Happy Friday, Fellowship Family!

It's wonderful to come back after a relaxing weekend of rest and recovery to hear that not only all of the weekend's events ran smoothly but also that my invited guest, Rev. John Johnson, felt warmly received by all who spoke with him on Sunday. I knew that I had nothing to worry about! I had a great time away with some friends.

I look forward to being back with you in worship this Sunday, when we will turn our focus to a unique interaction between Jesus and a sick person. It's not that those interactions between Jesus and a sick person are unique, but with what the person is sick. If you're interested, you can "read ahead" and read through Luke's gospel - specifically chapter 8.

After being together on Sunday, I encourage you to join me and members of the Faith Formation Committee on Monday night at Kickback Jack's Restaurant off of New Garden Road (right near the New Garden/Bryan Boulevard junction) at 8pm for the first Social Spark event! We will gather to enjoy our time together - maybe we can share some appetizers and whatever beverage wets your whistle so we can ignite conversation around some current events, looking at them through a faith-based lens.

Please make sure check out that announcement - and others below - for more information about what's going on in our church's life. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday - whether in-person or online!

With gratitude,
Pastor Kathryn
Sunday (Virtual) Worship Information

Sunday worship is in-person, but will continue to be available through Facebook Live, Zoom, and YouTube.

Worshipping via Zoom allows for worship participants to, at the least, see each other during worship, should a participant join through computer. Zoom also allows for worship participants to join by phone, should they not have access to a computer.

To join by phone, call: (646)558-8656

When you dial in you will be asked for a meeting ID number: enter 847 7231 7808The password is: 658602Depending on the time you dial in, you may not hear anything to start with. When the Prelude begins, you will hear audio.

To access worship by Zoom via computer, please click here.

(If you'd prefer to access the worship service through the Zoom website, please enter Meeting ID 847 7231 7808 - the password is: 658602.)

To access worship by Facebook Live, please click here.

To access worship by YouTube, please click here.

Don't forget - you can access this week's bulletin via the church's website or by clicking here.
Thank you for the simple gesture of setting a green bag of food on your porch. 79 volunteer drivers gathered 16,408 pounds of food for BackPack Beginnings today. This food will help feed hungry children in Guilford County. Way to go, Gesturers! Your time and generosity make a difference in our community.
Fellowship Presbyterian has online giving available through the Presbyterian Foundation.

Click this link to be taken to the online donations page.
Volunteer with Applewood, Backpack Beginnings,
and Greensboro Housing Authority!
Fellowship has started an ongoing partnership between Backpack Beginnings, Greensboro Housing Authority, and The Applewood Community. Please contact Mary Howe to sign up: maryhowe0712@gmail.com or call/text at 336-698-6541. Please click here to sign up. 
Wondering what to do with all of those grocery shopping bags? The Missions committee will be collecting “gently used” plastic grocery bags for Backpack Beginnings. Please bring any you don’t use to church with you, leaving them on the Missions table in the Dogwood Lobby closest to the double doors leading towards the classrooms.
Prayer Concerns and Celebrations

  • Susan and Patrick Harman’s daughter, Cary Crawford, is visiting from Hong Kong and tested positive for COVID.
  • Andy Delafield fell, breaking his foot and toe; he will wear a boot while it heals.
  • Fred Delafield will undergo hip replacement surgery on Tuesday, June 21.
  • Blake Tickle & his family grieve the recent death of his grandfather.
  • Susie Knorr requests prayers for her brother, David who is undergoing testing for cardiac issues that were discovered during pre-op work up for hernia surgery.
  • Peggy Loomis is having hand &wrist surgery next week.
  • Traci Rankins has started treatment for breast cancer this week; with the help of her specific type of chemotherapy, the prognosis is quite good.
  • Prayers for Ukraine and those caught in the crossfire as the war continues.
  • Continued prayers for our church members: John Koppel, Julian Bullock, Lea Groves, Nancy Baughman, Bruce Weaver, and Marjorie Van Horn.
  • Continued prayers for the family and friends of our congregation: Mandy (Judy Meyler’s aunt), Libby Ansel (Lesa Layno’s sister), Rosalee Russo (Peggy Koppel’s neighbor), Dennis (John Archambault’s cousin), Todd Southard (John Archambault’s friend), Michael Boswell (Peggy Koppel’s friend), Suzanne (Judy Meyler’s sister-in-law), Johnny Ziegler (Terry Anderson’s uncle), Todd Martinez (coworker of Gary Anderson), Katherine and Donald Bennett (Barbara Smith’s sister and brother-in-law), Felicia Schaps (Lindahl's daughter-in-law's mother), Ashley Long (Joel and Ann Long’s daughter-in-law), Joyce Berger (Kandee’s mother), Gwen Flowers & her family (Linda Ueland’s sister), Dorothy & Edward Archambault (John Archambault’s parents), Tim King family (Phyllis King’s son), Jenny George (Betsy Craver's cousin).  

If you have any additional prayer concerns, please contact Linda Ueland (336-314-5481) or call Martha at the church (336-288-5177).

Upcoming Events

  • 9:15-11:15am: Professional Childcare available (Preschool Classroom)
  • 9:30am: Worship (Sanctuary) – in-person, on Facebook Live, Zoom, and YouTube
  • 10:30am: Fellowship Time (Dogwood Lobby)
June 20:
  • 12:30pm: Personnel Committee (Zoom)
  • 8pm: Social Spark (Kickback Jack's - 1605 Highwoods Boulevard)
June 22:
  • 7am: Men's Koffee Klatch (Panera Bread – Lawndale Location)
  • 12 noon: Bulletin and Blast Deadline
June 23:
  • 1pm: Bridge (Library)
  • 7pm: Faith Formation Committee (Zoom)
June 26:
  • 9:15-11:15am: Professional Childcare available (Preschool Classroom)
  • 9:30am: Worship (Sanctuary) – in-person, on Facebook Live, Zoom, and YouTube
  • 10:30am: Fellowship Time (Dogwood Lobby)
June 27-July 1: Office Hours 9am to 12 noon