not because the church wants something from you... but because we want something for you--the joy of generous living.
Sharing our Expertise ... All of us have experiences, and from our experiences we earn expertise. Have you considered how to share your expertise in an area as your ministry? Just yesterday, I heard about a need for an accounting and finance need with global workers overseas. Pray hard about sharing your profession, your hobby, or your passion with others.
The new fiscal year at your church began July 1. Greg Seay and his team are preparing for the audit of last year's books. The generous giving of your family and the many other families at Fellowship allowed for amazing ministry, life-change, and spiritual growth to happen during the last fiscal year. My prayer is for even more impact on NWA and the world. You are a part of something big!
Lamar Steiger
Generosity Pastor
Did You Know?
Your generosity to Fellowship not only supports the ministries on our campuses; it also supports other ministries both near (in NWA) and far (around the world). 
Watch this video to see just some of the ministries that your generosity supports.
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Thank you Fellowship for your generosity in time, talent, and treasure for life- change in Northwest Arkansas and around the world!

For questions, comments, or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to the Generosity Team.

Don Reed, Generosity/Legacy Advisor

Scott Huse, Financial Peace University Coordinator

Hector Sanabria, Generosity Coordinator

Lamar Steiger, Fellowship Generosity Pastor
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